The Brilliant Fighting Master
1480 A Severe Crisis I
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1480 A Severe Crisis I

The masked man covered his face, but he could not turn himself into another person.

If they knew each other, he would be recognized despite the mask.

In fact, Jiang Chen had recognized him from that sword attack.

He was Sword King of Breeze, Zhang Tian.

The former vice leader of Ling Long Celestial Palace.

Behind the white mask, his eyes were lit up with a cold light that pierced through the eyeholes of the mask and told he had a strong intention to kill Jiang Chen.

Zhang Tian snorted. He was preparing for the next sword attack without saying anything.

At the moment, Ling Long Celestial Palace was in a severe crisis. The crisis, plus the ko of thunder in the air, made people desperate.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Zhang Tian attacked again. The sharp and quick-moving blade was thrown over from different angles. It was really difficult for Jiang Chen to protect himself from being hurt.

That sword was extremely fast. Jiang Chen felt fortunate that he had mastered the law of speed. He jumped into the bronze cauldron, which had enlarged.

The bronze cauldron had got both ears. And the abundant Black Yellow Gas made it even more solid.

Zhang Tian's sword blade did not even leave a mark on it after striking it.

"What's going on?"

More masked men landed, complaining that Zhang Tian could not even get rid of a Martial Emperor in the late stage.

However, when they had found out what was peculiar about the bronze cauldron, they all showed a greedy look.

It was not hard to tell the bronze cauldron was an Immortal Artifact, and it was rather unusual.

Legendary weapons often had the shape of common weapons, such as knife, sword, spear, and lance.

Immortal Artifacts like cauldron, bell, drum, and gong were rather unusual. There were only a few, but all very powerful.

"Go get him!"

There were five masked men, including Zhang Tian. They were going to jump into the cauldron as well.

But to their surprise, the bronze cauldron flew up and rolled a few times in the air, and then it fell on the ground with the mouth facing downward.

"You think that will work?"

Those masked men did not think it a big deal. Strong people in a state of Martial something could even remove mountains and fill seas up. Let alone dig a hole on the ground.

The five communicated through holy awareness. Then they lifted their right legs at the same time and stomped the ground with much effort.

Bang. The ground settled. Soils and rocks all turned into pieces. The bronze cauldron was sent flying.

Then the five jumped to fight Jiang Chen, still in the cauldron.

To their surprise again, the bronze cauldron stopped steadily in the air. Then a forceful power broke out. The cauldron flew towards the masked men at high speed.


The masked men were scared out of their wits. They did not know the bronze cauldron could be used to attack, too.

Four of the five managed to dodge. The other one was rammed and sent flying. The mask he was wearing was shattered to pieces. Then a familiar face showed up.

It was Zhang Tian, indeed!

He flew into a rage because he knew Jiang Chen had done that deliberately. His sword momentum became more and more incredibly powerful.

"Apprentice Elder Brother Zhang Tian?"

At this moment, Duanmu Rong, First Chair of the Hundred Swords Peak, arrived. She happened to see what had just happened. She was startled.

"Wh… Why?"

Dumu Rong could not understand why the man she adored would have done such a depictable thing.

It would be fine if Zhang Tian had never been the vice leader of Ling Long Celestial Palace. He could just use the excuse that he had responded to the Three Great Forces' summon to explain his appearance here this day.

But at the moment, Duanmu Rong could not help but start to reconsider what kind of person her idol was.

"Your leader didn't choose me. The celestial palace just deserves this."

Seeing his identity exposed, Zhang Tian started to speak.

He chose to join Ling Long Celestial Palace out of genuine feelings because he was in love with Leader the Venerable.

Nevertheless, Red Cloud Venerable dismissed him from his position as vice leader mercilessly and killed his uncle Xue Ke. He was rather unhappy with that.

What put him even unhappier was Red Cloud Venerable had replaced him with Jiang Chen.

"Zhang Tian, this is important. You should know what to do."

A masked man suddenly said in a cold voice.

Zhang Tian was struck dumb. He put on a new mask and lifted his head slightly to look towards the woman he knew so well.

"Are you gonna kill me to shut me up?"

Duanmu Rong's heart sank to the bottom. She felt bitter.

She was not just an adorer of Zhang Tian. The two had been good friends for many years. They even used to take adventures together.

Duanmu Rong always thought that was the best memory in her life.

But it seemed Zhang Tian was not with her.

"You shouldn't have come. Ling Long Celestial Palace doesn't deserve your hard work and sacrifices."

"If you want to blame someone, blame him."

Zhang Tian pointed his sword at the bronze cauldron.

"That's ridiculous. You are just an emotionless mean hypocrite who doesn't have any personal loyalty. How dare you be so righteous!"

Jiang Chen's disdainful voice came from the bronze cauldron. "Sword King of Breeze? I think you are just an evil wind."

"Coward, how dare you talk back!"

Another Martial Arts Saint said in anger.

"Hahaha, five Martial Arts Saints together, you still can't deal with me, a Martial Emperor in the late stage. It's you or me who should feel ashamed?" Jiang Chen said, laughing.

Even though they were wearing masks, it was not difficult to imagine how pissed off the five men were.


Then, the five were going to take down Jiang Chen and Duanmu Rong, each with their respective theurgies.

"Non-self in Wind!"

Zhang Tian attacked Duanmu Rong for real. It did not take him long to hesitate. It did not even seem that he had struggled.

Duanmu Rong was even too despaired to raise her sword to resist at the moment.

When everybody thought she would be killed by this sword attack, the bronze cauldron flew over and covered Duanmu Rong.

"Are you gonna give up your life for such a bastard?"

In the bronze cauldron, Jiang Chen reproached Duanmu Rong, who was at a loss.

Duanmu Rong was reminded. She recovered quickly from the daze.

"You are right!"

Duanmu Rong was not upset or sad anymore. It was not because she was not good enough, but because Zhang Tian was a hypocrite.

Jiang Chen knew from the determination on her face that her swordsmanship would have a great leap when this incident was over.

On the other hand, the four Martial Arts Saints could still deal with the bronze cauldron even though they had used their theurgies.

"Do you think I was joking when I said the Three Great Forces could do nothing to me?"

Jiang Chen curled his lip, unable to hide the complacency in his eyes.

He believed many forces knew he had the bronze cauldron.

But it had been a long time since he had used it last time.

In this period, he found the cauldron legs and the other cauldron ear, and the origin of Black Yellow Gas in Heavenly Defense Field. The power of the bronze cauldron had reached an extent beyond comprehension.

Jiang Chen did not bring Azure Demon and the black dragon to the Realm of Divine Martial Arts because he wanted more challenges to defeat strong enemies.

But he did bring the bronze cauldron to handle emergencies.

"Elders, come here!"

Jiang Chen stopped fighting Zhang Tian and the other four. He steered the bronze cauldron to approach the three elders, who were struggling facing the enemy. He took them into the bronze cauldron as well.

In this way, the bronze cauldron became even bigger.

"Come in. All of you come in!"

Jiang Chen did not stop there. He sheltered more members of the celestial palace.

In the end, the bronze cauldron could even be compared to a mountain lying over the nine peaks.

"Is this… Is this a Holy Artifact?"

Gazing at the giant bronze cauldron, Zhang Tian was petrified. He had never heard of a treasure like this.

"There is nothing vice leader you can't achieve!"

In the bronze cauldron, the survivors of the celestial palace were pleasantly surprised. They were lost in the admiration for Jiang Chen.

Outside, the amount of the masked men attacking the bronze cauldron had exceeded ten. They did everything they could. Some of their attacks were even lethal enough to tear the air apart.

However, the bronze cauldron did not even shake a little bit. It was not affected at all.

"It can hold on for another fifteen minutes."

Jiang Chen estimated in the cauldron. The bronze cauldron would consume Black Yellow Gas to resist each attack.

When the Black Yellow Gas had been used up, the bronze cauldron's defense would be weakened until it broke and fell apart.


At the same time, Red Cloud Venerable's ko of thunder officially fell.


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