The Brilliant Fighting Master
1475 Natural Blade Doctrine
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1475 Natural Blade Doctrine

Jiang Chen entered the battlefield bluntly, while anger welled up in the hearts of the two brothers, Gu Chuan and Gu He.

"I will deal with this."

The two brothers obviously wouldn't join hands to deal with a single person, whose Realm Level was lower than theirs.

Gu Chuan rushed there before his fourth brother, and he went into the battlefield. But the battlefield wasn't sealed yet, or more precisely, it wasn't activated yet.

The reason behind this was that Jiang Chen altered the battlefield's activation conditions, and they turned from two people to three.

Gu Chuan was fuming with rage, and his right-hand was on his blade's hilt. His sharp gaze looked at Jiang Chen attentively, and when he sighted upon the indifferent expression plastered on his face, his heart shuddered.

Gu Chuan recalled Yin Yunke's end a while ago, and this was why he loosened his grip and lowered his right hand.

"Fourth brother," Gu Chuan said.

Gu He understood tacitly what his brother wanted, and he flew into the battlefield.

As a thunderous noise echoed, the battlefield was activated, and it put limits upon everyone in it.

It was at this moment that Jiang Chen unsheathed the Heavenly Fault Sword slowly.

"Well?" The people present here were surprised. They still remembered clearly Jiang Chen's Immeasurable Ruler, which was a true Immortal Artifact.

A person's weapon or protective artifacts couldn't be considered external power. This was why the crowd was puzzled by the fact that Jiang Chen abstained from using the Immortal Artifact, and replaced it with a top-grade Doctrine Sword.

The only reasonable explanation they could come with was that he looked down upon Gu Chuan and Gu He.

However, those two brothers were both first rank group's experts, and if they joined hands, they rivaled the strongest experts.

Fengyun Tower was now empty because everyone left, and it was only Dugu Yifang, and his younger sister, who were still there. They were standing in front of the window!

"Interesting, It seems like coming here wasn't a mistake," Dugu Yifang said with a smile.

The two siblings came here to participate in the Sovereign Road. But it was now closed temporarily, and since they didn't want to go back to the Southern Sea, they decided to travel around in the Divine Martial Arts Realm.

They ended up coming into Heavenly Awakening Plain inadvertently. When they heard that challenges would be raised in Ling Long Celestial Palace's opening day, they rushed here to watch such an event.

At first, Dugu Yifang was quite disappointed, as all the people who fought on this day seemed quite weak in his eyes. This continued until Jiang Chen decided to represent two branches, and fight the Gu family's two brothers.

"You should wait nearby for now." Gu Chuan had called over Gu He to activate the battlefield, and he didn't plan to join hands with him.

"Don't assume that you can act arrogantly because you managed to kill a primary-stage Martial Saint. If I had an Immortal Artifact and that formation, I would also have managed to achieve it easily." Gu Chuan started closing on in Jiang Chen.

"But you don't have them." Jiang Chen didn't argue with him and just smiled disdainfully.

Gu Chuan snorted coldly, while his gaze became ice-cold. Since saying anything more would be just a waste of breath, he just stretched his hand toward his blade's hilt and unsheathed the shining blade in the twinkling of an eye.

"What a quick blade unsheathing technique!"

The crowd was amazed by such a sight. Gu Chuan's blade unsheathing speed was so high that they almost didn't manage to see what happened.

A blade beam appeared suddenly and shot toward Jiang Chen. It didn't possess any destructive power. But it was still able to confuse one and let him panic.

Gu Chuan curled the corners of his mouth and revealed a sneer. He hated Jiang Chen's composed attitude, and that was why he tried to scare him.

But Jiang Chen unexpectedly just moved slightly. He didn't make any great movements, and the blade beam brushed past his shoulder.

"You should both come at me together, or else, you will suffer an ugly defeat." Jiang Chen's tone was as ice-cold as before.

Gu Chuan's smile became hideous, while his vigorous blade energy shook the space. Boundless blade's power filled every corner of the battlefield, and it was able to suppress one until he couldn't even breathe properly.

Moreover, the crowd still felt like they had just witnessed a towering mountain in the sky, and even the white clouds in the air were scattered by it.

"It's the Natural Blade Doctrine, and Mountain Blade Spirit," someone cried out in surprise.

Gu Chuan was from the Divine Blade Manor, and it was the Martial God Palace's leading faction. It depended upon its Natural Blade Doctrine to achieve such a feat, and such a Blade Doctrine was created through understanding nature power as its name applied.

Sky, earth, mountains, ocean, floating clouds, volcano, and so on...

They had fused such elements pertaining to the Natural Doctrine along with the blade, and this was a profound and mysterious art.

If the Blade Doctrines had something like the Four Greatest Blade Doctrines among them, then the Natural Blade Doctrine would surely be the best out of the four greatest Blade Doctrines.

The Gu family had four brothers, and they all inherited one of the Natural Blade Doctrine's four strongest Blade Spirits, and they were the sky, earth, mountain, and river. Those four elements corresponded to the brothers' name, and some people even said that the four brothers were born for the Natural Blade Doctrine.

The eldest brother Gu Tian, and the second brother Gu Di were both Young Sovereigns that could go to the Martial Field. At the same time, Gu Tian was even one of the twenty Young Sovereigns taken away by the great factions, and it was possible for him to become a Sovereign.

Returning to the main topic, the Mountain Blade Spirit appeared, and it emanated an imposing aura, while it possessed boundless might.

Gu Chuan had grasped a Supreme Will long ago, and it was also at the second-level. He also focused mainly on the Metal Rule, and his mastery over it reached one of the four great realms, the Bright Realm.

In addition to this, Gu Chuan's Martial Dais was still at the heaven-grade.

"Towering Mountain and Flowing Water."

Gu Chuan was able to skillfully use the ultimate technique of the Divine Blade Manor, Divine Blade Canon, only due to the previous factors.

"Third brother got angry."

Gu He, who was watching the battle, grinned, and he couldn't help but sympathize with Jiang Chen.

After Gu Chuan used such a blade technique, his Mountain Water True Will permeated this place.

Jiang Chen squinted his eyes. He couldn't see through this blade move, and he couldn't dodge it, nor block it.

"It has Water Rule, and it's assisting it. Sure enough! Water can nourish myriad matters."

One couldn't deny that Gu Chuan was so strong, and if Jiang Chen hadn't crossed the Sword House, it would be difficult for him to deal with him.

Jiang Chen felt like he was among a great mountain, while he also felt like he was deprived of his ability of flight, and he felt quite small and insignificant in comparison to the mountain.

"Firmament Wind Sword Spirit: Peerless and Magnificent Wind." Jiang Chen used a sword move decisively, and his sword strike seemed able to split apart the whole world.

Wind and lightning emanated from the sword, and it extinguished the blade technique's power.

"Do you think that it's so simple?"


Gu Chuan's body started revolving around in the air, and a destructive will erupted out of his body. The mountain and water were destroyed mercilessly by the will, and it would also be the case for Jiang Chen that was amidst them.

"Sure enough, the Blade Doctrine is berserk and violent."

Jiang Chen's expression changed slightly. It didn't matter how much a person's Blade Doctrine changed, as it would still depend upon its overwhelming power to openly defeat enemies.

"There is a disparity between their Realm Levels, and this is why the disparity between those two people seem so clear."

"The blade's power could thoroughly crush the sword's power."

This was what the spectators felt, and it seemed to them that Jiang Chen was at a disadvantageous position.

"The Natural Blade Doctrine is really tyrannical."

All blade wielders yearned for it, and they all wanted to get this Blade Doctrine's inheritance. But it was a pity that the Divine Blade Manor couldn't be joined any random person.

Jiang Chen, who was on the battlefield, didn't change his sword technique, and he still used the Peerless and Magnificent Wind Technique, while he moved along the blade's attacks.

"Your sword is quite fast, but since it isn't assisted by external power, what you can do?" Gu Chuan shouted loudly while he waved down his blade.

As the sword and blade exchanged blows once again, it seemed like the battlefield suffered a great bombarding.

Gu He that was in the battlefield revealed a bitter smile, and used his Protective Dipper Energy, while he hid in a corner so that he wouldn't be affected.

The two people's confrontation was brief, and they quickly separated. They moved back!

"Well? He still didn't fall down, did he?"

When Gu Chuan witnessed Jiang Chen moving back by the same distance as him, he was startled, and just after this, he felt a tingling pain from his thumb and forefinger, while a solemn look appeared on his face.

"He grasped substantial worldly energy of both wind and lightning, and they both weren't ordinary energies."

"If my Realm Level wasn't higher than his, I would have probably been at a disadvantage at the former confrontation." Gu Chuan had complex emotions about this matter.

According to the three rank groups' system, his blade technique should have left Jiang Chen in a sorry state.

"It doesn't matter, as long as my Realm Level is higher than him, I will still be stronger than him."

Gu Chuan was a talented expert, and he didn't undervalue himself. He had a resolute and firm heart!

"If this is your power, it will be better for you to use the Dragon Punch. You can't defeat me though using a sword." Gu Chuan still didn't forget the cards up Jiang Chen's sleeves.


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