The Brilliant Fighting Master
1453 The Celestial Palace“s Pligh
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1453 The Celestial Palace“s Pligh

The deacon was quite robust, and he wore combat clothes that revealed the outline of his muscles. He had a pair of bright eyes full of expression that shone brightly.

"If any random person came over to meet the faction master, I will have to go inside to inform them? Zhi Ruo, you are too insensible," the deacon rebuked Zhi Ruo, before he walked toward Jiang Chen, while he released his overbearing aura.

"You have said that you know the faction master. But who can testify for it? If I have gone inside to notify the elders, and it was just a misunderstanding, I will be in great trouble, won't I?"

The deacon moved his lips and stated words that none could hear. He had used a sound transmission, and it was only Jiang Chen alone who could hear him.

Jiang Chen understood tacitly what he wanted. He took out a pile of spirit crystals from his Spirit Storage Artifact and handed them over to the man stealthily.

"Spirit crystals?" The deacon's eyes lit up. He didn't expect that Jiang Chen was so clever!

The deacon took them quickly, and put them in his sleeves, while he revealed a pensive look.

All of a sudden, surprise and anger appeared on the deacon's face, and he shouted, "Are you insulting me?"

The deacon's voice was thunderous, and the other people in the palace were alerted. They all looked over here.

"I'm Ling Long Celestial Palace's deacon, and this is disrespect to the whole Ling Long Celestial Palace," as the deacon spoke, he extended his right-hand onward.

The deacon's fingers possessed vigorous power that turned his hand into a sharp claw as firm as steel.

Jiang Chen raised his brow because he was puzzled by this.

Since this guy could become a deacon, he was obviously a Martial Saint, and Jiang Chen could only use the Invincible Golden Body and move back quickly.

The deacon didn't plan to take Jiang Chen's life, and he just wanted to bring him under control to imprison him in the dungeon. As for a reason behind this, it was that he discerned that since Jiang Chen could take out a large number of spirit crystals casually, his Spirit Storage Artifact surely had a mountain-like big pile of spirit crystals.

Spirit crystals were more precious than yuan-stones and spirit stones by much, and they were also beneficial to martial-grade experts.

The deacon was confident in himself and didn't expect that Jiang Chen, who faced his sharp claw, managed to depend upon the claw's power to propel himself out of the palace.

A Martial Saint's attack had only managed to let this person sustain light injuries.

The deacon was taken aback, and his expression became ice-cold. He didn't believe that a Martial Emperor could do anything while facing him. He tapped the ground with the tip of his foot, and he turned into a blur, as he pursued Jiang Chen, and left the palace.

The crowd in the palace exchanged a glance. They were all confused by this!

Zhi Ruo became slightly anxious. She didn't expect that this matter would develop like this.

Jiang Chen moved back into the outside of the place, before he flew up, and looked coldly at the person that came out to pursue him.

"You shouldn't be too greedy, and you should behave with integrity," Jiang Chen said.

"What a joke!" The deacon wore a disdainful look across his face.

As a matter of fact, he had never considered reporting Jiang Chen's matter, and he just wanted to use such a method to deceive Jiang Chen, and take some fees, before sending him away.

However, who would have known that Jiang Chen was so rich? He couldn't blame him for being so vicious.

Before the man joined Ling Long Celestial Palace, he was a loner who wandered between Independent Realms, and what people didn't know what that sometimes he would act like a robber, and kill people and steal their treasures.

The deacon depended upon his outstanding power to become Ling Long Celestial Palace's deacon, and he was high-spirited and full of mettle. He wielded great power able to decide the fate of more than a thousand people, while the Celestial Palace's young and beautiful disciples were all willing to serve him in bed.

Everyone was greedy and insatiable, and that was why the deacon couldn't help but become arrogant and proud of himself.

The deacon didn't know anything about Jiang Chen, but he also didn't care about this matter because he was someone whose words decided everything in Ling Long Celestial Palace, and at this moment, the three great elders in the isolated room still didn't detect what had happened.

The reason behind this was that a barrier was set in the isolated room, and it was set to prevent people from disturbing them.

"We still can't solve the elixirs' issue."

"Even the Independent Realm's alchemist factions aren't willing to cooperate with us."

Two great white-haired elders were wearing an anxious look, and they were both distressed due to the greatest issue they were facing currently.

A great faction consumed a large number of elixirs, and that was why factions would recruit alchemists or train their own alchemists. But despite this, it would still be difficult for them to achieve self-sufficiency, and they would have to make deals with alchemist organizations.

Common alchemist organizations would always offer bulk prices while making deals with a great faction, but Ling Long Celestial Palace didn't get to enjoy such treatment, while they also couldn't train their own alchemists, nor recruit other ones.

Moreover, if they went to buy elixirs, they would have to pay a hefty price.

"This is a show of the three great factions' dominance, while our faction master wanted to end the three great factions' dominance over all kinds of fields."

The great elders' leader was a white-haired old man sitting in the middle. He was vigorous and spirited, while his eyes were clear and didn't seem muddy.

The three elders also hated the three great factions' systems, and they stayed away from them.

The person sitting at the left-side was wearing blue-clothes, while his hair was combed well, and his aura was restrained. It seemed like he had an air of transcendence. His name was Yun Yinzi, and he always shunned the world and focused on his training.

As for the one on the right side, he had a robust body and still donned armor despite his old age. It was like he would fight at any moment.

The elder's name was Bai Lizhan, and he was the doyen of a declining family that was ruled by the Martial God Palace. But later, he couldn't stand the rules any longer, and he disbanded the familial faction before he started keeping to himself and traveling alone. He would frequently visit dangerous lands.

The reason why he joined Ling Long Celestial Palace was that while he traveled and trained in Heavenly Punishment Plain, he found himself in dire straits, and it was then that Venerable Hong Yun started fighting, and saved his life inadvertently. This was why he joined Ling Long Celestial Palace willingly.

"Great elder, the faction master's plan is too ideal. But if we can't solve the elixirs' issue, Ling Long Celestial Palace won't go far," Yun Yinzi said.

"Why don't, why don't we forcefully invite some alchemists here?" Bai Lizhan's eyes lit up, and he stressed the word 'invite'.

"Do you want Ling Long Celestial Palace to be attacked by everyone?" The great elder obviously rejected such an absurd idea.

If they attacked alchemists, the three great factions would probably get a good excuse to rally everyone to deal with Ling Long Celestial Palace.

"I have an idea. The three great factions have great influence over the Divine Martial Arts Realm and the Seventh Realm. But their influence over the Realms below them is quite low."

The great elder said, "We can invite over the lower Realms alchemist."

"Great elder, the realms below the Seventh Realm are the Three Middle Realms, and it's a place where even a Martial Emperor can run amok. What kind of good alchemist is there?" Bai Lizhan disapproved of such an idea.

The great elder chuckled bitterly. He was aware of this matter, but this was the only feasible solution.

"Wait!" Yun Yinzi unexpectedly had a great reaction, and he extended his hand into his Spirit Storage artifacts. He took two elixirs and handed them over to the other two people.

"Well? Why does this elixir have the black and yellow gas? That isn't right. It still improved the function of the black and yellow gas."

Bai Lizhan quickly discerned what was unusual about this elixir. "Elder Yun, where did you get it?"

"Now, many Independent Realms are going crazy over this type of elixir, and it's one of my friends in the Sacred Light Realm that had sent it to me. It's Black Yellow Elixir, and it was made by a Seventh Realm's faction," Yun Yinzi said.

"The Seventh Realm? It's thoroughly controlled and ruled by the three great factions' academies." Bai Lizhan was disheartened.

"It isn't the case. The reason why Black Yellow Elixirs are circulating only among Independent Realms, and not the Divine Martial Arts Realm is that said faction is crowded out by the great factions because it had disrupted their absolute rule over the Seventh Realm."

As Yun Yinzi spoke, he became more excited, and he said, "I have still heard that this faction doesn't just have Black Yellow Elixir, it also has all kinds of Immortal Elixirs."

"Hurry up! What faction is it?" The eyes of the great elder and Bai Lizhan shone brightly. This was a glimmer of hope for solving their plight.

"It's the Heavenly Palace."

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    《The Brilliant Fighting Master》