The Brilliant Fighting Master
1472 External Power’s Debate
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1472 External Power’s Debate

An instantaneous murder with a single sword move?

The crowd, who expected something else, jumped with fright. Their reaction was quite amusing!

They were all still pondering whether Jiang Chen's sword strike could break his opponent's defense, or whether Yin Yunke would use the great magical technique before the sword struck him, and whether he would manage to send Jiang Chen flying away.

Even the most daring person didn't expect such an outcome.

The golden lightning extinguished Yin Yunke's life force, and that was why he ended up falling from such a high altitude.

Jiang Chen swung his left-hand before many shocked gazes, and the Immeasurable Ruler took back to its former shape.

"None can insult Ling Long Celestial Palace," Jiang Chen swept everyone with his gaze and spoke in a deep voice before he flew down into the same altitude as elder Baili Zhan.

"Jiang Chen, you should have stated it earlier." Baili Zhan didn't know whether he should laugh or cry. It turned out that he got worried about Jiang Chen in vain.

"I have said that you don't have to worry about me." Jiang Chen shrugged his shoulders while wearing a crafty and complacent smile on his face.

Challenging people at a higher Realm Level was his specialty. Before he ran into the three rank groups' talented experts, he was able to kill people at the late-stage or at the peak-stage while he was still at the Martial Emperor Realm's primary-stage.

Now, Jiang Chen had already reached the late-stage, while Yin Yunke wasn't a talented expert. Killing him wasn't a difficult task for him.

However, since they were both martial-grade experts, and were separated by a Great Realm, it wasn't easy to kill him instantly with a single sword move, and this was why Jiang Chen had thrown something before attacking. It was a Star Formation!

It was the Big Dipper Sword Formation, and Jiang Chen had already managed to light the fifth star after his Sword Doctrine's power advanced by leaps and bounds. Even Jiang Chen himself didn't know what kind of destructive power it possessed.

When Jiang Chen faced the Nether World School's killers last time, he abstained from using the formation. As for a reason behind it, it could only be described with this statement. Why would one use a machete to kill a chicken?

This was why Yin Yunke's death wasn't unjust, and someone like him that didn't have great power shouldn't have tried to stand out, and he shouldn't have tried to trample upon Ling Long Celestial Palace to express his loyalty to the Sovereign Spirit Palace.

"If the battle were between talented experts, the previous sword move's speed would have allowed him to become one of the first rank group's strongest experts."

"Is it? It's possible. Such a sword strike is outrageous, and it can help him get ranked among the strongest geniuses, but it's a premise that he didn't use external power."

"He should have used external power, or else, Yin Yunke wouldn't have been unable to put up the slightest resistance."

The crowd started discussing this matter. They looked at the blood splattering in the air before they looked once again at Jiang Chen while wearing a graver expression than before.

"He's a person who can concoct even Black Yellow Elixirs, and it isn't outstanding for him to get an external power able to kill even Yin Yunke," someone spoke out of jealousy. He gave the external power all merits for Jiang Chen's achievement.

Most of these voices were from talented experts. They had witnessed Jiang Chen accomplish a feat that they couldn't achieve, and that was why they couldn't accept this matter.

The people in Fengyun Tower were so noisy that the tower seemed like a food market.

"The formation throw by him at will is of utmost importance."

"He probably can use such a sword move by himself, but the power contained within such a sword was surely provided by the formation."

Most talented youths didn't believe the might of Jiang Chen's sword strike was so great.

"Your lines of thoughts are confined, and you can only be like arena's war beasts for your whole lives. You can't become true experts."

All of a sudden, an ear-piercing voice let Fengyun Tower descend into silence.

"Who is it?"

Just after this, the talented youths flew into a rage, and they looked for the person who spoke.

"I'm Dugu Yifang." The person who spoke didn't hideaway, and everyone managed to find him because he spoke once again.

But when Fengyun Tower's talented experts heard such a name, their anger disappeared.

"Dugu Yifang is one of the strongest experts in the first rank group, and his younger sister, Dugu Yue, is beside him. She's also one of the strongest experts in such a rank group."

Those two siblings walked toward the highest floor, while their powerful aura forced the talented youths on all floors to lower their heads.

Dugu Yifang's stature was two-meter-tall, while he wore leather armor, which exposed his shoulders and arms. He had outlined muscles, while his lower body was covered by black leather pants.

Dugu Yifang's brows seemed like precious swords, while his gaze was as always as penetrative as a wild beast's gaze.

Dugu Yue, who was next to him, wasn't overshadowed by him, and everyone's eyes lit up upon sighting on her. Her head reached her big brother's nose, and she had a tall stature. But she still didn't seem sturdy, fat, nor thin, and she had a pair of long and slender legs.

What was rare was that she still had a curvaceous body, while her oval face had the charm befitting a woman from a foreign land. Her skin wasn't snow-white like other women, and she had a healthy bronze color.

The people in Fengyun Tower recognized those siblings because they were both Young Sovereigns that came from the southern sea.

At first, the two siblings were just unknown nobodies. But Dugu Yifang managed to defeat many three rank groups' experts in a short time without suffering a single defeat, and he became one of the strongest experts.

"Mainland's people like you are all stuck to the old way, and you have imprisoned yourselves in an illusory bubble. You are living forever just for vain fame." Dugu Yifang didn't hide his contempt.

"Dugu Yifang, you have gone too overboard with your words," a Xia Clan's prince spoke.

"Hehe, I will have to ask you whether on the road toward becoming great experts, will you forbid people from using external power, and force them to confront you in such a state. When you are facing the invasion of the Blood Clan's army, will you put away any external power, and not use it?"

Dugu Yifang spoke in mockery, "The rules forbidding the use of external power were at first used just within a faction to ensure fairness. But in the end, this matter developed until using external power become a contemptible action."

The belittled, talented youths were infuriated. But they didn't dare to express their anger, and what more important was they didn't know how they could retort back.

What was an external power? It was any power, which one didn't get through training and practice, and it was also something that affected greatly the balance brought over by the same Realm Level.

At first, when a certain faction offered treasures as an encouragement to its disciples, it would ask them to fight fairly. But this matter developed gradually, and when people had to fight over a ranking, they also weren't allowed to use external power.

This matter had its own merits, but as it developed up to present, it had already reached an abnormal level.

"A late-stage Martial Emperor and primary-stage Martial Saint were in the same condition, yet the former managed to kill the latter. Such a person will be considered an outstanding expert in our southern sea, and such a feat demonstrated clearly that he was blessed with great destiny and wisdom." Dugu Yue let out a charming chuckle and revealed her pearly white teeth.

"We have also divided clearly between fights over fame and benefits, and Jiang Chen's victory is really outstanding," the prince said in a low voice.

Dugu Yifang didn't comment about this, and he didn't speak further.

A similar argument occurred in another place, and most Martial Saints stood on Jiang Chen's side. Martial Saints didn't fight over fame, and they used their whole power in most battles against people. They weren't dividing everything clearly like talented youths.

"It does seem then that the great factions decided that the use of external power will be allowed in the next opening of Sovereign Road. They have probably taken such a decision because of their abnormal obsession or because of the influence brought over by Sovereign Spirit's era."

After the end of such an argument, the people looked at each other in dismay, and it was especially the case for young Martial Emperors. Since external power wasn't forbidden even in Sovereign Road, they couldn't criticize Jiang Chen any longer.

Moreover, when they got over such an issue, they came back to their senses, and they envied Jiang Chen greatly for his possession of the Immeasurable Ruler and Star Formation. They had all learned about such a decision later than others, but they still understood the reasons behind it.

Jiang Chen's victory wasn't just open and honorable. It still demonstrated his outstanding traits such as the first immortal artifact.

Many experts stared at the Immeasurable Ruler in Jiang Chen's hands with their fervent gazes.

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    《The Brilliant Fighting Master》