The Brilliant Fighting Master
1473 Assured Victory
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1473 Assured Victory

After a short while passed since Yin Yunke's death, half of the opening day's event was carried out, and what the crowd looked forward to the most would shortly start.

Fengyun Tower's talented youths detected such a matter, and they gathered in the air.

The seven elite disciples in the warship had high fighting spirits because Jiang Chen's previous performance raised their confidence slightly. It was especially the case for Huangfu Huang and his three companions. They had just come out of Life and Death Door in time to rush toward the location of opening day's event.

They didn't have enough time to digest the news that Jiang Chen became a Deputy Faction Master. Moreover, if some of them came out earlier, they might have decided to leave Ling Long Celestial Palace.

As Jiang Chen gave the seven people a meaningful glance, they flew out of the warship and gathered in the stage's center.

"It's like what our Supreme Faction Master has said. We welcome anyone to come to challenge our Celestial Palace's disciples on the opening day."

"The Celestial Palace has nine branches, but since we haven't filled all nine branches yet, the former nine battles will turn into seven battles." Jiang Chen would obviously not say that they didn't have enough elite disciples.

Some clever people managed to discern and guess something, but they didn't expose them.

"Meng Kong, let your senior brother have a look at your progress in Ling Long Celestial Palace." Someone came out impatiently, and it was Bai Feng.

Bai Feng didn't give other an amiable feeling like when he was in Fengyun Tower, and the current him seemed like an unsheathed sword, while such a sword was pointed at Meng Kong.

Many discussions arose here, as most people knew those two guys. Meng Kong and Bai Feng were both Heavenly Sword Mountain's outstanding disciples.

But Bai Feng's grandfather was Heavenly Sword Mountain's doyen, and that was why he got to enjoy more resources than Meng Kong.

No matter how good was one's talent and potential, it must still be turned into fighting prowess through resources, and this was why Bai Feng always surpassed Meng Kong.

Moreover, what Meng Kong couldn't bear the most was that Bai Feng stated that the disparity between was due to the disparity between their talent.

Meng Kong was left without a choice, and he risked his life. He ventured into dangerous lands to make up for his lack of resources.

However, fate was always cruel, and Bai Feng, who enjoyed many resources, had also worked hard like Meng Kong, and this was why the disparity between them only became greater. It continued until Bai Feng was chosen as a Young Sovereign who would go to the Martial Field.

Meng Kong realized that if he didn't make a major change, the situation would always be like this, and it just happened that Ling Long Celestial Palace was founded then.

Meng Kong didn't give regard to the opposition of the Heavenly Sword Mountain's members, and he decided to become a member of the Hundred Swords Peak.

"Bai Feng, you will realize that there isn't any disparity between us in sword techniques' aspect," Meng Kong spoke coldly.

"Sigh! My little junior brother. Fine, let's use swords to speak from now on, as it's time to put an end to this farce." Bai Feng shook his head helplessly, while his eyes shone in a sharp glint. "If you suffer defeat, you must go back with me obediently, and sit in meditation while facing the wall for three years."

"Sitting in meditation while facing the wall for three years?"

The onlookers were startled. This was a great era, and people were growing stronger by leaps and bounds. If one left the world for three years, it would be unknown how much it would change by the time he went out once again.

Jiang Chen was the Deputy Faction Master, and he obviously wouldn't accept such ridiculous conditions.


However, Meng Kong unexpectedly agreed.

Jiang Chen was taken aback, and he shook his head while wearing a bitter smile.

When Baili Zhan, who was next to him, witnessed this, he made fun of him, and said, "What I felt a while ago is a hundred folds greater than what you just felt. Youngsters like you are unable to keep their cool."

"All swordsmen are like this."

In another region, Meng Kong and Bai Feng entered the battlefield by themselves without getting permission from anyone.

The battlefield had already calmed down, but after the arrival of those two people, it seemed like its air solidified.

All of a sudden, two Sword Souls with five complete traits flew in the sky.

The crowd held their breath and focused. They were all looking forward to the next great battle.

"Bai Feng was formally ahead of Meng Kong, while he also just came out of the Martial Field. So he must have surely made great progress."

"Ling Long Celestial Palace's training of its disciples could be discerned from this matter."

"I felt like it's too much for him."

The crowd couldn't help but have a discussion before the start of the battle.

"Why do you think are Meng Kong's odds of victory?" Baili Zhan asked.

"Elder, you are an old Martial Saint. So why are you asking me?"

Baili Zhan shook his head and said, "I can discern the disparity between their Realm Level's power. Bai Feng's blood and energy are vigorous, and even though he wore a calm look, his body's power is like a raging sea. He must have surely gotten a fortuitous encounter recently."

"In other words, this person isn't far from the Martial Saint Realm." Jiang Chen helped him sum up this matter.

Bai Feng and Meng Kong were both apex Martial Emperors. But despite this, there was still a certain disparity between them.

"That is right, but in martial techniques' aspect, I'm not on a par with youngsters like you."

"Elder, you're too modest." Jiang Chen rolled his eyes, and analyzed this matter inwardly, before he said, "I believe that Meng Kong will surely win."

"Will he surely win?" Baili Zhan was surprised by this greatly. Those words had a great weight to them.

Jiang Chen just smiled without speaking. He didn't provide an explanation.

The two people on the battlefield would start fighting at any moment.

"When we have fought last time in the new year festival, I managed to defeat you with Phoenix Dancing Among the Nine Skies Technique, and I want to see your progress since last time."

After Bai Feng went into the stage, he revealed his great confidence.

Bai Feng was doing this on purpose to destabilize Meng Kong. A person like him, who managed to become a first-rank group's expert, wouldn't make a mistake, such as underestimating his enemy.

"You can go ahead and bring me all you got." Meng Kong wore a stern look, even though he wished greatly to quickly vent the emotions he repressed for more than ten years.

"A Phoenix Dancing Among the Nine Skies!" Bai Feng wasn't reserved, and he unsheathed his sword, while vigorous sword energy emanated from it.

Both Bai Feng and his sword changed, and they became swift and ferocious like an azure phoenix flying in the nine skies.

"This sword move is anything but simple."

The swordsmen here managed to discern something through their intuition, and they all sighed with emotions.

The people who had an understanding of Heavenly Sword Mountain knew that Phoenix Dancing Among the Nine Skies Technique was one of the mountain's true inheritances. It was a part of Hundred Beasts Sword Doctrine, and it was a divine beast-grade sword spirit.

Even Jiang Chen was slightly amazed by this. Since Bai Feng could use such a sword move, it was obvious that he was outstanding.

According to Jiang Chen's surmise, one's Wind Rule must reach the Bright Realm, while the Supreme Will must reach the first level to use this move. Moreover, one could discern through the sword move's vigorous power that worldly energy related to wind was fused along with it.

However, it wasn't the Void Divine Wind, as no one could get such energy.

"A Phoenix Dancing Among the Nine Skies!"

What surprised the crowd was that Meng Kong used the same sword move. The crowd didn't find it strange because Meng Kong was also from the Heavenly Sword Mountain.

But since he dared to use this move against Bai Feng that was ahead of him, it was obvious that he had a competitive nature.

"He won!" Jiang Chen revealed a faint smile. The two fighters still didn't cross swords. Yet he had already stated the outcome.

Sure enough! Once Meng Kong turned into an azure phoenix, he managed to surpass Bai Feng immediately. He didn't have an advantage in just a single aspect, but a thorough superiority in all aspects.

After Meng Kong had gone through the Sword House's training, he managed to surpass the person he pursed long ago.


Meng Kong's body appeared once again, and he sheathed his sword decisively without sparing the injured Bai Feng even a single glance.

"The current you isn't any longer a target I'm pursuing." Jiang Chen left behind such words before his eyes looked faintly at Jiang Chen.

The battle's spectators fared better this time than when they witnessed Yin Yunke's miserable death a while ago, and after they got over their brief shook, thunderous cheering echoed among them.

"Little junior brother, you have finally surpassed me. I'm quite gratified, and I feel happy for you." The defeated Bai Feng was surprised, but he didn't become dejected to the defeat. Instead, he smiled more happily than Meng Kong.

"You?" Meng Kong turned around with his face filled with shock.

"Little junior brother, continue becoming stronger." Bai Feng chuckled and didn't say anything else. He left decisively!


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