The Brilliant Fighting Master
1466 The Frozen Yi Water
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1466 The Frozen Yi Water

Jiang Chen went into the Sword House after noon. It had been almost the dusk, which meant he had been there for nearly two hours.

The "Eighteen" on the stone wall finally became "Twenty" under numerous expectant gazes.

However, it did not stop there. The number soon changed to twenty-one, twenty-two…

It finally stopped at twenty-five.

The place was so quiet that even if a needle fell on the ground, it would be heard. People's chests were heaving up and down. It was an exciting scene.

The sky-reaching energy pillar scattered and disappeared after reaching the peak. It was taken back into the Sword House.

The Sword House was giving off a weaker light at the moment. The stone door was being pushed.

When people had realized this was over, the stone door was open slowly with an extremely loud noise.

Jiang Chen appeared in everyone's sight again.

The consecutive big battles made him look a little bit messy and tired, but his energy still made people hold their breaths involuntarily.

Compared to when he had gone into the Stone House, Jiang Chen had experienced a qualitative change.

"His swordsmanship must have improved a lot!"

Duanmu Rong, First Chair of the Hundred Swords Peak, was very sure about that.

At this moment, the emotion she had had the previous day was gone entirely.

She suddenly felt the potential of Ling Long Celestial Palace was great, only because it had Jiang Chen as its vice leader.

"So many people."

Jiang Chen walked out of the Sword House. He did not expect to see so many people there.

Jiang Chen smiled at those awestruck and admiring gazes.

Especially when he saw that Liu Neng was looking at him with genuine admiration, he knew he did not have to say anything.

"Vice leader, could you show us the ultimate-level martial arts technique?"

At this moment, Meng Kong roared, coming forward.

Jiang Chen was struck dumb. He could see this man was different from the other disciples.

His energy alone made him stand out from the crowd. Let alone his appearance.

"Are you one of the current ten elite disciples?" asked Jiang Chen.

"Exactly. My name is Meng Kong."

Meng Kong had a complicated feeling. He was reluctant to accept the fact, and he could not believe what had happened.

How Jiang Chen spoke to him made him feel awkward, because they were actually about the same age.

Others had no idea how Meng Kong was feeling, but they were also curious about the ultimate-level sword method and were looking forward to appreciating it.

"All right."

Jiang Chen did not let these people down. He said, "But ultimate-level sword methods are not for show-off."

People vaguely read something from his words, but they were not sure.

"Elder Duanmu, can we exchange a blow?"

Jiang Chen suddenly threw Duanmu Rong, standing next to him, a sharp look.

Duanmu Rong was the First Chair of the Hundred Swords Peak as well as the elder of Ling Long Celestial Palace. The way Jiang Chen called her was totally okay.


Duanmu Rong was shocked. She had imagined Jiang Chen would have asked Meng Kong or other elite disciples to exchange blows with him.

"It looks...I'm looked down."

Duanmu Rong shook her head. She was a Martial Arts Saint. Although she did not have the Sword King title, she was one of the best.

Jiang Chen just would not win in a fight with her.

However, to show people an ultimate-level sword method, it was better indeed to exchange blows with a Martial Arts Saint.

"If the vice leader asks, of course, I have to say yes."

Duanmu Rong did not decline. She took a step forward. Her sword created a breeze. And she had been in the air instantly.

"Her sword steps are fantastic."

Jiang Chen thought.

Sword step was a physical movement uniquely owned by swordsmen. It kept swordsmen in the lead in battles.

Jiang Chen jumped into the air as well.

"It's starting for real!"

The disciples of the celestial palace were surprised that Jiang Chen had challenged Duanmu Rong.

They were also surprised that Duanmu Rong had agreed.

However, they did not think Jiang Chen could defeat Duanmu Rong.

They were only wondering whether the ultimate-level sword method Jiang Chen had mastered could affect Duanmu Rong.

"As long as she wants, Miss First Chair can just crack his ultimate-level sword method with brutal force."

"If she does that, it means she can't handle the ultimate-level sword method. It's unethical for a swordsman."

"Miss First Chair almost won the Sword King title. Her swordsmanship is brilliant. And she is a Martial Arts Saint, too. The odds are against the vice leader."

"That being said, we'll see how great an ultimate-level sword method is more clearly."

Jiang Chen and Duanmu Rong flew to a high altitude while people were expecting the fight.

Tactical formations protected all of the nine peaks, so they would not be affected easily.

However, tactical formations would consume energies to offset the influences. They would like to inflict as few damages or energy consumptions as possible.

"Mr. Vice Leader, please start your show."

Duanmu Rong said with a smile. She looked very relaxed.

She could be so confident because there was a considerable gap between their states. If they were both Martial Arts Saints, Jiang Chen's performance in the Stone House might have made her more serious.

However, Jiang Chen was only a Martial Emperor in the late stage.

No matter how much he had improved in the Sword House, it did not concern his state.

"Elder Duanmu, watch out."

Jiang Chen said. He certainly knew this woman was not taking the fight with him seriously.

There was no need to talk anymore. Holding the sword in front of his chest and accumulating forces rapidly, he emitted tremendous sword energy.

"This sword energy?"

Duanmu Rong, as well as the others at the Hundred Swords Peak, sensed that gloomy and freezing sword energy.

The air seemed to be moister.

Hanging loose, Jiang Chen's long hair was fluttering. He looked serious. The Heavenly Fault Sword kept chiming.

The sword energy around him was like a fog. A great number of ice crystals appeared.


Duanmu Rong lost her cool when she saw this.

So did the other swordsmen there.

The sword energy's crystallization meant the swordsman had achieved an unparalleled level.

Zhang Tian's sword energy was once crystallized as well.

"If he becomes Martial Arts Saint, he will be qualified to compete for Sword King! No! Even Sword Emperor!"

Duanmu Rong thought.

Before the appearance of Sovereign Souls, the highest state-level people could achieve was Martial Arts Saint.

For those who had achieved this highest level, they were classified by strength using a system of martial doctrine.

Most of them were swordsmen. They were classified into Sword King and Sword Emperor.

Zhang Tian was called the Sword King of Breeze. It was an amazing achievement for his age.

However, Duanmu Rong, who had been following Zhang Tian's development closely during these years, had a complicated feeling gazing at the young man in front of her.

"The Frozen Yi Water!"

Jiang Chen threw his sword over decisively as soon as the sword energy achieved the critical point.

The sword momentum was unpredictable and infinitely mysterious. The aqua blue sword soul flew out at high speed.

Duanmu Rong was shocked. In a trance, she had no idea whether she should retreat or dodge.

It was like when average people were facing a tsunami. The only possible reaction is a fright out of instinct. They simply froze there and could not take any actions.

This sword attack was powerful and mysterious.

The disciples of the celestial palace were so petrified that they even forgot to shut their open mouths.

"Across All Directions!"

At the last minute, Duanmu Rong reacted in the most awkward way ever.

She could see through this attack of Jiang Chen's, but she did not care. Relying on the state force of Martial Arts Saint, she launched a unique attack, intending to crack the mystery by brutal force. She truly believed this would work.

Indeed, as soon as Duanmu Rong launched this attack, even the color of the sky changed. Jiang Chen's sword momentum was greatly affected.

"Water Retrogrades!"

To her surprise, Jiang Chen had anticipated that. His blade suddenly transformed, and the law of the universe transformed as well.

Duanmu Rong's sword attack was reversed by his sword momentum. It turned around to attack herself!

"How is it possible?!"

Opening her eyes widely, Duanmu Rong switched on her protecting jar involuntarily.

This was the moment to decide the result of this blow exchange.


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