The Brilliant Fighting Master
1463 The Second Movemen
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1463 The Second Movemen

The Sword House was not so complicated as people thought. The foggy space looked endless.

Numerous figures holding sharp swords were attacking from everywhere.

Some of these figures were tall, and others were short. Some were fat, and others were thin. But the one thing they shared in common was they all had a vague face.

These were the sword spirits of the Sword House. They were also the challenges.

Each sword spirit's sword method, sword spirit, and sword doctrine were different. Some were better, while others were worse.

They did not know collaboration at all. Neither did they have any strategies. They only kept attacking.

The challenges differed in the sword spirits' amount and their average level.

From the first to the tenth challenge, Jiang Chen, a master of an ultimate-level sword method, passed without effort.

He sensed some pressure at the eleventh challenge, but it was no big problem.

It was the twelfth challenge at the moment. Jiang Chen understood the real ordeal had just started.

"Azure Lotus Appears in the World!"

Jiang Chen attacked decisively. The Sword Spirit of Azure Lotus was bearing the power of four laws, which were thunder, wind, fire, and metal.

Three kinds of energies of the universe all flew into the sword momentum.

An azure lotus materialized, floating over Jiang Chen's head.

Facing the troop formed by Sword Spirits, the azure lotus blossomed. Striking sword radiances splashed about.

The sword spirits touched by them were defeated one by one and then scattered.

Jiang Chen was pretty serious. He had passed the first eleven challenges smoothly, and it had not been a big deal for him yet.

However, when he had exerted the Azure Lotus Sword Classic, he kind of felt enlightened.

There was a sign that his Immortal Will would have another breakthrough very soon.

"When a swordsman's sword spirit transforms to will, no average sword methods can exert the power supposed to be exerted."

Jiang Chen murmured.

He knew that for a long time, but it did not mean he had fully comprehended it.

As the saying goes, when you have read a book a hundred times, its meaning will show itself automatically.

With different strengths, the insight he could get from the same text would be different.

Jiang Chen had three energies of the universe – Du Tian Holy Thunder, Solar Golden Flame, and Void Divine Wind.

However, before that, as a swordsman, he had not been able to exert their powers to the fullest.

Merging them together forcefully would only make them a powerful bomb.

For example, the Heaven Striking Sword and the Heaven Breaking Sword he had exerted were both such bombs.

Not until he had got the Azure Lotus Sword Classic did he reach a different level.

An azure lotus combined several kinds of powers together perfectly. They turned into an extremely strong sword attack, with infinite power.

As to what principle it was based on, Jiang Chen had no idea.

Unless he achieved the level of Sword Divinity and completely mastered ultimate-level sword methods, he would not be able to get the true meaning.

All of these were Jiang Chen's inspirations. They helped them master the second movement of Azure Lotus Sword Classic, Azure Lotus Transforms to Sword, through trial and error.

He managed to simplify the movement after understanding how the azure lotus of the first movement put the power into use, and in this way, he mastered the second movement.

However, there were still things Jiang Chen did not get. He would like to take advantage of the inspiration and achieve to comprehend the second movement at one go.

The sword spirits of the twelfth challenge turned into ashes and vanished under the sword radiances of the azure lotus.

The world of white in front of him became much brighter. All of the traces of the fight were erased.

Looking from outside, the whole Sword House was shining. A light pillar arose from it and kept rising.

More and more people were attracted here. At first, it was the disciples of the Hundred Swords Peak. All of them had gathered here.

Next, those from the adjacent Heavenly King Peak also came.

"Who is in the Sword House?"

"Vice leader? The new vice leader?"

"No way. It's already the thirteenth challenge!"

The newcomers kept exclaiming. It did not sound strange at all. Those who had been here since the beginning had a complicated feeling.

They reacted the same as their recently arrived sibling disciples when Jiang Chen went into the Stone House.

In the Sword House, numerous sword spirits were popping out. There were tens of thousands of them, appearing around Jiang Chen.

Just like the previous ten-odd challenges, they all had different sword spirits and sword momentums of different styles.

However, Jiang Chen had seen through them.

The ultimate-level sword method of the Sword House was kept in all of the sword spirits.

It was like a puzzle, and each sword spirit was a piece of the puzzle. As long as he could put all of the pieces together, he would be able to master an ultimate-level sword method.

However, this puzzle was tremendous.

Many a little makes a mickle. But average people usually could not achieve that.

It made sense. After all, it was an ultimate-level martial arts technique.

"Second movement of Azure Lotus: Azure Lotus Transforms to Sword!"

Jiang Chen was not interested in other ultimate-level sword methods. He only wanted to master the second movement of the azure lotus.

This time, the energy of the universe and the power of laws did not turn into any azure lotus. Instead, the sword momentum of the azure lotus rose from his sword.

As soon as the Heavenly Fault Sword was thrown over, the sword momentum broke out, and the blade destroyed everything in the way.

The sword spirit in front of him was struck to pieces by the blade. The diverging radiances of the sword got rid of the other sword spirits around him as well.

However, it seemed Jiang Chen had been heavily injured, too. He was sent away and almost lost the grip of the Heavenly Fault Sword.

He tried very hard to get to his feet. Brandishing his sword, Jiang Chen resolved some more sword spirits.

There were hundreds of sword spirits left, all of whom mastered explicit sword spirits. They were all different, each representing one sword doctrine, which meant there were hundreds of sword doctrines.

Sword radiances interwove into a giant net to lock on Jiang Chen.

Hundreds of sword radiances met. Adding to one another madly, they reached a devastating sword momentum.

"Heaven Striking Sword!"

Unable to think too much at the moment, Jiang Chen exerted the sword movement he had randomly made up.

The ultimate-level sword method had improved it and corrected many flaws of it, but it was still not good enough.

That being said, it was powerful enough.

The heaven-striking sword radiances removed the pressure formed by those sword spirits' sword energies and confronted their angry sword radiances.

The competing sword radiances bumped against each other like two energy waves. They were a match at the beginning.

In the end, it was Jiang Chen's blue sword radiances that won. They dashed forward aggressively to attack the sword spirits, smashing them to pieces.

Almost at the same time, the Sword House released resplendent lights. The number on the stone wall changed again.

Undoubtedly, many exclaims arose. Everyone looked excited.

If Jiang Chen, a Martial Emperor, really broke the record created by Zhang Tian, a Martial Arts Saint, no one would stay unconvinced anymore.

In the Sword House, Jiang Chen was bleeding. The second movement he had exerted was not really successful.

And what happened just now was actually very risky.

Jiang Chen could be the only person in the whole world who had the nerve to try a new sword movement in a real fight.

While exerting Azure Lotus Transforms to Sword, Jiang Chen felt the three energies were on the verge of losing control. They just did not feel so natural as in the first movement.

When the sword radiances had got the sword spirits and created an energy fluctuation, they went out of control completely.


All of a sudden, Jiang Chen noticed the sword spirit of the fourteenth challenge had shown up.

There were more than ten thousand of them. The place was densely packed with them. They were literally everywhere.

Among them, there were also hundreds of sword spirits whose explicit sword spirits had transformed into sword doctrine wills.

Even the weakest sword spirits had achieved the peak of sword doctrine, only one step away from explicit sword spirits.

"Wondering how many stories there are in this Sword House."

Jiang Chen's resolution was not shaken. He only thought if this went on, he would finally have to confront millions of sword spirits.

"What the hell! Once again!"

"Second movement of Azure Lotus: Azure Lotus Transforms to Sword!"

Jiang Chen did not flinch. Even if he failed, he would not give up trying.

If he refused to take the risk just because he wanted to break Zhang Tian's record, that would, in fact, make him worse than Zhang Tian.

A swordsman must be fearless.

This time, the sword momentum of the azure lotus was much more natural. When it had turned into a sword, Jiang Chen could clearly sense the mysterious change of the power of laws and the energies of the universe.

The law of thunder corresponded to Du Tian Holy Thunder.

The law of fire corresponded to Solar Golden Flame.

The law of wind corresponded to Void Divine Wind.

All of the three were aided by the law of metal.

They turned into a sky-reaching blade in an instant.


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