The Brilliant Fighting Master
1460 Ten Elite Disciples
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1460 Ten Elite Disciples

In the Heavenly Palace, the Seventh Realm.

It was already very late at night. Almost the whole world had quieted down.

The practicing body of Jiang Chen, leader of the Heavenly Palace, was still talking about some important thing with the vice leader Wu Ming.

"Jiang Chen, are you sure?" Wu Ming was in an azure robe. He looked gentle and elegant, strong, but introverted.

Seeing the worrying in his master's eyes, Jiang Chen nodded.

"The main reason that the three great forces haven't done anything to the Heavenly Palace is they're still focusing on the reincarnations of Sovereign Souls."

"And the Heavenly Palace has the Devil Slaughter Tower, the Divine Tree of Creatures and other stuff. They surely don't want to declare war on us."

"But most importantly, we Heavenly Palace isn't a threat for them. That's something we should take advantage of. We should take the opportunity to get stronger."

"However, once we and Ling Long Celestial Palace get the dominant over the sky and the earth respectively, we'll be a real threat for the three forces, and they will do something."

As the vice leader of the Heavenly Palace, Wu Ming was helping Jiang Chen manage everything, no matter big or small, about the Heavenly Palace. He had a profound understanding of the Heavenly Palace's position.

The Heavenly Palace had gained fame in the Seventh Realm. However, they still could plunge if they were not careful enough. And once that happened, it would be almost impossible for them to rise again.

"Master, the Heavenly Palace will be a threat to them sooner or later. The three great forces will act anyway. Compared to that, it really will be better for us to be bound to the same chariot with Ling Long Celestial Palace."

Jiang Chen had a different thought.

The two were both considering the benefits of the Heavenly Palace, but one was more prudential, and the other was more audacious.

"That Red Cloud Venerable is the only Sovereign Venerable by far. However, according to the information from some information organization, the amount of Sovereign Venerables will probably keep rising in the next two or three years," said Wu Ming.

"Red Cloud Venerable managed to be the first person to wake her Sovereign Soul up and become Sovereign Venerable. This is exactly what's special about her."

Wu Ming then realized he would not be able to convince Jiang Chen. Taking a deep breath, he said seriously, "Jiang Chen, if we collaborate with Ling Long Celestial Palace, we'll help them resolve their most urgent crisis. But if anything happens to us, will they do the same for us? Will they just turn away and see us suffering?"

"No, they won't," Jiang Chen said decisively, without thinking.


Wu Ming was kind of surprised. He saw Jiang Chen unusually confident.

"Red Cloud Venerable is my wife," Jiang Chen said with a smile.

If it were not Jiang Chen but some other guy telling him such things, Wu Ming would just regard him as a madman.

However, it was Jiang Chen. Wu Ming had to believe him.

But although he believed Jiang Chen, he was unable to hide his shock, due to which he could not even shut his open mouth.

Red Cloud Venerable, the first Sovereign Venerable in almost a thousand years, was his apprentice's wife.

And his apprentice was a Martial Emperor in the late stage. That was hard to believe.

"Then, I have nothing to say."

Wu Ming did not oppose any more. Instead, he started to prepare for the setup of the two-way transmission formation.

"Jiang Chen."

At this moment, the Divine Tree of Creatures contacted him. This was not usual.

Jiang Chen came up to the divine tree to see what it was about.

"There has been an annoying energy hiding here spying on you lately."

Jiang Chen was struck dumb. Then he turned pale.

If a Sacred Spirit used the word "annoying" to describe something, it must be related to the Blood Race.

However, beyond the Sacred Zone, there could not be any Bloods in the Black Yellow Great World.

If he had not talked to Xiao Nuo, Jiang Chen would have been confused, but since they had had that talk, an assumption occurred to him.

"Blood Slave!"

"Nether World School!"

The Nether World School had sent Judge, Ghost General, and Black and White Impermanence to deal with him, but they all failed. And the school finally lost its cool.

The guy the Divine Tree of Creatures had mentioned was probably one of the Ten Yamas!

"Is it possible to know where he is exactly?"

Jiang Chen was not afraid of the enemy at all in the Heavenly Palace.

Once he found out where that guy was, he would dash over directly and kill him with the Devil Slaughter Tower.

"His physical movement is very hard to track. Sometimes I can sense his existence, but sometimes I can't. I think he probably exposed his trace to me intentionally."

The Divine Tree of Creatures said, "He could have been lurking in the Heavenly Palace."


So, the situation was much worse than Jiang Chen had thought.

The enemy exposed his trace intentionally to threaten him. He wanted Jiang Chen to panic.

It was fine at the beginning, but over time, the target would just break down.

When that happened, the killer would be able to kill the target easily.

"Is he trying to figure out whether I'm a practicing body or the true body?"

Jiang Chen was trying to figure out the enemy's intention.

No one could differentiate practicing bodies from the true body. This was exactly the strength of One Qi Transformed into Three Pure Ones.

If it was a practicing body, he certainly would not be afraid or worried.

Thinking it over, Jiang Chen decided to play it by ear. At the same time, he set up the defense level of the Heavenly Palace's tactical formation to the highest.

The night passed, and Jiang Chen's true body woke up in the palace. Ling Long Celestial Palace had prepared for their vice leader.

This palace was located on a mountain beyond the nine peaks. It could be described as a small villa.

Not only was it spacious, but the spiritual energies in the mountain were extremely dense, which Jiang Chen had never seen before.

Jiang Chen was going to spend the next month in practice.

And it was not a big deal to set up the transmission formation.

Once the setup at the Heavenly Palace's side was finished, he would be able to start here.

Before that, Jiang Chen called Zhi Ruo over.

"Vice leader."

Zhi Ruo was kind of nervous. On her way here, all of her sibling disciples told her she had been lucky, and this new vice leader would absolutely pay her back.

Zhi Ruo was looking forward to that as well, but she was also afraid she would get disappointed.

She was also afraid Jiang Chen would ask her to sacrifice herself, just like the senior steward had asked her to.

"You've been very responsible. And the probation is over. That means you are officially a disciple of Ling Long Celestial Palace now."

Without beating around the bush, Jiang Chen told her directly what he wanted to say. That was exactly what she wanted.

"Thank you, vice leader!" Zhi Ruo said, pleasantly surprised.

"I want to know Ling Long Celestial Palace better. Would you show me around?" said Jiang Chen.

"Sure thing."

Zhi Ruo certainly would not say no. Walking with Jiang Chen, she took him to the Main Peak.

"The Main Peak is the celestial palace's hub. Everything, no matter big or small, is decided here. This is the most important peak among the nine peaks."

"The other eight are Qiyu Peak, Heavenly King Peak, Hundred Swords Peak…"

"Each peak represents a department. For the moment, only Qiyu Peak and Heavenly King Peak have First Chairs, so a department has been established. The others are still vacant."

Under other disciples' envious gazes, Zhi Ruo told him every detail, without missing anything. That was how responsible she was.

"There are junior and senior disciples in the celestial palace. Juniors' uniform is blue, and the seniors are white. Above senior disciple is the elite disciple and key disciple."

"For the moment, there are no key disciples, but we have ten elite disciples, who are respectively from the Heavenly King Peak and the Hundred Swords Peak."

Not until then was Jiang Chen's interest piqued. He said, "Take me to the Hundred Swords Peak."

Zhi Ruo was a quick-witted person, but at the moment, she hesitated as if Jiang Chen had made an impossible request.

"Just tell me," Jiang Chen told her.

"The disciples of the Hundred Swords Peak are swordsmen. The former vice leader Zhang Tian is also a swordsman. He instructed many disciples from the Hundred Swords Peak." Zhi Ruo only told him the first part of the story. She did not mention the second part.

But Jiang Chen certainly had guessed the second part.

"The disciples of the Hundred Swords Peak are not happy with me?" said Jiang Chen.

Zhi Ruo gave him an affirmative answer.

"Then I really should go. They'll suffer if they can't vent their anger."

Jiang Chen laughed.

A Martial Emperor became the vice leader. Those ignorant of the inside story certainly would not be convinced.


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