The Brilliant Fighting Master
1481 A Severe Crisis II
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1481 A Severe Crisis II

At the same time, not only Ling Long Celestial Palace but also the Heavenly Palace in the Seventh Realm was ruthlessly destroyed.

It started from the Elixir Mountain. A group of mystery men showed up out of nowhere to devastate the mountain, including the elixir refining room and the alchemists in it.

Fortunately, the tactical formation deployed by Jiang Chen helped to keep the enemy away for some time.

The Divine Tree of Creatures bloomed. Numerous branches dashed over at high speed, piercing through the air, to reinforce the Elixir Mountain.

"The Jiangs and the Gaos have been attacked, too!"

At the Cloud Reaching Hall of the Heavenly Palace, Jiang Chen got another message.

"Black Dragon, Azure demon, and Evil Blood Emperor!"

Jiang Chen's practicing body gave the order decisively. He sent the Five Sages to go to the rescue.


Wu Ming stayed with Jiang Chen. He looked he was struggling.

"Master, just spit it out." Jiang Chen showed a bitter smile. He understood how his master was feeling.

"I told you."

Wu Ming said helplessly after a long sigh, "Of course the Three Great Forces have been pissed by your collaboration with Ling Long Celestial Palace. You provoked them."

"It will come sooner or later."

The pressure the Heavenly Palace was facing was much smaller than what Ling Long Celestial Palace was facing. Jiang Chen believed they could get by.

However, the feeling of being stared grew stronger and stronger, as if that killer was just next to him.

But he and his master were the only two people in the spacious Cloud Reaching Hall.

"Jiang Chen, you are too arbitrary. I've never seen you pay attention to the development of the Heavenly Palace. Do you still think yourself eligible to be the lord of the Heavenly Palace?"

Wu Ming went on. He became more and more critical and hostile.

Jiang Chen frowned. He turned pale in an instant and hurried to turn around.


A sharp sword blade penetrated his protective energy jar and sent him flying.


Jiang Chen was extremely shocked. He was familiar with this sword blade. It was from the Immortal Doctrine of Sword.

He saw Wu Ming behaving in an unusual manner. Holding the sharp sword in hand, he was staring at Jiang Chen with a hateful look and cold face.

He brandished the blade slightly, and the blood on it was shaken off onto the ground.

"Jiang Chen, you let me down." Shaking his head, Wu Ming approached with the sword.

Jiang Chen felt very complicated at this moment. He did not know what to say.

"Do you really think the Three Great Forces can't deal with you? They just don't bother to. And they would love to see a sheep like you getting fatter and fatter."

Wu Ming went on, "There is no place beyond the influence of the Three Great Forces."

"Nonsenses! What did you do to my master?!"

Jiang Chen yelled in anger. He suddenly came to himself.

Wu Ming paused. Then a weird smile showed on his face.

"What a bore. I was enjoying this."

That voice became a high-pitched woman's voice when it came again.

"I'm just wondering how you saw through me."

But when it came again, the voice became very gruff. And Wu Ming's body was distorting. He became a muscular man in the end.

"Because my master wouldn't treat me this way," Jiang Chen said confidently.

"That's it? That's it?"

The killer was surprised by his answer. Then he showed a weird smile again and turned into Jiang Chen's mother, Gao Yue.

It was his mother's face, but Gao Yue's elegance was all lost. She looked flirtatious instead.

"Come on! Give your mother a good hug."

The voice changed again.

Jiang Chen's brow was tightly knitted. Although he tried very hard to conceal it, his surprise was just so obvious.

This was the biggest weirdo he had ever seen.

He could just turn himself into any person as he wished. It was impossible to stop him in advance.

And judging from the conversation between Jiang Chen and him, who had masqueraded as Jiang Chen's master, he should be a Blood Slave.

He did get not only Wu Ming's blood but also the latter's memory.

Otherwise, it could not have been so flawless. It had nearly got Jiang Chen before he started to blame the latter.

In addition, that sword attack contained the nature of the Immortal Doctrine of Sword, which was in keeping with the Blood Race's talent.

"What the hell did you do to my master?"

Jiang Chen was standing in the air. That sword attack had hurt him bad. Even his divine body could not recover immediately.

"You are still in the mood to think about others."

The killer teased Jiang Chen as if he was confident that he had got the latter.

"You won't be able to flee, even if I die," Jiang Chen said in a cold voice.

"I don't doubt that. But don't worry. You can't really kill me anyway." The killer did not look like he was performing an assassination task at all. Instead, he was rather relaxed, as if he was just taking an easy walk.


Jiang Chen raised his right hand high. The Devil Slaughter Tower flew into the sky and aimed at the killer.

"You know the answer now, don't you?"

However, the killer grinned, as if he was not surprised at all.

Jiang Chen turned pale. He was sure the Devil Slaughter Tower had only aimed at one person, but it turned out there were two targets.

It was because the enemy had Wu Ming's energy, too, so the Devil Slaughter Tower was confused.

"I've been lurking here for such a long time. I just got to know you more or less. Once the Devil Slaughter Tower falls, not only I will be decapitated, but your master will be dead, murdered by you," the killer said with a cold smile.

He was very confident. As soon as he finished speaking, he threw his sword over decisively, regardless of consequences.

He was strong, a Martial Arts Saint in the peak, even stronger than the masked men attacking Ling Long Celestial Palace.

He threw his sword over. It was still the Immortal Sword Spirit but mixed with some of his own stuff. This attack almost shattered the air into pieces.

Jiang Chen could neither dodge nor use the Devil Slaughter Tower.

"Five Thunders!"

However, this was his territory. The tactical formation of the Heavenly Palace was started. Five heavenly thunders fell.

"I knew it."

A smile pulled up the killer's corners of his lips. He ignored the five thunders. The sword came at a higher speed.

"How come?"

Jiang Chen was shocked. It turned out the enemy was determined to die with him.

"Invincible Golden Body!"

He pulled out all of the stops to exert his most powerful defense.

But the enemy's sword attack was beyond the comparison of the geniuses he had met.

"Nether World School never fails!"

He was one of the best killers from the Nether World School. His sword pierced through Jiang Chen's heart. Jiang Chen was as dead as a doornail despite the divine body.

At the same time, he was struck by the five ruthless thunders as well.


The killer had succeeded. He exerted an occult method to bloat until he was on the verge of exploding when the holy thunder destroyed his physical body.

"I finished the task. When I go back…"

The killer could not help but get distracted, but a second later, he became petrified.

Jiang Chen, killed by him, vanished from the world before him.

"How is it possible?! This is a practicing body? No way. It's impossible!"

The killer lost his temper right away. He just could not accept such a fact.

Who would have sent the true body to take adventures outside and let a practicing body manage the Heavenly Palace when he had been targeted by the Nether World School's killer and had offended the Three Great Forces?

Only a maniac would have done that!

"What?! Crap!"

The killer suddenly found he was facing a trickier problem. Restricted by the tactical formation, his occult method of disintegrating a Blood Demon was not working properly.

He would be able to dodge the tactical formation and show up outside the Heavenly Palace if only he could disintegrate himself. The price was only to get badly injured.

He would be able to start to perform tasks again after taking a break for some time.

And he, Blood Monster the Chameleon, killed such a difficult target as Jiang Chen.

Everything would be perfect.

However, the information was wrong again. The one in the Heavenly Palace was a practicing body instead of the true body!

The power of the grand formation of the Heavenly Palace was beyond his imagination.


He shouted loud, reluctant to accept the fact. The five thunders fell ruthlessly and took his life away from the world.


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