The Brilliant Fighting Master
1467 The Celestial Palace“s Opening Day
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1467 The Celestial Palace“s Opening Day

Raging waves swept the land, and were about to engulf Duanmu Rong. But when they were about to succeed, dazzling lightning flickered around Duanmu Rong and extinguished the sword strike's might.

Even though Duanmu Rong seemed in a sorry state, she didn't suffer any severe injuries.

Even Jiang Chen's sword strike, who managed to take the upper hand, wasn't able to tear open Duanmu Rong's defense. After all, she was an expert among Martial Saints.

None was surprised by this outcome, and the crowd was still shocked that Jiang Chen's sword move could get such an advantage.

"An Extreme Sword Technique is outstanding."

The Hundred Swords Peak's disciples became restless, and they hoped to immediately enter the Sword House, cross the twenty trials, and get such a sword technique.

Duanmu Rong scattered her Protective Dipper Energy. Her hair was slightly wet, while she seemed in a sorry state. But she still seemed beautiful and moving.

"It's amazing!"

Duanmu Rong's eyes, which were filled with complex emotions, looked at Jiang Chen. She didn't get angry, and she even felt her heart palpitating.

The previous sword move was broad and deep, and it seemed like it reached a level that she would never approach. She also wanted to learn an Extreme Martial Technique like her disciples, so that she could achieve a transformation for the better.

"What is the name of this Extreme Martial Technique?" She asked.

"Amiable Cold Water. It has four moves which are: overturning water, revolving water, chasing water, and water moon," Jiang Chen said.

"Amiable Cold Water is a star-grade Extreme Sword Technique, and it's a sword technique that can help a swordsman break through his limits. It has four profound and broad sword moves that are mysterious and complex."

It was needless to mention how great was the technique's offensive power, as just the enlightenment one could get through practicing this sword technique, would bring many benefits to a swordsman.

Jiang Chen's expertise in water element was still at conception-level, and there was a large room for progress left for him until he could reach a worldly rule-level.

Moreover, he didn't have any worldly energy related to water, and he depended wholly on his Realm Level to connect himself with the world. But despite this, the technique's might was still outstanding.

However, this didn't mean that Jiang Chen was really able to fight Duanmu Rong.

Duanmu Rong had underestimated her opponent and was careless. Moreover, when she used the last sword move, she held back some of her power because she was worried that she would end up injuring the Deputy Faction Master if she used too much power.

If they had a real battle, then Duanmu Rong could depend upon her Martial Saint Realm's power to dispose of Jiang Chen with a single sword strike.

When the two people landed in the Hundred Swords Peak, the Celestial Palace's disciples that wielded a sword flocked toward them, and they all consulted Jiang Chen about his experience in the Sword House.

Jiang Chen didn't reject them, and he explained what he learned a while ago.

However, what those people would learn from what Jiang Chen said would depend wholly on their talents.

Meng Kong was among the best here, and he should have benefited from this ordeal, but he had a prejudice against Jiang Chen, and that was why he didn't listen to him at the beginning.

By the time Meng Kong realized that what Jiang Chen stated was anything but simple, Jiang Chen had already finished speaking.

Meng Kong restrained his agitated emotions and gave up on his idea of fighting Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen had shown an outstanding performance in the Sword House, while he also used an exquisite Extreme Martial Technique. But Meng Kong still couldn't accept him.

Someone like him who believed firmly in the three rank groups system couldn't take a late-stage Martial Emperor like Jiang Chen seriously, and if Jiang Chen wasn't the Deputy Faction Master, he would have attacked him long ago.

In the end, Jiang Chen and Zhi Ruo left the Hundred Swords Peak, while news related to Jiang Chen quickly spread through the whole Celestial Palace, and after a short while, they would inevitably spread to Heavenly Awakening City.

Jiang Chen bid farewell to Zhi Ruo and went to meet the three great elders. He discussed the Teleportation Formation's affair with them, and after he had done so, the magical clone in the Heavenly Palace started setting a formation.

"Jiang Chen, isn't the Faction Master in secluded training?"

After the people finished discussing the Teleportation Formation's affair, the greatest elder hesitated for a moment, before he questioned Jiang Chen.

"That is right." Jiang Chen nodded but didn't divulge any details about this matter.

"There are only a few days left until the opening day." Baili Zhan expressed his worries.

The opening day's event was similar to the one Jiang Chen's Heavenly Palace went through when he invited all Seventh Realm's factions to visit him.

Ling Long Celestial Palace would also welcome outsiders here, and allow them to tour this land.

However, the three great factions' experts wouldn't come here to cause trouble due to Venerable Hong Yun's great power, and it was only the Celestial Palace's disciples that would be tested.

"If the Hundred Swords Peak's representative lost to someone, the winner will be allowed to enter the Sword House, and learn an Extreme Martial Technique."

"If Qiyu Peak lost, they have to hand over a true Immortal Artifact."

"If Heavenly King Peak lost the contest, they will have to hand over many immortal herbs they got from the former forbidden land, Heavenly Punishment Plain."


Ling Long Celestial Palace had nine peaks, and they represented nine branches. This was why nine battles would be carried out, and if they lost any battle, Ling Long Celestial Palace would suffer disastrous losses.

"If the challenger lost, he won't suffer anything, will he?" Jiang Chen asked.

"That is right."

The three great elders expressed that Ling Long Celestial Palace didn't need anyone to give them something. But it was requested that the challenger's Realm Level must be on par with the challenged person due to the three rank groups' standards.

Ling Long Celestial Palace's opening day was a great occasion., yet the faction master was still in secluded training, and that was why they all got worried.

"Don't worry, I will take charge of the opening day, and there won't be anyone blind enough to look for trouble in our land."

Jiang Chen was the Deputy Faction Master, while he also enjoyed a promotion in power in the Sword House. This was why he must also work.

The three great elders didn't say anything else. The Deputy Faction Master's status was greater than elders and was second only to the faction master.

Jiang Chen's Realm Level wouldn't allow him to suppress three apex Martial Saints, but he had a close relationship with the faction master, and since his Heavenly Palace would also bring them elixirs, the great elders treated Jiang Chen well.

The next day, Jiang Chen, who took charge of the opening day's event, started bustling.

The Celestial Palace's intelligence network had eyes in Heavenly Awakening City, and all talented experts who appeared in the past few days were recorded.

"The Gu family's brothers from the Divine Blade Manor. They had both fused nature's power with their Blade Doctrines, and they were first rank group's experts."

"There are still the Heavenly Sword Mountain's Bai Feng, Wu State's Prince Gu Ming, and Star Plucking Palace's Zhao Xingyue."

Jiang Chen started analyzing the pieces of information in his hand.

The three rank groups didn't have any division among a single group because if they started ranking people in the same group, they would give rise to carnage, and many vicious battles. Such a matter would wreak apart the three rank groups' balance.

However, they must still use something to judge the disparity between people at the same rank group, and clever people came up with a solution. For example, ordinary people at the first rank group wouldn't be tagged, while the people that were slightly amazing would be called excellent members.

However, truly powerful people would be called first-rank group's experts, and the strongest few people would be described with the words 'one of the strongest.'

Jiang Chen inspected once again Ling Long Celestial Palace's ten elite disciples, and he discovered that before they joined the Celestial Palace, they were only first rank group's excellent members, and they could only be reluctantly considered first rank group's experts, while they were still at the bottom of such a category.

It was probably due to this reason that those people joined Ling Long Celestial Palace. They weren't willing to lag behind other people, and they joined the palace without giving regard to other factions.

"It's a passive situation." Jiang Chen thought inwardly. None knew whether one of the strongest people in the first rank group would come over, while the ten greatest elite disciples' power wouldn't change.

Jiang Chen wanted to call them all elite disciples over to have a look at them, but he found such a matter inappropriate because they were all working hard for the opening day.

"I should trust Xiao Ruo."

Jiang Chen didn't plan to interfere with the ten greatest elite disciples. Since Xiao Ruo was confident that she could make them people worthy of respect, he should also trust them.

A few days quickly passed, and the other side of the teleportation formation in the Heavenly Palace was already set properly, while Ling Long Celestial Palace picked a suitable location, and waited for the end of the opening day.

On this day, the opening day's event would be carried out as scheduled.

Heavenly Awakening City was buzzing with activity and was quite bustling. This wasn't an easy achievement for a city that wasn't yet constructed completely.


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