The Brilliant Fighting Master
1469 Why He Is the Deputy Faction Master?
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1469 Why He Is the Deputy Faction Master?

"The people who don't suffer a defeat today can become the Celestial Palace's core disciples."

This was the first statement Jiang Chen said to those elite disciples.

The seven elite disciples were quite surprised, and = delight appeared on their faces.

The treatment they got while they were still elite disciples was something they didn't even dream about previously.

So who knew what was a core disciple's treatment? Would they get an Immortal Artifact, a peerless magical technique, or a cultivation technique able to help them become Sovereigns?

As the seven disciples' thoughts about this matter, they became spirited, and their longing was apparent on their faces.

"Fine, let's set off." Jiang Chen passed down an order. The warship flew then out of Tiger-Dragon Mountain and proceeded toward Heavenly Awakening City.

"Umm, Deputy Faction Master. Ren Tianxing and the others still didn't come here." Huangfu Huang recalled something and reminded Jiang Chen.

Tian Renxing was also one of the ten greatest elite disciples, and just seven out of them came here.

"Those three people have already left Ling Long Celestial Palace, and the reason for this is probably that I have become the Deputy Faction Master," Jiang Chen said bluntly.

On the previous day, those three people raised their requests to leave Ling Long Celestial Palace, and they had stated that they would pay back the Celestial Palace for the training they got in the last period.

Jiang Chen had accepted their requests, and he didn't ask them to pay back anything.

The faction master was a Sovereign, while the Deputy Faction Master was Clear Breeze Sword King, and Ling Long Celestial Palace was already outstanding just due to those two factors.

But Clear Breeze Sword King was already replaced by Jiang Chen, and some people's resolution wavered, and it was especially the case for elite disciples that would fight the challengers on the opening day.

Venerable Hong Yun was currently the sole Sovereign, but as time elapsed, the twenty geniuses taken away by the three great factions would also become Sovereigns.

At that time, there wouldn't be a single Sovereign any longer, and Ling Long Celestial Palace wouldn't have any advantage.

This was why the crowd used the Deputy Faction Master and elders to weigh the Celestial Palace's power.

The people who left could probably imagine the expression, which would be worn by outsiders upon learning that their Deputy Faction Master was just a late-stage Martial Emperor, and this was why they chose to leave quietly.

Huangfu Huang and the others didn't know what they should say in reply, and they just kept their silence, and in such a while, the warship left Tiger-Dragon Mountain and went to Heavenly Awakening City's sky.

The giant warship seemed like a thick shield made out of clouds, and its shadow engulfed several city districts. This warship was from the ancient era, and it was brought over by Venerable Hong Yun. It was able to defend against the attack of many Martial Saints, while its terrifying destructive power had broad functions, and it was quite effective for attacking a great faction.

Every great faction's mainland had a great protective formation, as well as weapons with great destructive power. It wouldn't be possible for a single person to launch an attack on one successfully unless he had a whole Great Realm Level's advantage.

Returning to the main topic, the appointment land for the battle was at a high altitude in Heavenly Awakening City's sky, and the battlefield set there was the greatest one Jiang Chen had seen to this day. One could freely use his power there without any qualms.

After the warship came to a stop, several metal pieces of different shapes flew beneath the warship. There was a magnetic field between those metal pieces, and they fused together to form several battle viewing platforms in the air.

The city's people understood their function, and they flew into the air. They took a seat there!

"Ling Long Celestial Palace really has a great imposing manner."

"It has turned the whole forbidden land into its spiritual land, and it's anything but simple."

"What is crucial is their faction's experts as well as their new forces."

"I have heard that the former Deputy Faction Master, Clear Breeze Sword King, left it, and he was replaced by a late-stage Martial Emperor. I wonder whether it's true?"

"A late-stage Martial Emperor? It's too ridiculous."

More than a thousand people gathered here, and as they started discussing spiritedly. A raucous arose there.

Baili Zhan came out and depended upon his powerful pressure as an old Martial Saint to deter and quell many people.

"Ling Long Celestial Palace has been established for several months, and on this day, it will be open formally. It will start taking in more disciples, while it will also welcome all factions to come over to cooperate with it," Baili Zhan shouted loudly.

It was only a few people that replied, as they didn't have a high interest in this matter. Cooperating with Ling Long Celestial Palace in the Divine Martial Arts Realm? Isn't this tantamount to bringing a disaster upon oneself?"

"Sirs, this is Black Yellow Elixir, and it's made by our Deputy Faction Master."

"It has combined black and yellow gas's mysteries along with worldly power, and it can help one comprehend a way to become a Sovereign." Baili Zhan had already expected such results, and he revealed a mysterious smile before he took out an elixir.

When such words echoed, a commotion arose here, and all Martial Saints stood up.

"I have heard it, I have heard about it! It's a popular elixir in Independent Realms'."

"I didn't expect that it was made by Ling Long Celestial Palace's Deputy Faction Master."

"Brother Baili, can you give it to me so that I can have a look at it?"

Nowadays, Sovereign Spirits awakened, and the glimmer of hope extinguished by the Blood Clan was sparked once again. It wasn't just Sovereign Spirit Reincarnators alone who were able to become Sovereigns, and even the experts, who stayed in the Martial Saint Realm for a long time, were also enlightened, and they could become Sovereigns.

Black Yellow Elixir was a turning point that could help them achieve it.

"Haha, Black Yellow Elixir is currently in great demand, and I have just a single bottle. Brother Liu, you should give it back to me after you take a look at it."

Baili Zhan handed over Black Yellow Elixir to some of his old acquaintances.

Those old Martial Saint that faced many envious gazes held Black Yellow Elixir while wearing a zealous look. They were sizing it up carefully as if it was a peerless treasure!

"I can't bear it any longer. Brother Baili, please don't blame me."

Someone couldn't bear his impulse, and he swallowed down some of Black Yellow Elixir, while the other people also followed suit.

"Ah! You bunch." Baili Zhan feigned that he found it a pity, while a complacent look was apparent in his eyes.

Black Yellow Elixir was cultivation elixir, and one would need at least 1,000 or 10,000 elixirs to become a Sovereign through consuming it.

After Jiang Chen became the Deputy Faction Master, Black Yellow Elixir became one of the benefits that all elders could enjoy every month.

"It turned out that it's like this."

Huangfu Huang and the others understood why Jiang Chen could become the Deputy Faction Master. His fighting prowess wasn't enough, but he possessed an ability that could help Ling Long Celestial Palace become stronger.


After the ambiance became cordial and lively, Jiang Chen went to Baili Zhan's side.

"Our Ling Long Celestial Palace has many empty elder positions, and some branches' positions aren't filled yet. If you are interested in them, you can join our faction," Jiang Chen said.

When the crowd heard his words, they exchanged a glance. They were willing to pay a hefty price for Xuanhuan Pills, but this didn't mean that they would throw their lives for it.

"Please don't misunderstand anything, it's only virtuous people that can join Ling Long Celestial Palace." Jiang Chen stressed such a statement, before he looked at the quiet crowd, and said with a smile, "Once you were chosen, the benefit you will get is lifespan."


Most people didn't understand what he meant, while some old and white-haired Martial Saints figured out what he meant, and their breathing became rough.

"That is right. It's lifespan! I can help you prolong your lifespan." Jiang Chen threw a bomb at them that gave rise to a raucous.

"Is this true? Youngster, don't try to deceive us, I'm warning you." An old man walked out excitedly.

The old man seemed quite angry. But the reason behind this was that what Jiang Chen mentioned what was he coveted the most. It was a lifespan!

Those people were previously blessed with great talent or great destiny, and they had all managed to become Martial Saints long ago. But it was a pity that the Blood Clan severed their paths toward becoming Martial Sovereigns.

They could only squander their time while they focused on magical techniques or martial techniques. They all didn't expect that Sovereign Spirits' era would come, and a glimmer of hope for becoming Sovereigns appeared once again.

This should have been a good matter, but it was unbearable to the people, whose lifespan reached its end. They obviously had a chance to become Sovereigns in front of them, but they didn't have enough time to achieve such a feat.

"I'm Jiang Chen, the Heavenly Palace's Master, and Ling Long Celestial Palace's Deputy Faction Master, and I promise you that everything I have said isn't false," Jiang Chen said loudly.


The old man, who questioned Jiang Chen previously, felt like his body suffered a lightning bolt, and it shivered intensely, while his face became flushed.

"I, I, I will join the Celestial Palace." The old man couldn't even speak properly, and he stuttered.

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    《The Brilliant Fighting Master》