The Brilliant Fighting Master
1465 Elite Disciples
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1465 Elite Disciples

The Azure Lotus Transforms to Sword exerted by him was so perfect that it shattered tens of thousands of sword spirits in pieces.

However, there were still more than one hundred thousand sword spirits left. They were fearless, not even afraid of death. It was difficult to handle them.

Fortunately, Jiang Chen was improving fast. The success of Azure Lotus Transforms to Sword meant he had gained a profound enhancement.

He had truly achieved the second level of the Immortal Will.

The most obvious change he could feel was it was much easier to exert multiple kinds of forces of laws, and his sword attack was more powerful.

"The Instant Kill of Metal!"

Jiang Chen exerted a killing attack. This time he managed to inject all of the Du Tian Holy Thunders into the attack.

The golden sword radiances worked like a harvester. Rows after rows of sword spirits fell.

"Now what lags behind is not the conception, but Du Tian Holy Thunder."

In terms of forces of holy thunder, the more, the better.

By far, Jiang Chen had only mastered the second level.

As to forces of laws, they were the level of the use of this kind of force, aided by his own will.

To be simple, Sword Doctrine Will was the core, forces of laws were the way, and holy thunder, golden flame, and divine wind were the energies.

Of course, it was a state force that decided the limit of this system.

The level of Martial Dais would affect the eventual power and mystery.

This was the system the strong people in a state initiated with Martial were facing.

When the Instant Kill of Metal had ended, only thousands of the tens of thousands of sword spirits in the fifteenth challenge remained.

Jiang Chen turned to basic sword methods instead. Although he could get hurt, they would help him digest the tens of thousands of sword doctrines of these sword spirits better.

In the end, Jiang Chen's sword suddenly moved infinitely faster. It was like a natural success.

He and the sword moved as fast as lightning. They were traceless. With the fast speed, the sword's power was exerted to the utmost.

The conception of speed achieved the law of speed smoothly.

Law was above conception. Thunder, fire, wind, and metal, they all started from conception and then improved to law.

The conception of speed had a shapeless mystery. It was more difficult. Jiang Chen had been stuck in the conception for a long time.

Not until the Sword House had brought about the change did he eventually achieve the law.

The enhancement of the speed contributed to his energies of the universe as well. He was able to exert them to the utmost, too.

"Metal Thunder Sword!"

"Wind Thunder Sword!"

"Wind Fire Sword!"

"Thunder Fire Sword!"

Jiang Chen kept changing his basic sword movements. He had gained lots of insights. Gradually, he comprehended the utmost-level sword method contained in the Sword House.

It took Jiang Chen fifteen minutes to get rid of the remaining sword spirits. During this period, thousands of ideas came up to his mind.

He had passed fifteen challenges in a row and gained tremendously, but the battle was far from over yet. The good part had just started.

"It's already the sixteenth?!!"

Outside the Sword House, the number on the stone wall augmented again.

The exclaims of those present there could be compared to thunderbolts!

This was the highest record since the start of the Sword House. The previous record was created by a Martial Arts Saint, while the new record holder was a Martial Emperor.

It was exactly because of the fantastic record of Zhang Tian, the Sword King of Breeze, that the disciples of the celestial palace came to realize what the new record meant.

"He is just talented."

Meng Kong was apparently unhappy, but he also knew it was a ridiculous remark, so he did not say it loud.

Their vice leader's talent was not just great.

"He is still in there. Do you think he is still taking the challenges?!"

"Probably. Zhang Tian kind of set a limit for our imagination. Who knows how far Jiang Chen can go!"

While they were speaking, the sword energy in the Sword House became more splendid. If it were at night, it would be observable from any corner of the Tianqi Plain.

"It has changed. It has changed!!"

Liu Neng almost screamed his heart out.

The number changed from "Sixteen" to "Seventeen" and Jiang Chen had just created a new record!

"State force can offset the pressure of the Sword House. That's what it means!"

In the Sword House, Jiang Chen was gasping for air. After going through so many big fights in a row, even his divine body was exhausted.

He did not have the time to recover after each challenge. The longer this went on, the more exhausted Jiang Chen would be.

Since those in a higher state had greater strengths, they certainly would go farther.

By then, Jiang Chen had been very close to the twentieth challenge. He was really curious about the ultimate-level sword method.

Then the Sword House got refreshed again. The traces of battle were gone, and new sword spirits kept appearing.

"That's really too much."

Jiang Chen showed a bitter smile. There were almost a million new sword spirits. They continued as far as the eyes could see.

Their average level was still the level-one Sword Doctrine Will.

The thing was their conception had turned into law.

There were forces of the law of wind, metal, fire, and so on.

What Jiang Chen cared most was the law of water.

The strongest one thousand sword spirits were almost all of the law of water.

"Can the ultimate-level sword method be related to the law of water?"

Jiang Chen found it tricky. He had never worked on the law of water.

It was not like the law of metal, which he mastered without effort, thanks to the foundation of the law of wind.

He would have to start from scratch to work on the law of water.

In addition, due to the genuine blood of celestial phoenix, he was naturally closer to fire and against water.

Jiang Chen felt this ultimate-level sword method would not be his.

However, he did not just give up. He still wanted to see how the law of water and his sword doctrine would work together.

Jiang Chen was going to use Azure Lotus Sword Classic to kill all of them, but since he had found the ultimate-level sword method was related to water, he was not that eager anymore.

"Bring it on."

He was going to deal with the great number of sword spirits with some basic sword movements.

Certainly, with Heavenly Fault Sword in his right hand and Redcloud Sword in his left hand...

Forces of laws were exerted in turn. Occasionally they worked together as well.

In an instant, Jiang Chen was devoured by the great troop of sword spirits.

But it only lasted for a few seconds. The sword energy exploded, and the sword spirits within sixty miles away from him were shattered to pieces.

This process repeated again and again until Jiang Chen entered a non-self-status, completely indulging in the world of sword.

Not until a unique blade had to be thrown over was his attention drawn. His eyes lit up.

"The law of water has such a wonderful effect?"

Jiang Chen was very shocked. The law of water contained in that sword attack was more surprising than he had imagined.

He had imagined the law of water was not sharp and not as destructive as thunder or fire.

He had even felt it did not work for sword doctrine.

However, that sword attack taught him a good lesson.

Great music has the faintest notes, and the great form is without shape.

What was contained in that blade was a shapeless conception free of form, which had achieved the highness of lore.

"Tianyi produces water. Diliu makes it happen."

"The law of water might not make a blade sharp, but it can take sword doctrine to a new level!"

Jiang Chen felt like he had been struck by lightning. His disdain for the law of water turned into eagerness.

He stopped fooling around with the sword spirits and started to treat them seriously.

"Azure Lotus Appears in the World!"

"Azure Lotus Transforms to Sword!"

The two Doctrine Swords exerted two ultimate-level sword methods at the same time. Jiang Chen felt his body would be torn apart soon.

But the power was great. A great amount of sword spirits fell.

At the moment, the tens of thousands of sword spirits that had once belonged to the sword spirits, including those related to water, were owned by him.

"Extremely hard things are easy to be broken. By combining hardness and gentleness, one will be able to advance or retreat freely."

Jiang Chen showed his fantastic talent, absorbing new knowledge quickly.

The swords in his hands were not the only things that had changed. So had he. He was transforming and subliming.

He seemed to be less aggressive, but his sword attacks were more powerful.

Then, Jiang Chen put the Redcloud Sword aside. He started to focus on exploring the law of water completely.

Outside, the disciples of the celestial palace were anxiously waiting, expecting the creation of another record.

In the end, Jiang Chen did not let them down. The number on the stone wall changed again.

"Is he going to pass twenty challenges in a row to get the ultimate-level sword method?!"

Meng Kong could not stay calm anymore. He closed his fists tightly.


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