The Brilliant Fighting Master
1456 Leave It to Him
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1456 Leave It to Him

Talented youths' era changed according to twenty-year cycles.

A person in his forties couldn't compare himself to a youngster in his twenties, while Zhang Tian was near his forties. But he wasn't any weaker than the Martial Saint Realm's old monsters, and in his youth, he had peerless talent, and his fame wasn't any lower than the Sovereign Spirit Reincarnators.

Moreover, even up to this day, he was still an all-powerful expert.

It was really outrageous that Jiang Chen dared to state such a claim.

"Is this person a madman?" Xue Ke couldn't help but have such a thought, and he hoped that it was the case. As if it was true, then Jiang Chen's claim that he was acquainted with the Faction Master would be only his own delusion.

Xue Ke had traveled all Realms, and he was knowledgeable and experienced, and he knew how rich were people's imaginations. There were some people who still didn't become strong, who would daydream about their future achievement, and they would use this as a motivation for them.

However, if they suffered a mishap while training, their minds might be affected, and their brains would become a mess. They wouldn't any longer differentiate between their true memory and their delusion.

Those kinds of people would become crazy, and they would take the matters they had imagined for truth.

Xue Ke had once seen a genius from a poor and humble family who suffered a palm strike to his head, and since then, that person became crazy, and he started stating everywhere that a certain princess was his wife. He had still run into the royal palace and started rebuking the guards as the emperor's son-in-law. This person's end was quite miserable.

But such matters were quite rare and didn't occur frequently.

The reason why Xue Ke assumes that Jiang Chen was like those kinds of people was that his actions were too crazy. It was only Zhi Ruo who believed Jiang Chen when he stated that he was the faction master's friend.

Moreover, the three great elders didn't mention such an issue just because of Jiang Chen's status as the Heavenly Palace's Master. But now, a late-stage Martial Emperor like Jiang Chen dared to utter such words to Zhang Tian. So wasn't he just tired of living?

"Good, pretty good!" Zhang Tian came back to his senses only after a long while, and his sword energy, sword beam, and sword tip condensed together to form a perfect Sword Soul with all five special traits. It was the Falling Star Sword Soul!

The Celestial Palace's members had never seen Zhang Tian fighting, but they knew him well, and they recognized this Sword Soul.

As for Jiang Chen, he was still unmoved, and he didn't guard against Zhang Tian.

"If I don't kill you today, I will write my name inverted from now on." Zhang Tian wasn't a merciful person, and after he uttered such a firm statement, and expressed his resolution, he ordered the three great elders not to obstruct him.

The three great elders were all quite bewildered because Jiang Chen's behavior was quite strange.

All of a sudden, Zhang Tian's expression became grave, and he waved his sword. He didn't use a sword technique, and it was just an ordinary sword move. But The Falling Star Sword Soul wasn't any weaker than other people's magical techniques due to Zhang Tian's great Realm Power.

It didn't matter that Jiang Chen didn't guard against anything, as even if he used his whole power against this attack, he still would just die. However, Jiang Chen still didn't take any action.

As the Falling Star Sword Soul started speeding, it seemed like a falling shooting star, and it flew over at its target.

Jiang Chen wore an ice-cold expression while his heart raced. He would only be lying if he said that he wasn't nervous. Zhang Tian's power was too great, and he wasn't just unable to defeat him, he wasn't even able to hide from him.

But Jiang Chen's intuition informed him that he just had to keep his composure.

Everything occurred in the twinkling of an eye, and when the Falling Star Sword Soul was about to take Jiang Chen's life, a light beam descended from the sky and fell before Jiang Chen. The light beam turned into feather clothes, which fell upon Jiang Chen's body.

When the Falling Star Sword Soul's tip struck the clothes, its power didn't manage to damage them at all, as if it fell into a bottomless black hole, while the whole sword disappeared thoroughly from its tip to its end.

Just after this, the feather clothes disintegrated, while Jiang Chen was safe and sound.

"Oh, my God!"

The people, who were still bewildered, opened their eyes widely, while their eyeballs almost fell from their eyes. Even the expression of the people in the sky changed drastically.

"The faction master."

The crowd didn't find such a light beam strange, as when Venerable Hong Yun opened up the forbidden land, she used those light beams.

"It's done for. It's done for."

Xue Ke, who had assumed a moment ago that Jiang Chen was a madman, felt like he would shortly lose his mind. Even though he wasn't willing to believe this matter, he was still forced to admit that Jiang Chen was acquainted with the faction master.

"I knew it." Jiang Chen revealed a knowing smile. A Sovereign Spirit didn't have its own consciousness, and it didn't matter how intense was the obsession hidden among Venerable Hong Yun's memory, as Xiao Ruo was still Xiao Ruo.

The expression of Zhang Tian opposite to Jiang Chen became unsightly, and he started wondering what Jiang Chen's relationship with the faction master was.

"Are they siblings, friends, or..."

As Zhang Tian thought of the last possibility, killing intent appeared on his face, and even though he hid quickly, it was still noticed by the sharp people in the vicinity, such as Jiang Chen.

"Faction master!"

All of a sudden, everyone here shouted in unison, and they saluted the faction master respectfully.

It could be seen that a woman clad in multi-colored feather clothes was standing atop the main mountain's peak. She was small in comparison to the great mountain's peak. But everyone who looked at them would feel that the woman's body was greater than the mountain.

It didn't matter if it was a towering peak, or any matter among the world's myriad matters, they would all seem inferior to the woman.

Jiang Chen's eyes contracted. The clothes of Venerable Hong Yun, who was Xiao Ruo, were up to the ancient era's style that he had seen in murals. It was also the case for the makeup on her face, and she seemed like a dignified and imposing heavenly god.

At this moment, a distorted magnetic field appeared around Venerable Hong Yun, before she disappeared from her former place, and before Jiang Chen started looking for her, she appeared in front of his eyes.

Jiang Chen faced her eyes subconsciously, and he found them too ice-cold, but repressed emotions were hidden behind such an ice-cold surface.

"Long time no see," Jiang Chen said with a faint smile.

Venerable Hong Yun took a deep look at him, before she turned around, and faced the Deputy Faction Master, as well as the other people.

"In Ling Long Celestial Palace, is it you the faction master, or me?" Venerable Hong Yun asked.

"It's obviously you."

Indescribable emotions welled up in Zhang Tian's heart, as he looked at such a beautiful face, and he only gave a reply after he got entranced for a short time.

"Then why do you want to kill someone who has come to meet me?" Venerable Hong Yun spoke once again. It was obvious that she wanted to condemn Zhang Tian!

"I, I." Zhang Tian couldn't give a reply, and he just lowered his head even though he wasn't willing to accept this matter.

Just after this, Venerable Hong Yun's gaze looked at Xue Ke.

The heart of Ling Long Celestial Palace's deacon sank, and his last glimmer of hope was extinguished.

"I have heard that you stated that you are Ling Long Celestial Palace's young master, are you?"

Venerable Hong Yun moved her lips. One couldn't discern either delight or anger through her voice.

Upon hearing this, Xue Ke's head became filled with sweat. He had obviously been using the 'young master' title to boast only in private. So how would he dare to state it in front of the faction master?

"Who has said it? This is a slander! Faction master, you must trust my character." Xue Ke didn't give regard to anything and started crying.

"If you have admitted, I wouldn't have done anything to you, and I would have just driven you out. But since you didn't admit it, you have deceived me," Venerable Hong Yun spoke once again, and killing intent was apparent in her tone.

"I admit it, I admit it." Xue Ke's face turned as pale as paper, while he perspired profusely. He regretted this matter inwardly.

Xue Ke cast a glance at Jiang Chen out of the corner of his eye and grumbled inwardly. "If you have such a good relationship with the faction master, why didn't you just intrude here? Why did you come to notify me?"

"It's too late." Venerable Hong Yun uttered only several words, and none saw her taking any action before Xue Ke turned into a puddle of blood.

"Faction master...." Zhang Tian didn't manage to entreat her in time, and he didn't finish his speech.

In the next moment, displeasure welled up in Zhang Tian's heart.

"Faction master, I won't assume a Deputy Faction Master's position any longer."

Zhang Tian assumed that he just condescended himself when he came to Ling Long Celestial Palace, and he assumed that Venerable Hong Yun could understand his feelings. This was why he felt quite dissatisfied with what happened.

"Fine, leave your Deputy Faction Master's position to him."

Who would have imagined that Venerable Hong Yun didn't care about this matter? She just extended her finger and pointed it at Jiang Chen.


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