The Brilliant Fighting Master
1462 The Number
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1462 The Number

The Sword House looked small from outside, but the world inside was very different from how it looked.

Jiang Chen talked big, but he was not just attempting to do something that he could not.

In fact, it was because of what Xiao Nuo had mentioned to him the previous day that he announced he would break the record.

"You are a swordsman now. The Sword House I built is at the Hundred Swords Peak. It has ultimate-level sword methods in there. You'll get the chance to practice them as long as you can pass the twentieth challenge."

Jiang Chen asked Xiao Nuo why she did not impart them to him directly.

"Ultimate-level martial arts techniques aren't just some average thing. Their mystery is beyond words. Even if I try to write them down in words, there is always something that will get lost."

That was what Xiao Nuo told him.

Jiang Chen recalled when he had got Azure Lotus Sword Classic. He had also fought with the white-clothed God of War movement by movement.

He came here particularly this day because Zhi Ruo had happened to mention the Hundred Swords Peak to him.

It was not true that he was extremely greedy for ultimate-level sword methods. Instead, he just wanted to improve his swordsmanship by studying ultimate-level sword methods.

Xiao Nuo told him the Sword House had restrictions of state forces.

The truth was state forces could offset the pressure created by the Sword House, and it was just a misunderstanding that the Sword House functioned differently by state.

It was fair to say that Jiang Chen knew the Sword House better than anyone from the Hundred Swords Peak.

Actually, this was not the only Sword House. There was another one not far away.

It happened to be available. Jiang Chen walked over since he did not have to wait there.

The stone door of the Sword House was open. It was as dark as pitch inside as if some monster had devoured all of the lights.

Under the crowd's gaze, Jiang Chen threw out his chest and walked in.

As soon as he entered the house, the stone door was closed automatically.

Almost at the same time, the door of the other Sword House, which people had surrounded, was open.

The number on the stone became "Eleven" before anyone noticed.


Meng Kong, in white clothes, lifted his head and threw out his chest, feeling very proud of himself.

As a Martial Emperor, he had gone beyond the state limit of the Sword House!

He was ready to be received by cheers.

However, walking outside confidently, he saw no one there. The place looked desolate.

"What the hell?!"

Meng Kong was confused. There were a considerable number of people here when he went inside.

Usually, more and more people would have gathered here while he was in the Sword House.

"Has the celestial palace been eliminated?"

Meng Kong could not help but wonder.

He showed an odd face when he had looked toward the other Sword House nearby.

He was one of the most popular disciples at the Hundred Swords Peak.

He was surprised that his thunder had been stolen.

"Is First Chair in there?"

That was the only reasonable explanation Meng Kong could think of, but soon he saw Duanmu Rong in the crowd.

He walked over, full of doubts.

Outside that Sword House, those at the outer ring looked back unintentionally when they had heard footsteps. They were greatly surprised to see who was coming. They hurried to move aside and patted those in front of them on their shoulders to prompt them to do the same.

In this way, a way was open.

Meng Kong strode over as if it was something usual.

"Meng Kong, you have finished? How about your result?"

Duanmu Rong was surprised to see Meng Kong. She showed a bitter smile after noticing his facial expression.

She knew Meng Kong pretty well. She knew this great sword genius must be very unsatisfied at the moment.

"Eleven challenges," Meng Kong said, deliberately dropping the pitch of his voice.

The others could not help but exclaim at his answer.

Even Duanmu Rong was surprised. Observing the change of Meng Kong's disposition, she said, "You've advanced extremely fast since you joined the celestial palace."

"The credit goes to Leader the Venerable and the Sword House. The effect of the Sword House is beyond comparison, at least in the Realm of Divine Martial Arts!"

Speaking of this, Meng Kong turned serious. Then, looking towards the stone door, he asked who was in there.

"Our vice leader," said Duanmu Rong.

"Vice leader!"

Meng Kong was shocked. Nothing seemed weird to him anymore, but then he realized it was not right because the current vice leader was no longer the person he admired.

Speaking of this, Meng Kong was quite reluctant to accept the fact that Zhang Tian had been forced to leave.

He did not think Zhang Tian had done anything wrong the previous day.

Even though he held Leader the Venerable in awe, he could not help but complain about her bad judgment.

"The man of yesterday?" Meng Kong asked, just in case he was wrong.

"Exactly. This vice leader is going to challenge the record of the former vice leader," said Duanmu Rong.

"That means he'll go through more than sixteen challenges? Are you kidding me?!"

It just slipped off Meng Kong's tongue. He was really shocked.

Seeing his reaction, the others all laughed. They knew what that reaction was insinuating.

"Isn't he just a Martial Emperor in the late stage?" said Meng Kong confusedly.

"Apprentice Elder Brother…"

Someone called him and then told him the whole story through holy awareness.

"I see!"

Meng Kong said in a drawn-out tone. Throwing Liu Neng a glance, he thought no wonder.

This Vice Leader was here to establish his prestige.

Since he was already unhappy because his thunder had been stolen, at the moment, he was desperate to see Jiang Chen make a fool out of himself.

"Look, the number has changed."

Some people noticed the number had changed from one to two while they were speaking.

It meant Jiang Chen had started the second challenge. No one was surprised at that.

After all, it would be way too ridiculous if he had even failed to pass the first challenge.

"It has changed again!"

"That's fast!"

"Is there anything wrong with the Stone House?!"

However, then no one could stay calm anymore.

The number on the stone wall was changing ceaselessly, from two to three, from three to four, and on and on…

It became seven and then eight very soon.

Most people could not stay calm, because this was a result that most disciples of the Hundred Swords Peak could not achieve.

"This vice leader isn't bad."

Recalling Jiang Chen was vice leader, they seemed to feel a little relieved.

However, then they were extremely shocked once again.

The number on the stone wall changed from eight to nine, and then from nine to ten.

Whenever the number changed, their hearts also beat faster.

It became eleven in the end!

Meng Kong, who was just onlooking, gnashed his teeth tightly, found it hard to believe.

Even Duanmu Rong walked over to the Sword House to check everything carefully. Then she turned around.

Facing the disciples of the Hundred Swords Peak, who were too shocked to bat an eye, she said, "The Sword House is working correctly. There is nothing wrong with it."

Her announcement started a great disturbance. Every disciple of the Hundred Swords Peak showed an astonished face.

"It has changed again!!"

Liu Neng shouted. His voice was hoarse. His face flushed. No one knew why he was so excited.

The number changed from eleven to twelve!

Meng Kong, although reluctant, felt helpless.

It took him half a day to finish eleven challenges. However, this guy leaped to the twelfth challenge in an instant!

Fortunately, this incredible speed finally slowed down.

However, since it would take some time for his performance to taper off, although he slowed down, he would still be able to pass the next a few challenges.

He was only four challenges away from the sixteenth challenge. Maybe he could really make it!

"Is his talent… really more dreadful than Apprentice Elder Brother Zhang Tian?"

Duanmu Rong murmured to herself. She recalled when she had been a teenager girl, Zhang Tian had impressed the entire Realm of Divine Martial Arts with his fast sword, and he had been the idol of thousands of teenager girls.

"It has been a new age."

She murmured after a good while, seemingly a little bit lost.

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    《The Brilliant Fighting Master》