The Brilliant Fighting Master
1458 Leading a Dog“s Life till This Day
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1458 Leading a Dog“s Life till This Day

As the planner of the Sovereign Soul project, Jiang Chen actually was not worried that Xiao Nuo could become another person.

A Sovereign Soul did not have self-consciousness.

Even if it did, it was actually the reincarnation's inside devil created due to the influence of the memory. The reincarnation hence misunderstood himself or herself for that Sovereign Venerable.

That was why Jiang Chen ruled out those who were not resolute enough at the time of candidate selection.

Fortunately, the world five hundred years ago had few resources, for which those who could stand out were all the best of the best, who had experienced lots of sufferings and were hence mentally mature enough not to be shaken easily.

Especially Xiao Nuo, he made her receive the Red Cloud Venerable's Sovereign Spirit because he trusted her.

"Heaven and Earth have no preference. They allow the ten thousand things to flourish freely like grass and dogs. In the eyes of Heaven and Earth, we're the same as grasses and trees."

"So, you don't necessarily need to get over me and move on. Just follow your heart."

"Red Cloud Venerable failed to go through the ko because she regretted, and her resolution was shattered, but if she had been tough enough, she would have been a Divine King successfully."

"Similarly, even if she had not broken up with the man, as long as she could withstand the ordeal of emotions while going through the ko, she would have the chance to succeed as well."

"It's your personal choice whether to break up or not. As long as your Doctrine Heart is resolute enough, it'll be easy-peasy to go through the ko of love."

Then Jiang Chen paused and looked into those watery eyes. Smiling gently, he said, "You would rather sacrifice yourself for me. Do you think you'll be able to get over me?"

Xiao Nuo was awoken by his words. Her facial expression explained how emotional she was.

Pouting, Xiao Nuo said, "You sounded like you'd gone through the ko of love. How could you be so persuasive?"

Jiang Chen smiled. Since his divine soul had awoken, he certainly knew every detail about things like the ko of love.

"By the way, were you pleasantly surprised when you were stabbed to death by my ruler back then? Did you find it exciting? Shocking?"

Xiao Nuo showed the side Jiang Chen knew pretty well. He could see her canine teeth when she was smiling.

Thinking of the hateful feeling he had when he was revived, Jiang Chen smiled embarrassedly.

However, seeing Xiao Nuo's complacent look, he said unhappily, "You almost made my plan fail. Fortunately, everything had been on track by then."

"How could you say that!? You left me behind to deal with the Blood Race alone! You thought you were great? The Blood Race might not even want your blood."

Xiao Nuo complained. She could not put up with any blame.

"Great. You are looking down on your husband."

Jiang Chen shrieked. He took out the Infinite Sai to pat her round bottom.

"You got proud after being able to practice."

Xiao Nuo showed a naughty smile. At that moment, she looked like a combination of angel and demon. Her beauty was beyond description.

Xiao Nuo was going to play with Jiang Chen, but she found him struck dumb. Then she instantly felt awkward and shy.

"We… We didn't do anything on our wedding night. Why not…" Jiang Chen said in a drawn-out tone.

"No way!"

To his surprise, Xiao Nuo declined decisively.

Seeing Jiang Chen surprised, she said with pity, "I'm only half step away from Sovereign Venerable, so I can't be too excited. If we do that, I can kill you accidentally."

"Is a Sovereign Venerable so strong?"

Jiang Chen was not convinced. He would admit it if she told him he could not beat a Sovereign Venerable on the battlefield, but he could not beat a Sovereign Venerable on the bed? He did not buy it.

"Wait a second. What did you tell others about my death cause in the previous life?" At the thought of what Lin Yueru had told him, Jiang Chen seemed determined to make her admit she was guilty.

Xiao Nuo was embarrassed. Then she showed an elegant smile, baring her neat white teeth that looked like pearls.

The dot painted on her either cheek looked even more beautiful while she was smiling. Her clear, bright eyes were as gentle as water. Even iron could be melted by them.

Jiang Chen's anger was totally gone. He pulled her into her arms and hugged her tightly. They made out for a good while.

Then they leaned against each other just like in the old days.

"Let's talk about the past."

Taking a deep breath, Jiang Chen knew for some things, he would have to face them sooner or later.

What Xiao Nuo told him happened right after what Lin Yueru had told him.

When the news of the Blood Race's existence had been leaked, the Blood Race intruded into the Sacred Zone without giving them any chance to react.

At the same time, the Wall of the World deployed by Jiang Chen isolated the Sacred Zone.

It was worth mentioning that the Wall of the World could only cut the connection between the Sacred Zone and the Black Yellow Great World.

It was unable to isolate the Sacred Zone from other great worlds beyond the Black Yellow Great World.

Otherwise, Jiang Chen would have been able to prevent the Blood Race from entering his homeland successfully without any effort.

"How did the folks of the Sacred Zone feel back then?"

Jiang Chen's voice was kind of hoarse when he was asking the question.

He had gained five hundred extra years for the Black Yellow Great World and found hope.

However, he was a hateful person for the folks of the Sacred Zone, because they were abandoned by him.

"To be honest, there were people who cursed your entire family and all of your ancestors."

"Back then, no one knew the Wall of the World was deployed by you. Later, your father came forward to take responsibility."

"What? You mean, my father knew it was me?"

Jiang Chen was shocked. Even he did not know what he had done, because everything was done through Long Xing.

"Yes. Your father apologized to all of the living creatures in the Sacred Zone for what you had done."


Tears welled up in Jiang Chen's eyes. His father was a tough man. Jiang Chen had viewed him as his idol since childhood.

"There were lots of complaints at the beginning, but in the end, under the oppression of the Blood Race, they all fought together. They got to know your good intention and the existence of Blood Slaves. Besides, you were already dead, so no one bothered to curse you anymore."

"But I've been leading a dog's life until today," Jiang said in a self-mocking manner.

"You brought hope to the Black Yellow Great World and saved numerous lives. And you are still alive. There are more things you can do."

Stroking Jiang Chen's cheek gently, Xiao Nuo soothed him in a soft voice.

"And then?"

Jiang Chen calmed down. He wanted to know more.

"The Blood Race only had one target, which was the Sacred Zone, so they were pissed. They only sent a spearhead into the Sacred Zone, so we still had the chance to fight with them."

"There was so much blood that it flew into a blood river. The Sacred Zone became an abyss of darkness. Everything was ruined."

"My master and your father knew the Sacred Zone would end up being eliminated anyway. They didn't have the heart to see me die with the Sacred Zone, so they used an occult method on me, and I survived."

In other words, before Xiao Nuo fell asleep, her master Southern Sea Heavenly Monarch and Jiang Chen's father, Yan Monarch, were still alive.

According to Xiao Nuo, the war between the Sacred Zone and the Blood Race lasted for a few years.

Numerous people died or were injured. Many people he knew sacrificed their lives.

All of those names made Jiang Chen feel heavy. He could not even breathe smoothly.

"The damned Blood Race!"

In the end, Jiang Chen shouted in anger. The hatred in his eyes was extremely strong.

Xiao Nuo gazed at him in silence. She knew it would be better for him to express his anger than to bury everything inside.

"Your father and my master, maybe they are still alive."

Xiao Nuo suddenly said.


Jiang Chen thought of the Evil Blood Emperor he had met in the World of Bloody Sea.

His father was still alive after the final attack.

"Since the Blood Race invaded the Sacred Zone, the Black Yellow Great World and the outside world were connected again. The Blood Race isn't the only one who can come in. And it's not the only one who can leave, either."

"I heard during the war that reinforcements were coming from the outside world to assist us secretly."

It was a pity that Xiao Nuo did not know any details.

At the thought of the force that took Xue'er away, Jiang Chen started to ponder.

His brows smoothed after a good while. He had not figured it out yet, but he stopped struggling because even if he knew the answer, his current strength would not allow him to do anything useful for the moment.

So, not knowing was actually a better choice.

"Xiao Nuo, I came this time to ask you for a favor." Jiang Chen brought up the real reason that had brought him here.


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