The Brilliant Fighting Master
1454 Emotional Sacrifice
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1454 Emotional Sacrifice

Jiang Chen was still confronting the deacon outside.

Many of Celestial Palace's disciples got news about this matter and came over. They landed on all corners of this land, and they started discussing this matter. They all wanted to know what was happening.

"Even a person like you can become a deacon. It's really a joke!"

Jiang Chen saw the badge on the deacon's waist, and as he recalled Ling Long Celestial Palace's rules, he couldn't help but sneer coldly repeatedly.

Haste would make waste. The current Ling Long Celestial Palace wasn't even able to make ends meet, let alone bother with their unity. Its members even had a frail sense of belonging to the Celestial Palace.

Jiang Chen was nearly sure that once Venerable Hong Yun fell down, all rats would leave a sinking ship such as Ling Long Celestial Palace.

The deacon in front of him was such an example, and he had obviously come to Ling Long Celestial Palace to make a profit. If this wasn't the case, he wouldn't be so reckless.

"Deacon, please quell your anger. There is surely a misunderstanding in this affair." Zhi Ruo chased after them at her highest speed, and she stood in front of the deacon. She obstructed him.

"Zhi Ruo, I understood that you want to make merits because you want to become a formal disciple of the Celestial Palace, but you are still inconsiderate."

The deacon wore a regretful look as if he was disappointed that Zhi Ruo didn't meet his expectations, while a lascivious look was hidden in his eyes.

According to the Celestial Palace's rules, one would become a formal member after getting a badge. But even though Zhi Ruo got a badge, she was still in a trial period, which would last for a month, and if she didn't make any mistake, she would become a formal disciple.

Zhi Ruo had already gotten the badge for more than a month. But she still didn't pass the trial, and the reason behind this was that it was the deacon who determined everything.

"Zhi Ruo, you have shown outstanding performance, but other people's performance isn't bad, and they had even made great sacrifices. There is only a limited quota every month, and it's up to whether you will treasure this chance."

This was what the deacon had said when Zhi Ruo went last time to inquire about the trial period.

Zhi Ruo had understood the implication of his words, and she also heard the rumor spreading among female disciples. But she wasn't willing to do it, and she wouldn't accept such a matter.

However, she didn't have a better option, as she couldn't look for elders or even the faction master to inform them of this matter. The reason behind this was that such a matter was only achievable through the deacon.

The deacon bullied the people below him while he kept his superior in the dark, and he managed to enjoy a good life.

"Deacon, Jiang Chen might have misunderstood something." Zhi Ruo came back to her senses, and she tried to solve the issue in front of her.

"Zhi Ruo, you have really disappointed me. Someone, come over, and go take her badge," the deacon flew into a rage and shouted sharply.

When Zhi Ruo heard his last words, her body swayed as if she suffered a lightning bolt, and she almost fell down.

"We will do as you bid." A female disciple immediately strode forward. She had short hair, yet she still seemed pretty and beautiful, while a mocking look was apparent on her face. When she reached Zhi Ruo, she spoke complacently, "Who has asked you to act like you are noble and pure?"

The woman and Zhi Ruo had jointed Ling Long Celestial Palace at the same time, but the woman had already passed the trial period, and it was needless to mention the reason behind this.

The woman had suggested Zhi Ruo do the same as her and make a sacrifice, and the disgusted look revealed by Zhi Ruo at that time harmed the woman's pride.

"Why it's only you that can be like a white lotus that isn't stained by mud?"

This was what the woman said at that time, and she put an end to their friendship.

"Minmin." Zhi Ruo looked at her former friend, and she found her quite strange to her. Her conviction in Ling Long Celestial Palace couldn't help but waver, and she fell into utter despair.


When the woman called Minmin was about to undertake such a task, she saw something and stopped.

"Why don't you look there?"

Most people noticed what the woman had seen.

Zhi Ruo was confused by this, and she turned her head around to take a look. She was greatly surprised by what she saw.

A longbow made out of gold appeared in Jiang Chen's hand, and an arrow containing powerful energy was put in it. As Jiang Chen pulled the string, he seemed like he became the whole world's core.

A cyclone appeared among the clouds and mist, that never dissipated, and they started surging toward Jiang Chen.

"The Human Emperor Bow? Why is it in your hands?" The deacon was surprised by this, but he shortly sneered coldly. He really wanted to see what Jiang Chen wanted to do.

Only a single Human Emperor Arrow was used, and it couldn't pose any threat to the deacon.


Jiang Chen loosened his grip over the Human Emperor Arrow, and it flew out as it whistled.

The deacon's expression changed drastically, and he shouted sharply, "Did you go crazy?"

It turned out that Jiang Chen's target wasn't the deacon, but the palace. The Human Emperor Arrow turned into a light ray and struck the barrier of the room inside the palace. This barrier wasn't set here for defense, and that was why it immediately cracked open, while the shock wave caught the three great elders off guard.

"What happened?"

The palace was shaken, and it seemed like it would collapse at any moment. But what was more stunning was the angry shout that echoed.

"The Heavenly Palace's Master, Jiang Chen, came over to pay a visit to Ling Long Celestial Palace's Master."

Jiang Chen realized that it would be useless to bicker with the deacon, and that was why he disturbed the great elders. He also hoped that he could alert Venerable Hong Yun, and let her come out.

"You are done for, and regardless of where you go, none can save you."

The deacon became flustered. The great elders were alerted, and they would come out. At that time, his affairs might be exposed, and this was why he decided to kill Jiang Chen.

The deacon didn't hold anything back, and he used his whole power, while he summoned his Martial Soul. It was a black eagle!

As a Martial Saint's power merged with the black eagle, it released an astonishing might. A whistling sound echoed, and it seemed like all beings in the air became the eagle's prey.

"The Heavenly Palace's master? Wait!"

At such a crucial moment, a light ray shone in the palace, and it flew over like a shooting star. As it struck the eagle, it instantly extinguished it.

Those two people were both Martial Saints, but there was still a great disparity between them, and it could be discerned from this confrontation since a casual strike of the great elder was able to destroy the deacon's Martial Soul.

The deacon was startled, but he didn't dare to get angry, while he was also puzzled why the great elder wanted to obstruct him.

"The Heavenly Palace's Master?" The deacon thought of something, but even after he went through his whole memory, he couldn't recall any Heavenly Palace.

He had traveled to all Independent Realms, and he had seen all factions. This was why he was almost sure that the Heavenly Palace wasn't a great faction.

However, the deacon recalled that Jiang Chen came here to meet the faction master, and he had a bad feeling about this affair.

After a short while, the three great elders came out of the great faction.

"The Heavenly Palace, is it the Seventh Realm's Heavenly Palace?"

One of the old men that had an outstanding demeanor was Yun Yinzi, but he didn't keep his calm as before, and he seemed slightly excited.

"That is right!"

At this moment, Jiang Chen became confused. He had revealed such a status just so that other people could take this matter seriously.

The three great elders pondered over this matter, and they found it too coincidental. However, it seemed like Jiang Chen didn't come here for the elixirs' affair.

"Xue Ke, what is going on?" The great elder asked.

Xue Ke was the deacon.

At this moment, Xue Ke pondered over this matter quickly and weighed its merits and drawbacks.

"Elder, this guy ran over to me, and said that he wanted to meet the faction master, while he still stated that he's acquainted with the faction master."

"I obviously won't disturb the elders for such a trifling matter, and that was why I rejected it. But who would have expected that he will try to bribe me, and this is an insult to my character."

"I was infuriated and couldn't keep my anger. This is why I attacked him, but he unexpectedly still tried to fight back and even shot the palace with his arrow, which turned into its current state," Xue Ke spoke righteously, and brazenly lied about this matter. His face didn't become flushed, nor did his heart rate quicken as he put on a shameless act.

However, none could find any faults in his words, while when he spoke with Jiang Chen with a sound transmission, he didn't say anything clearly, and he just gave Jiang Chen a hidden suggestion.

This was why it was no wonder that he was so confident and fearless.

"What nonsense! You have slandered the Heavenly Palace's Master so much that he seemed like someone else, didn't he?"

What none had expected was that elder Bai Lizhan scolded the deacon angrily.

"Elder?" Xue Ke was confused and was at a loss.

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    《The Brilliant Fighting Master》