The Brilliant Fighting Master
1450 The Devilish Genius Who Broke the Three Ranks Groups“ Rules
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1450 The Devilish Genius Who Broke the Three Ranks Groups“ Rules

"Instantaneous Murder of Metal!"

Since this technique had the word 'instantaneous' in it, it was obvious it would build up power in just an instant.

Jiang Chen had first used the Metal Rule, which let the sword become so sharp that it could penetrate everything, and just after this, he merged two hundred wisps of Du Tian Divine Lightning with the sword.

Its power erupted out in an instant, and it was then that the Swiftness Concept's power fused with it.

As a swooshing sound echoed, the sword flew along with its wielder, and they were so fast that they didn't leave any trails behind.

Chen Dong was already on guard earlier, and it was at this moment that he used a blade technique.

"Blue Moon Return!"

Chen Dong waved his blade, and even though his technique seemed like a powerful attack, this was a defensive technique. The blade beams circled around his body, and they formed a tight defense.

"He's on guard," Nie Feng, and the others who knew the Divine Blade Manor well couldn't help but speak.

Blue Moon Return was a blade technique, which possessed great defensive power, and since Chen Dong activated his Protective Dipper Energy before using the technique, it could be said that there wasn't any gap left in his defense.

One could only attack him head-on.

Jiang Chen was at a disadvantage when it came to Realm Level, and it was unknown how his sword move was. Even if Jiang Chen managed to get the upper hand, and inflicted light injuries upon Chen Dong, it would still be Jiang Chen who would be disgraced due to his previous bold statement.

However, Jiang Chen's sword reached its target before the crowd finished discussing this matter, and coming up with a conclusion. The sword went straight at its target, and it didn't try to look for an opening.

"Oh, my God!"

Chen Dong, who faced the attack's brunt, felt a destructive aura assaulting him.

Jiang Chen's sword move was swift and too sharp. But this was only what was apparent on the surface, as it was the explosive and destructive force hidden within it that was the most terrifying.

The Lightning Rule and Metal Rule's great power were merged with this sword technique.

When the sword just came in contact with the blades beams, it shone brightly, while thunder rolls echoed. It seemed like a rainbow penetrating the sun, and Chen Dong's blade beams and Protective Dipper Energy couldn't block it.

Chen Dong discovered that he could only close his eyes and accept his death. His line of sight was filled with just the dazzling energy, while he also lost control of his body.

When Chen Dong descended into despair, he felt a tingling pain from his right hand, and he left out a miserable scream like Shi Ganglie.

In other people's eyes, when the sword came in contact with its target, it didn't contend against him at all. Jiang Chen penetrated him directly and destroyed his defense.

When the crowd detected the power of the remaining sword beam, they all assumed that Chen Dong died, and a big hole was probably made in his chest.

Yao Ying's expression changed once again, and she went over there.

It was fortunate that Chen Dong's life force was still vigorous. But his left hand's index and ring fingers were cut off, and they were dripping with blood.

"Next time, it won't end up with this." Jiang Chen sheathed his sword and flew down toward the city.


What none had expected was that Yao Ying asked Jiang Chen to stop, and she spoke angrily, "Aren't you too vicious? It's just a duel, yet you have broken his fingers?"

"Do you think that it's excessive? Why don't you ask the people here whether they think that it's excessive?" Jiang Chen spoke in mockery.

The crowd still didn't come back to their senses, and they were still immersed in Jiang Chen's previous sword move. But when they heard such a dialogue, they started whispering to each other.

"His situation is better than Shi Ganglie, who lost his arm."

"That is right. Moreover, one must still think again about what Chen Dong had said at the beginning. It was obvious that he wanted to trample on his opponent because his Realm Level was lower than him."

"It's his left hand's fingers which were cut off, and it isn't his right hand. Chen Dong's career as a blade wielder wasn't ruined."

The crowd didn't need to bicker over this matter, and they quickly came up with an answer. If Jiang Chen's actions were excessive, then most martial-grade experts would be considered ruthless and merciless people.

"If I let you leave today, won't our divine Blade Manor be disgraced?" Yao Ying didn't care about so many matters.

"Hahaha, I have treated him leniently. Yet, you are acting like this. What? Do you think that I don't dare to kill him because I'm afraid of you?"

"I will shatter your laughable ego and pride."

After Jiang Chen spoke, he pounced at Yao Ying.

The crowd noticed that Jiang Chen didn't pull out his sword, and he attacked empty-handed like Shi Ganglie. He advanced forward courageously.

Yao Ying's eyes shone in an ice-cold glint, and she pulled out her blade decisively, while a bone-chilling Blade Energy emanated from it.

However, Yao Ying's expression changed drastically before she even used a blade technique, and this wasn't the case for her alone, as everyone here was stunned.

A boundless draconic aura emanated from Jiang Chen's body and engulfed the whole Heavenly Awakening City. It wasn't limited to just this, as thunder rolls echoed from his body, while a boundless power surged out of it.


Jiang Chen thrust his fist. Its might was shocking, and Yao Ying was sent flying by it even though it still didn't touch her.

Just after this, Jiang Chen left out several punches repeatedly, and he seemed like a prehistoric beast that possessed power great enough to damage the whole world, while Yao Ying seemed like a helplessly fallen leaf among the wind. She couldn't put any resistance, and she was tossed around from side to side.

"Dragon Punch! It's the Dragon Punch!"

Someone finally discerned some clues, and he cried out involuntarily.

"It isn't possible, is it?"

At this moment, the expression of the Nie family's two siblings became odd, and they both thought about their discussion with Jiang Chen. They both felt embarrassed for an unknown reason, and they wished just to bury themselves in the ground

In the end, it was still them who were as blind as a bat, and who were overbearing bullies.

At this moment, Yao Ying finally managed to regain her balance reluctantly, and her pretty face was filled with confusion and fright.

All of a sudden, a big fist was waved at her face, and as Yao Ying detected its might, she felt like her head would be shortly destroyed by it.

But it was fortunate that the fist came to a stop when there was still half a meter between it and her face. But the fist's wind still destroyed her Protective Dipper Energy and tore apart her outer clothes.

"Now, what do you want to do?" Jiang Chen stopped using the Black Dragon Punch, while his gaze became as sharp as a sword, and he glared at Yao Ying.

The haughty and arrogant Yao Ying didn't know what she should say. It turned out that she wasn't qualified to take revenge for Chen Dong, while Chen Dong was lucky to lose just two fingers in this ordeal.

If Jiang Chen was a ruthless person, Chen Dong would have already died.

"We admit defeat!" Chen Dong was afraid that Yao Ying would suffer a mishap, and that was why he came over and shouted loudly.

Jiang Chen snorted coldly and turned around to leave. He went toward Princess Keer and Princess Diao Yang.

The two women immediately became this land's focal point. They both felt exhilarated due to this, and their pupils expanded up from excitement.

"Brother Jiang..."

After Nie Feng gave this affair a long consideration, he decided to brace himself and came over. But Jiang Chen didn't spare even a glance, and he left along with the two women.

Nie Feng extended his hand awkwardly before he shook his head helplessly. He was aware that he couldn't blame someone else for this.

"Big brother." Nie Meng became nervous like a little child who made a mistake. It was her, who acted the most insolently out of them, and she talked to Jiang Chen maliciously.

"Wait until tomorrow, before you go to apologize to him."

It seemed from the current outcome that it was the Spirit Sword Mountain's five heroes who were mistaken, and they made a grave mistake.

"He's strong, strong to an outrageous level."

The spectators came back to their senses, and they all waved their hands while cheering. They were quite excited!

Jiang Chen broke Chen Dong's defense with a single sword strike, and just one casual punch from him left Yao Ying unable to fight back.

If Jiang Chen was a Martial Saint, they wouldn't have been so stunned, but he was just a late-stage Martial Emperor, and his Realm Level was lower than the other two people.

"It seems like a person who can break the three rank groups' system appeared."

People expected long ago that someone among the three rank groups' system would manage to challenge people at a higher Realm Level, and the person who could achieve such a feat was a genius among geniuses, a true devilish genius.

Now, what those people wanted to know was just a single matter, Jiang Chen's identity. Who was this guy, and where did he come from?

It was a pity that none dared to go over to Jiang Chen and bother him.

The Spirit Sword Mountain's five heroes had a chance to get to know such a matter, but they missed such an opportunity.


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