The Brilliant Fighting Master
1459 The True Color of the Nether World School
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1459 The True Color of the Nether World School

Jiang Chen told her about Whitty. He wanted her to create a passage in the Martial Field.

"Does it mean a lot to you?"

Xiao Nuo's facial expression slightly changed after hearing his request.

Knowing her very well, Jiang Chen knew what her question insinuated. He said, "It's difficult?"

"Yes, it's very difficult."

Seeing impossible to conceal it from him, she told him the truth.

"The Martial Field was established by the three great forces. If I intervene, I'm sure they'll do something."

"I'm stuck in Half Sovereign Venerable due to my state of mind. Although it's enough to intimidate those people, they are not the only threats in the Realm of Divine Martial Arts."

Jiang Chen was confused. Didn't the three great forces have the complete dominate over the Realm of Divine Martial Arts?

An inspiration flashed through his mind when he was about to ask for more details. An organization's name was on the tip of his tongue.

"The Nether World School!"


Xiao Nuo nodded with a serious look, "The Nether World School is more than a killer organization."

Jiang Chen was with her on this.

Once a killer organization got famous, it would irritate various forces and be targeted by them.

However, the Nether World School had been there for hundreds of years and never been overturned. They had influences on various realms, from Three Middle Realms to the Realm of Divine Martial Arts. It was not simple at all.

"The elite force of the Nether World School can be formed by Blood Slaves."

But he was still shocked by what Xiao Nuo told him.

"They aim to kill the rising geniuses in the Black Yellow Great World to open up a path for the invasion of the Blood Race."

Then Jiang Chen recalled the Nether World School had started to exist right after the closure of the Sacred Zone.

"Besides, they can get very good rewards for killing our geniuses," Xiao Nuo said helplessly.

Forces were always fighting each other, openly or secretly. A force would try every way they could to kill the geniuses of other forces.

The Nether World School was doing business with both the Blood Race and those forces. It was popular with both.

"It's inevitable."

"If all forces knew about the Blood Race in the first place, they might be willing to fight together to resist the enemy," Xiao Nuo said in a faint voice. She did not look very confident.

"Are you saying I shouldn't have concealed the Blood Race's existence from the worlds beyond the Sacred Zone?" Jiang Chen said with a bitter smile.

The Sacred Zone had been closed for hundreds of years. Throughout this period, almost no one knew anything about the Blood Race.

No news came until the recent fifty years.

Theoretically, there should have been no need to worry about the Blood Slaves anymore, and it should have been fine to disclose the truth.

But Jiang Chen did not do that.

She knew Jiang Chen very well, so she knew it was part of the plan instead of a mistake.

"It will be a real calamity if all worlds work together and stop fighting with each other," said Jiang Chen seriously.

"What do you mean?"

"You want sheep all over the mountain to fight for you or a fierce wolf pack?" asked Jiang Chen.

Xiao Nuo pondered. She understood what he meant.

Once solidarity was realized, those forces would be less competitive.

All strong ones arose from hardships. If everything went smooth, even if their states were not weak, they would not have the disposition of a strong person.

"I've made up my mind. Give me one month. There won't be anything to worry about when I become a real Sovereign Venerable."

Back to what they had been talking about, Xiao Nuo said, "I know Whitty that you mentioned. He will be fine in the Martial Field for the moment."


Jiang Chen did not want to take any risk, either, so he did not have any second opinion.

"Would you stay in Ling Long Celestial Palace to manage things for me during this one month?"

Speaking of this, Jiang Chen had to bring up the problem with the existence of Ling Long Celestial Palace.

"I know these. But there is no absolute justice in this world. How will those disciples resist the three great forces together with the celestial palace if their courage falters just because of that?"

Jiang Chen's concerns did not seem to matter to Xiao Nuo.

Jiang Chen was speechless. He gathered the Sovereign Soul of Red Cloud Venerable had more or less affected Xiao Nuo.

At least, Xiao Nuo would never have spoken like this before.

She used to be an idealist just like him, who would rather die than compromise.

However, what she said did make sense.

Chaos was inevitable in the initial period of a new force.

At night, Jiang Chen walked out of Xiao Nuo's resting palace reluctantly. And the latter formally started her path to be a real Sovereign Venerable.

Jiang Chen was standing at the main peak where Xiao Nuo had been standing when she had shown up during the day, from where he could overlook Ling Long Celestial Palace.

The bright moon hung high. The night sky was starlit.

The white moonlight sprinkled silver flecks over the earth, which complemented the spirituality of the Dragon Tiger Mountain and formed a natural atmosphere.

"Great place."

Jiang Chen said.

"Vice leader."

Three grand elders arrived before Jiang Chen could fully appreciate the view.

It seemed they had been waiting for him for a long time.

Seeing Jiang Chen again, they felt a little awkward.

Most of the day had passed. What had Jiang Chen and their Leader the Venerable been doing during the whole time?

"Ahem. Ahem. Seniors, you didn't have to do this. This is too much for me."

Jiang Chen was embarrassed. These three grand elders were even strong among Martial Arts Saints.

Not anyone could be greeted by them with such respect.

"Sorry for what I did in the day. Please don't take offense."

Jiang Chen did not forget that his arrow had almost made them buried in ruins, although it would not harm them anyway.

Seeing him so nice, the three grand elders felt much more relaxed.

"Not at all. It was that Xue Ke's fault."

Baili Zhan waved his hand, not taking that arrow into his heart at all.

"Vice leader, we have something to discuss with you."

The First Elder was the most eager to resolve the problem.

"Okay. So, let's find a place to talk."

Thinking of the three's behaviors during the day, he knew it must be something important.

The three came to the palace that had almost collapsed in the day. By then, the palace had recovered completely. Not any trace of damage could be observed.

In a room, the three grand elders told Jiang Chen Ling Long Celestial Palace was in urgent need of elixirs at the moment.


Jiang Chen was kind of surprised, but it seemed reasonable to him.

After all, it was impossible for the Sovereign Soul of Red Cloud Venerable to conjure elixirs out of nothing.

"It's easy. My Heavenly Palace produces elixirs."

After the Heavenly Palace had recruited some alchemists, Jiang Chen found a big mountain with plenty of spiritual energies of fire property in the Heavenly Defense Field and transformed it into an elixir mountain.

They were producing not only a great number of elixirs but also the best of the best.

Especially Black Yellow Elixir, since they were the only producer of it, they were making a great profit out of it.

Exciting lights flashed in the three grand elders' eyes when they had learned this. This was much better than they had expected.

The Heavenly Palace had elixirs, while Ling Long Celestial Palace had many resources as well, which they got from forbidden lands.

"Leader the Venerable moved many celestial medicines and divine medicines to the deep of Dragon Tiger Mountain."

They told Jiang Chen.

This was top-secret, but since Jiang Chen was the vice leader, they did not have to conceal it from him.

"But we are two worlds apart. The three great forces will definitely find it out once we start to collaborate. I'm afraid they will try to jeopardize our collaboration in the dark," Yun Yinzi expressed his concerns.

What mattered most to a business collaboration was a channel.

"Doesn't matter. I can set up a complete two-way transmission formation between the Heavenly Palace and Ling Long Celestial Palace."

Jiang Chen told them this would not be a problem.

He managed to take his clansman from the Realm of Nine Heavens to the Seventh Realm, and no one ever knew how he had made it.

"Are you serious?!"

The three grand elders were pleasantly surprised. This Jiang Chen was really a lifesaver.


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