The Brilliant Fighting Master
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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The people who came to Ling Long Celestial Palace recently had two objectives, challenging the Celestial Palace's disciples, or becoming one of its disciples.

It wasn't like there wasn't anyone like Jiang Chen who wanted to meet the faction's master. But everyone that was qualified to do so was a famous expert, while they had done so just because they couldn't accept Venerable Hong Yun, and they came over to challenge her.

All those people had the same outcome, and it didn't matter what kind of expert they were, as when they faced the divine might of the faction master, they all could only flee with their tails between their legs.

Jiang Chen was a late-stage Martial Emperor and was just twenty-four or twenty-five years old. He was different from the experts who came to raise a challenge.

Moreover, he still said that he was acquainted with the faction master, and this was a strange matter. None knew from where Venerable Hong Yun had come from. She had appeared suddenly out of nowhere and amazed everyone with a single brilliant feat.

They only knew Venerable Hong Yun's great power, and none knew anything about her past or her relatives. It was like she appeared out of thin air, and she seemed quite mysterious.

Zhi Ruo started hesitating. If it was someone else in her stead, he would have assumed that Jiang Chen was cracking a joke, but Zhi Ruo felt like Jiang Chen was serious.

"I will first bring you to meet an elder," Zhi Ruo spoke after she hesitated for a while.

The thin youth next to them was surprised, and he didn't expect that his older sister would believe such absurd claims. He wanted to say something about this matter, but he just gave up on such an idea.

Afterward, Jiang Chen followed Zhi Ruo and entered through the mountain's main gate.

"I know that it seems too ridiculous, but please believe me." Jiang Chen noticed that Zhi Ruo was restless, and that was why he spoke to prove it to her.

Upon hearing this, Zhi Ruo didn't gloss over this matter any longer, and she asked, "Why are you looking for the faction master?"

"It's to save someone," Jiang Chen replied honestly.

"Does the faction master know you?" Zhi Ruo spoke once again.

Jiang Chen had said that he knew Venerable Hong Yun, but this didn't mean that Venerable Hong Yun knew him.

Zhi Ruo didn't want this matter to turn into a farce.

"That is right," Jiang Chen said.

"Fine, let's go then."

If they walked until the mountains' depths, they would need to spend a whole day and night, and they obviously wouldn't take such an action. They both soared up and turned into two luminous arcs that flew among the mountains.

They had managed to reach the mountains' depths in several minutes, and Jiang Chen felt then plentiful spiritual energy as well as thick clouds and mist. Many dazzling palaces were faintly discernible among the clouds and mists, and they seemed illusory.

Moreover, one could still see the Celestial Palace's disciples from time to time.

"I didn't expect that Ling Long Celestial Palace already reached such a great scale," Jiang Chen sighed with emotion and spoke.

This matter demonstrated clearly the importance of individual power.

Jiang Chen depended upon five great saints, the Creation Divine Tree, the Devil Slaughter Tower, and a great formation to make a place for himself in the Seventh Realm.

But Venerable Hong Yun depended solely on her own power to resist the three great factions' pressure, and her Ling Long Celestial Palace's power had already surpassed the Heavenly Palace greatly.

However, one of them was established in the Seventh Realm, while the other was in the Eighth Realm, and they shouldn't be compared to each other.

Jiang Chen was just sighing with awe of Ling Long Celestial Palace's great means.

"The faction master didn't just bring with her lost techniques. She also brought with her resources and many opportunities."

When Zhi Ruo saw Jiang Chen's expression, she revealed a proud look, and she spoke about the faction master respectfully.

Jiang Chen nodded at her. He was aware that what she said was true.

The word 'dangerous' wasn't enough to describe a forbidden land, as even Martial Saint Realm's experts would die in it. But it was also due to this that it wasn't explored and exploited recklessly.

None could take the forbidden land's rich resources, and since none was disturbing this land, many immortal herbs or even divine herbs could grow here.

Experts whose lifespan reached its end could be seen from time to time, entering a forbidden land to seek hope for survival.

When Venerable Hong Yun changed this land's name from Heavenly Punishment Plain to Heavenly Awakening Plain, she didn't just get rid of any danger here, she still collected all resources in the forbidden land and stored them in Tiger-Dragon Mountain Range.

The Divine Martial Arts Realm was like the Seventh Realm, and its three great factions existed for several hundred years. They had a firm foundation and base, and their statues were stable and secure.

The reason behind this was people with exceptional talent couldn't rival those who could reincarnate, and this matter could be clearly discerned through the three rank groups, as most of its experts were from the three great factions.

The Sovereign Spirit Palace had eight great palaces affiliated to it, while the Martial God Palace had a manor, two sword lands, three sects, four families, five schools, and six other factions.

As for the Xia Clan, it had thirty-six vassal states.

A certain matter was apparent on every faction. If a faction had two talented people, and limited resources, it would choose one of them to ensure they would get a talented expert rather than two mediocre people.

But Ling Long Celestial Palace got over such an issue, and the number of its disciples surpassed a thousand in a short time, while it also had several hundred elders.


When they approached the nine peaks, Jiang Chen figured out where the issue was.

At this moment, many people from all of the world's lands gathered in Ling Long Celestial Palace, and they all didn't know each other even though they belonged to a single great faction. This was why it was unavoidable that this place would seem in disorder.

"The faction master is a single person, and she isn't able to test every disciple and elder one by one. This was why she used an elimination tactic."

"From time to time, there will be people kicked out," Zhi Ruo said.

Jiang Chen noticed a certain detail, and it was that a badge was hung on Zhi Ruo's waist, and it was something, which the disciples in the plaza for receiving guests didn't have.

At first, Jiang Chen assumed that it was because of their Realm Level's disparity. But after he reached the nine peaks, he realized that some people at the Martial Emperor Realm who wore white clothes also didn't have a badge.

Moreover, the people who had a badge were composed and calm, while the other members who didn't have one wore an anxious look.

"It's only after getting a badge can one be considered a formal disciple of the Ling Long Celestial Palace, is that right?" Jiang Chen said.

"That's right. If one had a badge, then even an elder can't kick him out at will."

"Moreover, the faction master has still said previously that unless one committed an unforgivable mistake, then even he won't kick out someone without a valid reason."

Upon hearing this, Jiang Chen couldn't help but praise Venerable Hong Yun inwardly for her wisdom. She had used an effective method, which would spare her a lot of trouble.

"We have reached it!"

While the two people were speaking, they landed on a peak's plaza, and they entered a magnificent palace.

The palace's gate was wide open, and people would frequently enter and leave it. It was so bustling that it seemed like a food market.

"Several thousand people are gathered in this mountain, and managing it isn't any easier than managing a whole nation."

Jiang Chen and Zhi Ruo walked around in the palace and went to the room in its deepest region. This room was isolated from the others, and three middle-aged men in their fifties could be faintly seen sitting here. They were bustling here!

There was someone standing outside the room, and it was a sturdy and vigorous middle-aged man.

After Jiang Chen observed this place for a while, he discerned something odd. The three old men in the room should be great elders that wielded great power, and they were busy dealing with important matters.

If other people had something to report, they must first go through the middle-aged man here, and it was he who would consider every matter, and decide whether he should go inside to report it.

This place seemed like a dynasty, and it was only important matters which would be first handed over to the government, and after the government dealt with them, it would hand them over to the emperor.

This was how most factions dealt with everything, and there was only a little difference between them.

The Ling Long Celestial Palace was founded recently and was in its initial stage. This was why they had many matters to handle, and this matter could be discerned through observing this place.

The great elders of factions with a functioning system were all idle and relaxed.

"Deacon, I have something to report," Zhi Ruo walked toward the middle-aged man and spoke in a soft voice.

After the middle-aged man listened to her for a while, his expression changed drastically, and he looked at Jiang Chen with his sharp gaze.

"You are acting willfully," The middle-aged man didn't give this matter any consideration, and he shouted angrily.


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