The Brilliant Fighting Master
1471 Everything Turned into Nothingness
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1471 Everything Turned into Nothingness

"It's just a bluff."

Yin Yunke was full of confidence, but as he sighted upon the calm look plastered across Jiang Chen's face, he got a bad feeling.

However, since he was now at the center of attention, he wasn't willing to take seriously the feelings that welled up in his heart and assumed that Jiang Chen was just trying to scare him.

"Since you are determined to seek death, let's go to a battlefield."

Yin Yunke wanted to enter the battlefield prepared for this day's challengers as insurance to prevent the occurrence of accidents.

When the crowd heard such words, their gazes looked at Jiang Chen. They wanted to see whether another expression would appear on his face. If he entered the battlefield, he wouldn't have any other way-out.

Jiang Chen just shook his head. He seemed quite carefree and careless, and helplessness and pity were apparent in his eyes.

The two emotions apparent in such a gaze had almost driven Yin Yunke insane out of anger. He released his aura ceaselessly as a Martial Saint, and as Black Wind Armor detected it, its might as a top-grade Doctrine Artifact started rising.


Thunder rolls echoed as if Tribulation Clouds were gathering here. It was then that Yin Yunke soared into the sky, and entered the battlefield.

"Hiss, how is it still possible to fight?"

The expressions of the Martial Emperors here became gloomy. Even though Yin Yunke wasn't targeting them, their hearts still palpitated with fear as they faced such an aura.

"Does our Deputy Faction Master's brain has an issue?"

In the warship, the elite disciple Qin Ming revealed a pensive look, while he stated words that let the people next to him roll their eyes at him.

Since even a bull-headed person described Jiang Chen like that, it could be seen how ridiculous was this battle.


Jiang Chen moved, and he turned into a swift wind, as he went into the battlefield.

After the two people stood opposite to each other on the battlefield in front of elder Baili Zhan's worried gaze, the battlefield sealed itself automatically.

The people inside it couldn't come out, while the people outside couldn't get inside.

"It's interesting now."

There were talented experts in Heavenly Awakening City's Fengyun Tower that didn't show themselves, and they all observed everything quietly while within the tower. When they came here, they didn't expect at all that a battle between a Martial Saint and a Martial Emperor would occur.

"Hahaha, I will surely kill you today."

Yin Yunke, who was on the battlefield, laughed heartily. The sealed battlefield let him have a sense of security.

"You are at death's door, yet you are still oblivious to it," Jiang Chen spoke softly

"Hehe, I don't know what cards you have up your sleeves, but you also don't know anything about me. Yet you still dared to propose a battle to the death. You are really stupid!"

Yin Yunke didn't get angry. Since Black Cloud Armor wasn't able to scare Jiang Chen, he turned over his hand, and a dead tree-like spear appeared in his hand. The reason why it was called dead tree-like was that the spear wasn't straight, and it was curved, while it didn't have a metallic luster.

When such a spear that had a ridiculous outward appearance was revealed, an uproar arose the people outside, and they all stood up.

"Dead Glory Divine Spear! That isn't right. This is just a counterfeit." Qin Ming from Qiyu Peak discerned some clues, and his expression became solemn.

"At this moment, the Deputy Faction Master's expression should change."

The crowd, who harbored such a thought, looked at Jiang Chen. But they discovered that even though he seemed surprised, he wasn't terrified.

"Even if it's just a counterfeit, it's already a pseudo-immortal artifact, and it possessed Dead Glory's mysteries. It can help Yin Yunke's martial techniques possess mystical power."

Dead Glory was one of the world's rules, and it was a unique concept. It was like Swiftness Rule, but it was still even more mysterious and profound than Swiftness Rule.

Yin Yunke couldn't get to learn any peerless magical techniques or Extreme Martial Techniques, but he depended upon Dead Glory Spear to achieve what anyone with a heaven-grade Martial Dais could do.

This was divine and sharp weapons' importance, and any martial artist mustn't lack one.

The crowd found the fact that Yin Yunke could get such a supreme treasure quite baffling.

"This is a chance brought over by the awakening of Canghai's Sovereign Spirit. Our Sovereign Spirit Palace possesses several hundred Sovereign Spirits. So who can rival it? As for Ling Long Celestial Palace, it's insignificant."

Yin Yunke was pleased with himself, and he shouted loudly.

It was only now that the crowd understood everything. After the arrival of Sovereign Spirits, even pseudo-immortal artifacts appeared one after the other.

"Lin Canghai is one of the strongest people in the first rank group, and when his Sovereign Spirit awakened, a whole forest's vegetation withered, and even the experts present there were affected."

"It's rumored that the Sovereign Spirit he awakened was stronger than all other Sovereign Spirits."

"The Sovereign Spirit Palace possesses so many Sovereign Spirits, and it will sooner or later rule the whole Xuanhuan Realm."

Yin Yunke was quite loyal and devoted to the Sovereign Spirit Palace, and the spear should have been given to him by the palace.

"You are like an old dog barking loudly while holding a little bone." Jiang Chen wasn't polite because Yin Yunke insulted Ling Long Celestial Palace repeatedly

When such words echoed, a startled look appeared on the face of Yin Yunke, who wore a complacent look.

This whole place descended into silence for several seconds, before an uproar arose among them.

"Jiang Chen really doesn't have qualms about anything."

The crowd was sure now that Jiang Chen wasn't afraid because he dared to state even such words.

"Fine, fine! Let me see what is outstanding about a Deputy Faction Master like you." Yin Yunke was so infuriated that he laughed, while his gaze became gloomy.

Yin Yunke raised his Dead Glory Spear high, while boundless power was controlled by this pseudo-immortal artifact.

"Is this a magical technique? A great magical technique?"

"He immediately used a great magical technique to deal with a Martial Emperor. It can be discerned from this that Yin Yunke is so angry."

"A solemn Martial Saint was scolded and called a dog. It's an understandable matter."

"I wonder how Jiang Chen will deal with him?"

Everything on the battlefield started withering, and even though there wasn't anything at such a high altitude in the air, every martial-grade expert could still detect the changes such a place went through.

"Rhythmic Chaos! Dual Trees' Dead Glory."

Since Yin Yunke was assisted by a pseudo-immortal artifact, he managed to build up power for his great magical technique quicker by much than anyone at the same Realm Level as him.

"It's too slow."

However, Jiang Chen still stated that it was too slow.

The crowd witnessed Jiang Chen shaking his head, and just after this, wind and lightning flickered past this land while a golden radiance emanated from Jiang Chen.

While Jiang Chen used a sword move, he waved his right hand in the air.

Jiang Chen's left-hand was holding a black and small ruler, and when golden lightning was merged with the Immeasurable Ruler, it turned into a sharp sword.

"Oh, my God! It's an immortal artifact!"

"It's a true immortal artifact. It has really appeared."

"This isn't beyond expectations. After all, he's Ling Long Celestial Palace's Deputy Faction Master."

Everyone could only think about such a matter, and they didn't have enough time to speak, as when the Immeasurable Ruler transformed, a shocking sword power appeared.

"Whirling Murder of Metal!" Jiang Chen changed once again the move name because his Swiftness Concept had almost reached a worldly rule-level.

As Du Tian Divine Lightning was merged with the sword thoroughly, its might became outstanding, and it was especially the case since when he thrust the Immeasurable Ruler, Xiao Ying moved along with the sword spirit. It helped the sword move's power reach the pinnacle.

"It's so quick!"

The sword's speed reached an incredulous level, and it was quicker than even lightning, wind, and a shooting star.

In the twinkling of an eye, Jiang Chen reached Yin Yunke.

"How useful is speed alone? If the power doesn't change, you will only fall apart and break into pieces."

If pottery hit a steel plate at high speed, would it manage to penetrate the plate? It obviously wouldn't be managed to achieve it.

Yin Yunke, who wore Black Wind Armor, was like a steel plate. But Jiang Chen wasn't like pottery.


As golden lightning whistled, the sword got a power able to penetrate everything in the world.


As the sword was thrust, the sound that echoed wasn't of Black Wind Armor being penetrated, or of Jiang Chen being shaken and sent it flying away, but of Yin Yunke's body. A bloody hole in his body's heart region and his life force was extinguished thoroughly.

"You!" Yin Yunke still didn't understand what happened. His raised Dead Glory Spear was about to release a great magical technique, and turn Jiang Chen to dregs.

"I can kill a trifling Martial Emperor with a snap of fingers." This was the lines Yin Yunke came up with, and he planned to utter them to the people after the end of the battle. But now, everything turned to nothingness.

"I'm not willing to accept this. Ah!!!"


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