The Brilliant Fighting Master
1455 The Deputy Faction Master, Zhang Tian
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1455 The Deputy Faction Master, Zhang Tian

An uproar arose even among the crowd watching such a bustling scene, let alone Xue Ke.

The elder, Bai Lizhan, had expressed clearly that he stood on Jiang Chen's side, and it wasn't difficult to discern the reason behind this. It was because of Jiang Chen's status as the Heavenly Palace's Master.

But the issue was that most people had never heard about any Heavenly Palace, and they all didn't know anything about the Seventh Realm's matters.

It was like how the people living in the royal capital wouldn't have any understanding of a remote mountain village.

"It's a misunderstanding. It's probably a misunderstanding." Xue Ke was startled, and he understood what had happened.

When Jiang Chen said that he was acquainted with the faction master, he probably wasn't cracking a joke. This matter couldn't be considered too significant, but it also wasn't insignificant, and everything depended on how it was dealt with.

Xue Ke realized that something was amiss, and stated that it was a misunderstanding on his own accord. He wanted to settle this dispute!

"It probably isn't a misunderstanding, as the deacon has still taken my spirit crystals." Jiang Chen wasn't willing to let go of this matter, and he depended upon the great elders' influence.

As a matter of fact, even Jiang Chen himself didn't know why the great elders were so cordial, but what was important now was that Xue Ke had gone too overboard.

Jiang Chen stopped using the Invincible Golden Body Technique. It was then that the crowd noticed that his right shoulder's clothes were tattered, and were dripping with blood. This was caused by the previous ordeal in the palace.

The wound recovered due to the divine body's great recovery power, but this didn't mean that this matter never happened.

An ominous glint flickered in Xue Ke's eyes. He didn't expect that Jiang Chen didn't want to patch up the quarrel.

Even though Xue Ke was wary of Jiang Chen's status as the Heavenly Palace's Master, but in his eyes, Jiang Chen was still a mere Martial Emperor, and he held him in contempt.

The three great elders wanted to sit down with Jiang Chen and talk about cooperation, but it seemed like Jiang Chen didn't plan to let go of this matter.

Bai Lizhan, who had an irascible temper, didn't give this matter much consideration, and he was about to take Xue Ke down.

They had all heard about Xue Ke's actions, and they obviously knew who was in the wrong in this affair.

The greatest elder saw through Bai Lizhan's thoughts, and he obstructed him. The Deputy Faction Master was supporting Xue Ke, and they couldn't deal with him at will.

"Xue Ke, what explanation do you have for this?" The greatest elder said.

Xue Ke's expression changed several times, while anger welled up in his head. He ended up inadvertently noticed that the disciples in the vicinity were looking at him with a mocking gaze, and he couldn't help but fly into a rage.

"He had forcefully given me the spirit crystals, and I haven't made any mistakes. I have handled this matter justly, while he also didn't state that he's the Heavenly Palace's Master."

Such an angry shout aggravated this matter even more.

The newly founded Ling Long Celestial Palace's greatest problem wasn't from outside but from its inside.

"Pah! Do you think that we don't have any inkling about your actions?" Bai Lizhan, who witnessed that Xue Ke still dared to get angry at him, didn't show weakness, and he emitted a shocking wave of pressure.

A hideous look appeared on Xue Ke's face. He wasn't at the same level as Bai Lizhan, and he obviously wasn't able to bear even such a wave of pressure.

"Elder Bai Lizhan, you are really impressive."

When everyone assumed that Xue Ke would suffer bad luck on this day, a vigorous voice echoed from the depths of a mountain's peak, and such a voice was surprisingly quite young. Yet its owner still managed to extinguish Bai Lizhan's wave of pressure without even showing up here.

Xue Ke felt like he was relieved from a heavy burden, and he revealed a complacent smile on his face.

"It's the Deputy Faction Master, Zhang Tian."

Many people in the Celestial Palace discerned whoever this voice belonged to, and they realized that this day's affair would become graver.

The three great elders exchanged a glance, and a grave look appeared on their faces.

After a short while, an astonishing aura rushed over.

A solemn look appeared on Jiang Chen's face. He could discern through his intuition that the person who came over was a swordsman, and his Realm Level wasn't low, as it was a Martial Saint who wasn't any weaker than a great elder.

When that person showed his face here, Jiang Chen was greatly surprised. This person seemed thirty-six or thirty-seven years old, and he could be considered too youthful since he possessed such great cultivation power.

As for his bearing and demeanor, there wasn't any to mention them, as regardless of his former nature, his Realm Level would let him go through a great Realm Power.

Moreover, this person was still an outstanding swordsman, and he showed off his power wholly, while he had an attractive look and majestic appearance. Even though he wore just an ordinary white robe, it still seemed like he had an air of transcendence.

"Nephew... Deputy Faction Master!"

Xue Ke became excited as if he had just seen his savior, and he almost blurted out something inappropriate.

Xue Ke and Zhang Tian were relatives, and the Deputy Faction Master was Xue Ke's nephew.

Zhang Tian was a famous genius from the Divine Martial Arts Realm's past generation. After he got older, he stopped fighting against other talented young experts, and he started showing his power among Martial Saint experts. He got a place for him among them!

Zhang Tian could be considered a talented expert that grew fully and became a truly influential person. However, he decided for an unknown reason to come here to assume the position of Ling Long Celestial Palace's Deputy Faction Master.

"Three elders, this person has run amok in the Celestial Palace and shot a Human Emperor Arrow at Heavenly Awakening Palace. So why are you protecting even though he had done such actions?" Zhang Tian's face was filled with displeasure, while his gaze was sharp. He already got to know what had happened.

The three great elders used a sound transmission to inform Zhang Tian that the Heavenly Palace's Master could solve the Celestial Palace's crisis.

"If a late-stage Martial Emperor can solve our crisis, then such a crisis is really laughable." Zhang Tian didn't take this matter seriously, and he even spoke loudly. He wasn't afraid that other people would hear him.

Just after this, Zhang Tian's pitch-black eyes looked at Jiang Chen.

"Surrender and work in our Celestial Palace for three years. After three years, we will allow you to leave." Zhang Tian announced such a matter and didn't give anyone a chance to question his decision.

"You don't seem to be qualified enough," Jiang Chen said.

Zhang Tian got angry and spoke in mockery, "I can kill you with a single finger."

"If I was the same age as you, I would be able to slap you to death." Jiang Chen didn't find this person pleasing to the eye for an unknown reason.

"What a laughable statement." Zhang Tian didn't condescend himself at the same level as Jiang Chen and argue with him.

Moreover, he also didn't plan any longer just to imprison Jiang Chen, and blue sword energy emanated from his body. The sword energy didn't rush into the horizon, nor did it affect the whole land. But after it appeared, everyone's expression changed, and it was the case for even Jiang Chen.

Zhang Tian's sword energy took a tangible form, and in the air, it turned into blue pieces of crystal. Even though the crystals were so tiny, they possessed boundless power.

Xue Ke, who was standing in front of Zhang Tian, moved back at his highest speed because he was afraid of being harmed by the attack.

"Deputy Faction Master, he has come here to pay a visit to the Faction Master," Yun Yinzi spoke for Jiang Chen at such a crucial juncture.

"Huh? The Faction Master?" Zhang Tian, who was building up power, slowed for a moment, and his eyes shone brightly when he uttered the two words 'faction master'.

The reason why Zhang Tian came here to work as Ling Long Celestial Palace's Deputy Faction Master was Venerable Hong Yun. Since he took his first glance at Venerable Hong Yun, he couldn't erase her beautiful image from his mind.

Just after this, Zhang Tian snorted coldly, and spoke disdainfully, "Even a trifling ant like him wants to see the Faction Master?"

"He has said that he's acquainted with the Faction Master," Yun Yinzi spoke once again.

"Acquainted?" Zhang Tian squinted his eyes while his blue sword beam distorted space.

"Is it you? Why don't you inform me how did you get acquainted with the Faction Master? Speak!" Zhang Tian spoke hastily.

"It isn't related to you."

"It seems to me that you are just making things up." Zhang Tian didn't believe such a matter.

All of a sudden, Jiang Chen revealed a resolute look and strode forward. "It doesn't matter whether you believe it, as you can't harm me today. If you don't believe it, I'll just stand here, and I won't try to dodge or evade anything. You can just go ahead and use your sword move. If you can inflict even slight harm upon me, it can be considered my defeat."

As Jiang Chen's voice echoed, he scattered his Protective Sword Dipper Energy.

At this moment, a commotion arose among everyone present here.


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