The Brilliant Fighting Master
1478 The Legend Stele
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1478 The Legend Stele

The open house of Ling Long Celestial Palace came to a successful end. Everything that had happened there spread all over the Realm of Divine Martial Arts through all kinds of ways.

However, somehow, it did not create many disturbances.

Black Yellow Elixir, life span, or the performance of the elite disciples, any of these should have created a great disturbance. Not to mention Jiang Chen broken the law of the three tiers.

Nevertheless, not many people were talking about that.

Based on experiences, it was usually because something more significant had happened.

But this time no such things happened. It simply did not catch people's attention.

Those who had shown up at the open house all stopped talking about it not long after they went back.

Not until a few days later did Ling Long Celestial Palace figure out what had happened.

It was the Sovereign Soul Palace, the Martial Divinity Palace, and the Xia who had intervened. They did not want Ling Long Celestial Palace to get fame in the Realm of Divine Martial Arts.

According to a Martial Arts Saint, who had recently joined Ling Long Celestial Palace, as soon as he went back from the open house, he was reached by the Three Great Forces and was asked to watch his mouth.

"That's really absurd. They blocked the news about us?"

Baili Zhan was quite unhappy after learning that.

"It means they have felt threatened by us Ling Long Celestial Palace. On the other hand, it also proves the necessity of the celestial palace's rise," said seriously Jiang Chen.

The Three Great Forces could reach any corner of the Realm of Divine Martial Arts. They were even able to limit people's freedom of speech.

The fact was tens of thousands of people from all over the realm came to attend the open house.

Although the Three Great Forces did not completely stop the news from being spread, they managed to block it to a large extent, which was already very hard to achieve.

"Jiang Chen, you don't know what's happening out there. Most people refused to believe you had broken the law of three tiers and fought two rivals at once. They are even disdainful for you!" Baili Zhan was really pissed.

Jiang Chen shrugged his shoulders. It was all right that they refused to believe it.

"Well, compared to this, we should pay more attention to what the Three Great Forces will do next after blocking the news."

First Elder had a different concern. His vision went farther.

"They will suffer a great loss if they come to invade us. They won't do such a stupid thing at such a critical moment."

Yun Yinzi did not think it was really severe.

They had Red Cloud Venerable. And Dragon Tiger Mountain was their place. If the Three Great Forces wanted to destroy Ling Long Celestial Palace, they would lose eight hundred men to kill one thousand enemies. That was for sure.

The Blood Race could come at any minute. No one would like to see that happening.

"I think the Three Great Forces will attack Jiang Chen."

The First Elder suddenly said, gazing at Jiang Chen sitting opposite. He looked very worried.

He was really experienced. He was right.

Baili Zhan and Yun Yinzi did not get him yet, but at the thought of the vice leader's performance on the open house, they came to understand.

"Jiang Chen is the leader of the Heavenly Palace. The Three Great Forces have always targeted him."

In the beginning, the three elders only treated Jiang Chen as a collaborator, from whom they could get what they wanted and vice versa.

After all, he knew refining elixirs and tactical formations. He was eligible to be their vice leader.

To their surprise, Jiang Chen was a genius among geniuses.

First Elder valued talents. He did not want to see Jiang Chen fail.

Besides, Jiang Chen and their Leader the Venerable had such a special relationship. Once he became successful, the Heavenly Palace and Ling Long Celestial Palace would be an invincible chariot.

"They won't be able to harm me."

Jiang Chen vaguely guessed it, too, but he had been used to it.

He would just roll with the punches.

It had been like this since the Fire Field of the Realm of Nine Heavens, hadn't it?

"The transmission formation has been deployed. The first batch of elixirs will be sent over tomorrow."

Jiang Chen brought up another thing.

The three elders were very happy. The crisis of Ling Long Celestial Palace had been finally resolved.

They did not take the elixirs from the Heavenly Palace for free. The celestial palace also had many precious resources, which they would send to the Heavenly Palace.

Jiang Chen bid farewell to the three elders after the meeting. He went to the Hundred Swords Peak.

There were one hundred challenges in all in the Sword House. He would only get the complete Frozen Yi Water after going through all of them.

Xiao Nuo had not finished her practice in seclusion yet. Jiang Chen did not have much to do in the celestial palace. He would rather use the time to practice.

On the other side, his practicing body was practicing with countless resources in the Heavenly Palace.

However, the practicing body had been feeling unsettled lately.

The killer from the Nether World School lurking in the Heavenly Palace was more and more reckless. He would expose his whereabouts several times a day.

Jiang Chen always felt someone was watching him, including in the practicing room constructed deep in clouds, which he built especially for himself.

"How has he made it?"

Jiang Chen had to take the killer seriously. The killer was much stronger than he had imagined.

Even though he had configured the formation to the highest level, he had not had any findings yet.

It did not mean his formation was not good enough.

The formation he had tried so hard to deploy was almost perfect.

However, the formation had two layers. The outer layer covered a wider area and had an excellent lethality.

The inner layer was deployed at the headquarter of the Heavenly Palace. It was extremely mysterious and flawless.

Anyone, human or ghost, would be caught.

Nonetheless, this killer was like a ghost wandering between the outer and the inner layer.


It did not feel good to be watched. Jiang Chen called the force of the Heavenly Palace and the Divine Tree of Creatures into action.

But he got nothing after a great amount of energies and resources had been spent.

So, there was only one possibility left: the killer had masqueraded as a member of the Heavenly Palace, and he was moving about freely in the Heavenly Palace.

Maybe he even participated in the investigation, and he was just acting.

"Let's wait and see."

A thief can be a thief for a thousand days, but it is impossible to protect yourself from a thief for a thousand days. Jiang Chen could not stay alert to the killer all the time.

But anyway, it was his practicing body here, so he was not panicking.

Back to Ling Long Celestial Palace, the record of the Sword House was stuck at the thirtieth challenge. He just could not break it.

It was partly because of his state and partly because of the conception of water.

His knowledge of the conception of water was still very limited. It would be very difficult for him to go further if the Sword House was the only thing he was relying on.

In such a situation, the wisest thing to do was to consult a senior who was good at using water.

Unfortunately, there were no such men in Ling Long Celestial Palace yet.

This day, when Jiang Chen was pondering by himself, someone came to see him.

It was a woman he did not know. She was the tallest woman Jiang Chen had ever seen. She had pronounced facial features, including deep-set eyes and a prominent nose. Her beauty was a rare exotic one.

"I'm Dugu Yue. I'm here to deliver you the letter of challenge on behalf of my elder brother," the woman explained her intention without beating around the bush.

"Why didn't your elder brother come in person?" asked Jiang Chen.

"My elder brother wanted to come as soon as the open house ended, but the Martial Divinity Palace came to see us. They are who gave us the qualifications of Sovereign Descendent. They asked us to leave quietly, without picking any troubles," Dugu Yue said with a bitter smile.

Jiang Chen shrugged his shoulders. He could not believe the Three Great Forces had really done that.

"My elder brother couldn't put up with them, so he left first. But five months later, the Legend Stele will be open. We'd like to invite you there. We gather the Three Great Forces won't say anything about that," said Dugu Yue.

Jiang Chen was familiar with everything that existed for at least five hundred years in the Realm of Divine Martial Arts.

For example, this Legend Stele. He could not believe that it lasted until this day.

"I'll accept your elder brother's challenge if I go." It was five months later. Jiang Chen really could not make any promise.

"I believe you will go. I'm sure you won't let me down."

Dugu Yue winked, throwing Jiang Chen a tempting amorous look.

She turned around decisively before Jiang Chen could react. Her long legs moved, and she left.

"She is interesting," Jiang Chen murmured.


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