The Brilliant Fighting Master
1468 Elite Disciples
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1468 Elite Disciples

In the Hundred Swords Peak, the exhausted Meng Kong came out of the Sword House. Since Jiang Chen provoked him, he tempered himself in the Sword House for several days in a row because he wasn't willing to admit defeat, and managed to reach the 14th trial because he worked so hard.

But there was still a considerable distance left until he reached Jiang Chen's past achievement.

"How did he manage to achieve it?"

If Meng Kong didn't see Jiang Chen use an Extreme Martial Technique on that day, he would have assumed that Jiang Chen used his status as a Deputy Faction Master to deceive them.

"However, I have also gotten a great promotion." Meng Kong grinned and raised his head to look at the few large warships in the sky. He was aware that such a sign indicated the start of the opening day's event, and he was quite confident in himself.

"Bai Feng, I will let you know that if we have the same resources, I will be stronger than you," Meng Kong muttered to himself, before he flew into a warship, and entered it.

On another region, and the depths of Heavenly King Peak, there was a certain iron gate on the stone wall. It was made through mysterious deep-sea iron, and it had a barrier within it.

Even a Martial Saint couldn't open the gate through depending upon brute power.

At this moment, a loud noise echoed from the iron gate, and with a rumbling sound, the gate was opened. If someone proficient in Space Lore were here, he would have detected the space's fluctuations here.

There were four people here, and it seemed like they walked out of another realm. There were both men and women among them, and they were all talented youths.

"Hehe, the opening day's event started."

"It's time to let those arrogant people realize that once they lose their resources' advantage, they won't be even worth mentioning in comparison to us."

The four people were a part of the Celestial Palace's ten greatest elite disciples. They had all come from different lands, and one of them had even come from an Independent Realm. They all had good talent, but the resources they had weren't on a par with the geniuses trained meticulously by great factions.

However, it was fortunate that once Ling Long Celestial Palace was founded, they joined it decisively, and became one of their members.

Those four people had all come back after they trained in Life and Death Gate, and they achieved significant progress.

A piece of the former forbidden land was in Life and Death Gate, and the Evil Wind Wolves, which have disappeared from the world, were stranded by their faction master there, and she used them to temper her faction's disciples.

Afterward, the four people flew to the warship in the air, and they got to see the Hundred Swords Peak's Meng Kong.

"Meng Kong, I have heard that the Heavenly Sword Mountain's members want to capture you and take you back. You must be careful."

Since they all belonged to the same faction, the four people and Meng Kong treated each other cordially.

The person who just spoke was the four people's leader, and he was a sturdy youth. He had a profound aura and vigorous power. He seemed like a demonic beast!

The youth didn't harbor any malice, and he was just making fun of Meng Kong.

"Since the Hundred Swords Peak has me, people shouldn't dream about getting into the Sword House. Huangfu Huang, your Heavenly King Peak's members, should worry about themselves more," Meng Kong snorted coldly and spoke.

The Heavenly King Peak's four members shook their heads. Meng Kong was arrogant and haughty, while he was also a swordsman, and that was why he spoke bluntly.

"I wonder how is Qiyu Peak's bull-headed member?"

The four people looked at a mountain in the outermost region of the nine mountains. This mountain was the shortest among the nine mountains, but its peak's expanse was the vastest, while it also had a high temperature, as if a fire dragon resided on it.

The mountain was filled with caves, and it seemed like they went through the whole mountain, while rumbling and hammering sound could be heard echoing from all parts of the mountain.

At this moment, a middle-aged man, who had an average stature and bulging muscles, flew toward a cave's entrance, while wearing an anxious look.

If someone got to see the middle-aged man, he would surely recognize him, as he was Qiyu Peak's leader, Lu Youwei.

"Qin Ming, what are you doing? Don't you know that today is the opening day?"

When Lu Youwei entered the cave, he heard hammering noise, and he was infuriated. Qin Ming always caused trouble for him.

"991, 992..."

Lu Youwei quickly got to hear a counting sound echoing along with the hammering noise, and when he walked inside, his expression changed drastically.

Every cave had a foundry's tools within it, and the heat here emanated from a high-grade fire spirit ores beneath the mountain. Ordinary people couldn't bear this place's high-temperature.

At this moment, a bare-chested youth standing before the stove was waving a big iron hammer. He was striking red steel repeatedly.

"Is this? Is this Purple Moon Steel? You are really a wastrel. You can't handle it with your current Realm Level's power."

Lu Youwei felt shocking energy emanating from the steel, and a pained look appeared on his face.


However, the youth turned a deaf ear to Lu Youwei, and when he waved his hammer for the last time, it turned into a blur for a moment, before it struck Purple Moon Steel heavily.


Sparks flew all around, while Purple Moon Steel shook intensely.

The youth took avail of such a chance to throw Purple Moon Steel into the stove, and he laughed heartily.

"Hahaha, thousand hammering strikes, and a hundred refinement. I have finally achieved it."

The youth laughed heartily, while his muscles that contained explosive power bulged up. He had bronze skin and a two-meter-tall body, which made him seem like a bronze tower.

"He really has great power. He's just an apex Martial Emperor, yet he still can handle Purple Moon Steel, which only Martial Saints can handle." Lu Youwei was shocked, and he sighed with emotions.

"Awful, today is the opening day! Well, chief, are you here? It's pretty good. I will hand over Purple Moon Steel to you."

It was only now that the youth noticed that someone was behind him. But he could also set his mind at ease due to it, and he just ran outside, before he flew toward the warship.

"Loathsome lad, you are unexpectedly using Purple Moon Steel to practice, aren't you?" Lu Youwei was flustered and exasperated. But he still quickly ran toward the stove.

Purple Moon Steel was a material used to make Immortal Artifacts.

"He can forge Purple Moon Steel, and turn it into such a state. That lad..."

When Lu Youwei sighted upon the steel in the stove, he suddenly smiled, while a gratified and proud look appeared in his eyes.

Qin Ming went to the warship, and his tremendous power shook the whole warship.

"Hey, Qin Ming, I have assumed that you won't come today," Huangfu Huang said.

It was easier to interact and deal with Qin Ming than Meng Kong.

"Hahaha, the opening day is an important day. So how can the event be held without me?" Qin Ming said while laughing.

Qin Ming didn't even put away his iron hammer and was waving it at will. It emitted a loud noise that caused the expression of the people in the vicinity to change.

"Little Kong, I have heard that the new Deputy Faction Master is just a late-stage Martial Emperor, what is going on?"

Just after this, Qin Ming looked at Meng Kong that was next to him and questioned him.


When Meng Kong heard how he called him, he was infuriated. If he wasn't wary of Qin Ming's monstrous power, he would have attacked him with his sword long ago.

"A late-stage Martial Emperor? Where did Deputy Faction Master Zhan go?"

Huangfu Huang and his three companions didn't hear about this matter because they were all along practicing in Life and Death Door, and they didn't have access to news.

"He has already left Ling Long Celestial Palace. So don't mention him ever again."

Before Meng Kong replied, a woman's crisp voice echoed.

A black-clothed woman was standing before the guardrail since an unknown time. She seemed like a fallen leaf among wind, which would be swept away at any moment. She gave people a false feeling that she didn't exist at all. She seemed indiscernible.

When the people saw her, the expressions of the six people Meng Kong, Qin Ming, Huangfu Huang, and his three companions became solemn.

"Senior sister Zhang!"

Meng Kong's actions didn't befit his character, and he even called the woman on his own accord. It could be discerned from this that the woman was anything but simple.

Huangfu Huang and his three companions also strode forward and greeted the woman.

The black-clothed woman was from the main peak, and she was Ling Long Celestial Palace's chief disciple.

"They came over."

All of a sudden, several elite disciples noticed that the great elder Bai Lizhan was flying over along with a youngster.

"It's unexpectedly true."

Huangfu Huang and his three companions were astounded. Bai Lizhan was flying slightly slower than the youngster on purpose, and this matter demonstrated clearly the disparity between their statues.

"Those several people are pretty good."

After Jiang Chen came to the warship, he observed the Celestial Palace's elite disciples and revealed an appreciative look.

"What is the matter with such a gaze? He's looking at us as if we were inferior to him."

Huangfu Huang heard his junior sister complaining to him through a sound transmission, and he warned her with her gaze so that she wouldn't make any irresponsible remarks, while he also grumbled inwardly. It didn't seem that anything was outstanding about this Deputy Faction Master.


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