The Brilliant Fighting Master
1477 The End of Open House
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1477 The End of Open House

"Crap, these two brothers' knife spirits are originated from the same swordsmanship. They can collaborate to exert the same knife movement."

On the warship, the seven elite disciples from the celestial palace got nervous.

Any of them could not resist these two brothers' attacks.

Some of the seven even could not deal with Gu Chuan alone.

"Vice leader's state is lower than theirs. The situation is unfavorable for him."

Qin Ming said anxiously. It was obvious.

"We'll know very soon whether he is good enough to be your rival, elder brother."

Dugu Yue said in a low voice in Wind Cloud Building.

Dugu Yifang did not speak. He only shrugged his shoulders.

If it were him facing the two brothers' joint knife attack, he would be able to crack it, but it would not be easy.

So, he knew what kind of difficulty Jiang Chen was facing.


Jiang Chen exhaled hard. He straightened himself up, holding the Heavenly Fault Sword in front of his chest with the tip pointing upward.

With his index finger and his middle finger put together, he pressed them against the cold blade.

Then, while he was moving his fingers upward, astonishing sword energy took shape around him.

The Ultimate Sword Soul rose behind him, almost piercing through the fight field.

"This is?"

Those who had been at the Hundred Swords Peak had a familiar feeling.

Duanmu Rong, who had experienced the power of this attack, was staring with her eyes wide open. She was reexperiencing what had happened the other day.

This time, she could see more sword spirits as a spectator and was greatly inspired.

"Another ultimate-level sword method? It's different from the one of the other day! Gosh, he knows two ultimate-level sword methods!"


"No. He knows Dragon Fist, too. So, precisely speaking, he knows three!"

"A Martial Emperor in the late-stage?!"

On the spectator's stand, numerous people were shocked.

Jiang Chen became an extremely mysterious man in their eyes.

"But he doesn't have a Sovereign Soul that is awake."

Someone from the Sovereign Soul Palace did not understand why.

The Sovereign Soul Palace had records for all reincarnations of Sovereign Souls.

Jiang Chen was not one of them!

However, he was even greater than those reincarnations of Sovereign Souls.

If he achieved to be Martial Arts Saint, he definitely would be a big shot.

They would never imagine the deployer of the Sovereign Soul Project was exactly the young man before them.

No matter how glorious to be a reincarnation of Sovereign Soul, it was Jiang Chen who decided whether a person could be a candidate or not.

Back to the fight field, Gu Chuan and Gu He had finished accumulating their forces.

"Huh! Let's see whether he can turn the tide!"

Seeing the extraordinary disturbance Jiang Chen had created, Gu Chuan curled his lip. He and his fourth younger brother launched a joint knife attack.

The potential energy of mountain and water broke out instantly, invading the fight field.

A desperate knife attack was launched against Jiang Chen head-on.

The knife force could be compared to an all-out attack from a Martial Arts Saint.

Like an angry dragon that flew out of an abyss, it was overwhelming.

"The Frozen Yi Water!"

In the meantime, Jiang Chen's sword energy crystalized. The frost spread following the sword momentum.

A swirl formed with him being the center. Water flew out as the swirl whirled.

The knife force charged in. It was so aggressive that it seemed it would destroy the swirl.

"Water Retrogrades!"

However, Jiang Chen suddenly straightened his left hand. The Heavenly Fault Sword was thrown over.

Instantly, all of the laws of the universe seemed to be rewritten. The swirl whirled in the opposite direction. The knife force got stagnant.

After a few shakings, the knife force became exceedingly fierce. However, it was targeting Gu Chuan and Gu He.


The two brothers, confident a moment ago, were petrified. They did not even know what to do.

Before they could figure out a countermeasure, the knife force had got them and sent them flying.

Gu He, the weaker one, spit up blood because of the strike.

Jiang Chen did not merely turn their knife force back towards them. He also injected infinite sword force into it.

Both of them were heavily injured.

Gu Chuan, already injured before this attack, passed out. He fell on the transparent ward of the fight field.

Gu He was so badly injured that he could not even get to his feet.

By contrast, Jiang Chen brandished the Heavenly Fault Sword fast and neatly. Then the frost melted, and the cold air was gone.

His long hair that was as black as coal went back to normal.

His bright eyes became profound and calm. Not any wave could disturb them. Not anyone could see through them.

"What an incredible sword attack!"

"Was that an ultimate-level sword method? It bounced the enemy's attack back!"

People had anticipated that Jiang Chen would not be defeated by the two brothers easily, but they did not expect him to fight back so fiercely.

He broke the two at one go.

The fight field sensed the end of the battle, so the seal was lifted.

Gu Chuan had not come to himself from the unconsciousness yet, but fortunately, his younger brother Gu He caught him.

The two brothers landed in Tianqi City embarrassedly and then left in disgrace.

"Our vice leader is incredibly strong!"

Qin Ming commented again, but this time, he was agreed by the other six elite disciples next to him.

"He hasn't gone all out yet."

Chief disciple Zhang Zhu suddenly said.

Her words drew six incredible gazes towards her.

"He hasn't shown his best fighting power yet."

In the meantime, Dugu Yifang made the same comment in Wind Cloud Building.

This finding gave him a thrill. He could hardly hide it on his face. He was very eager to fight Jiang Chen.

"I'm glad we are here. There are so many interesting things to see."

Dugu Yue smiled at her elder brother's reaction.

Since the Sovereign Path had been suspended, the brother and sister were taking adventures everywhere to train themselves and improve themselves.

There were many ways to improve oneself, but all in all, the ultimate goal was to defeat strong rivals.

So, fighting with a strong rival was also an effective way to practice, providing that you would not get yourself killed in the end.

Dugu Yifang thought fighting Jiang Chen could help him improve. He was extremely eager for action.

"Elder brother, it's a bit awkward to challenge him now. Why don't you wait until everything has ended?"

Dugu Yue said.

As the vice leader, Jiang Chen was the host of the open house.

If Dugu Yifang defeated him, Ling Long Celestial Palace would be embarrassed.

The brother and sister had no grudges against Jiang Chen. It was not necessary to make things look so bad.

"I didn't expect him to be so strong."

In the crowd, the Five Distinguished Men of Sword Spirit Mountain were the ones who had the most complicated feelings.

The brother and sister recalled how they had had a wonderful time drinking with Jiang Chen in Wind Cloud Building.

Unfortunately, due to the incident of the impostor who masqueraded as a Dragon, the brother and sister cut Jiang Chen off. That was really a bad decision. They did not use their judgment well.

Otherwise, it would be infinitely helpful to get some occasional instructions from such a strong friend.

"The challenges of Ling Long Celestial Palace's nine departments have all ended by far."

Baili Zhan removed the fight field in the air right away to avoid any potential problems.

Watched by numerous people, Jiang Chen landed on the warship. Facing the crowd, he said, "Ling Long Celestial Palace appreciates your visits."

Not until then did the crowd realize the open house had already ended. They felt like they had just woken up from a dream.

Many of them did not feel this was over because anyone could see Jiang Chen had not pulled out all of the stops yet.

"I'm curious to what extent this Martial Emperor in the late stage will be able to break the three tiers."

The strong people in the first tier were not a match for Jiang Chen anymore. The remaining ones were the strongest ones.

"We must do something. The Heavenly Palace and Ling Long Celestial Palace will be obstacles on the Sovereign Soul Palace's way to unify the Black Yellow Great World!"

A pair of gloomy eyes was staring at Jiang Chen, who was on the warship, from the crowd.

"One who stands too high is subject to many attacks. Such an important thing is so often forgotten."

The person who was staring said to himself. Then he disappeared from the crowd without anyone noticing.


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