The Brilliant Fighting Master
1449 Take My Sword Strike
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1449 Take My Sword Strike

At this moment, this whole place descended into silence, and the crowd, who just wanted to watch such a fun show, were startled.

If Shi Ganglie's cry wasn't so deafening, they might have even suspected what they had just seen.

"Impossible!" The expression of Yao Ying, who was in Fengyun Tower, changed drastically.

However, it was fortunate that there wasn't anyone in the tower, and none got to see such a sight.

The one who had the most intense reaction was Chen Dong, and he managed to see everything more clearly than the others because he was near them.

"Lightning Rule? Lightning's Penetrative Will? How is it possible for them to exist?"

Chen Dong also couldn't believe this matter like Yao Ying. The previous sword strike seemed simple. Yet, it had principles as profound as the whole world.

One didn't need to mention the Metal Rule for now, as it wasn't anything unusual for swordsmen, but once the Lightning Rule was added to it, metallic lightning that possessed a divine might was formed. This wasn't a feat achievable by normal people.

Moreover, it still had a Supreme Will, and they all fused together to form such a terrifying sword strike.

According to his conjecture, Jiang Chen didn't just have Lightning Rule, he still reached its Bright Realm, and the divine lightning possessed by him was the strongest Heavenly Punishment Divine Lightning, which was also called Du Tian Divine Lightning.

It wasn't strange for Shi Ganglie to have such an end after suffering such a sword strike, but the reason why the crowd was shocked was that they wondered how did Jiang Chen manage to achieve it.

"The Metal Rule will provide him the sword with a sharp trait, but it will still lack speed. However, the previous sword move is as fast as lightning and didn't leave any trails behind. This is impossible."

The Divine Blade Manor's members were shocked by a certain matter, while the Spirit Sword Mountain's five members were shocked by a different matter.

The Spirit Sword Mountain's five members were also swordsmen, but they also couldn't see-through Jiang Chen's sword move.

"Did he achieve what our master stated, and did he learn the formless Swiftness Concept," Nie Feng made a guess.

"It's impossible! It's only achievable through practicing an Extreme Martial Technique," when Nie Meng just blurted out such words, her heart shuddered, and she said, "Big brother, do you think that he has an Extreme Martial Technique?"

"It's possible. It isn't easy to depend upon one's sword to break the three rank groups' system." When Nie Feng just stated such words, regrets welled up in his heart.

If both sides didn't come into a disagreement, it would have still been possible to sit down later and talk about the Sword Doctrine. Pieces of information about this matter were even more precious than the Dragon Punch.

Returning to the main topic, after Shi Ganglie stopped screaming miserably, he quickly caught his cut-off arm.

"It's a small world, and it's only mountains that will never meet again. Wait for me!" Shi Ganglie left behind such meaningless fierce words before he fled far away.

Shi Ganglie was so anxious, and it was obvious that he wanted to connect back his cut-off arm.

Jiang Chen didn't chase after Shi Ganglie. If he really wanted to kill Shi Ganglie, the previous sword strike would have already taken his life.

"Now, it's your turn. The person, who pretended that he's a dragon, won't disappoint you." Jiang Chen still didn't forget his main objective, and his sharp eyes looked at Chen Dong, whose expression became grave.

When the crowd heard Jiang Chen mentioning the matter about pretending to be a dragon, they realized that this was just Chen Dong's malicious slander.

Jiang Chen could defeat Shi Ganglie with a single sword strike even though he was just a late-stage Martial Emperor, and such a matter was enough to let him get a status nobler than a dragon.

"Now, it's Chen Dong who ran into trouble."

"This person was always arrogant and aggressive and was so haughty because he possessed great blade techniques. But today, he ran into his bane."

The crowd's discussion topic changed, and it was now Chen Dong's turn to experience how it felt to be despised.


An ice-cold blade beam flew from Fengyun Tower, and it streaked between Jiang Chen and Chen Dong. It was done by Yao Ying!

Yao Ying's power was greater than Chen Dong, and she was among the best experts in the first rank group.

"What? Will you hide behind a woman's back?" Jiang Chen got a brilliant idea. Since this loathsome guy was always speaking arrogantly in mockery, he should do the same to him.

"You!" Chen Dong flew into a rage, and he was so infuriated that he wanted to stride forward. But he was obstructed by Yao Ying, who stretched her hand.

"We have misjudged you. So just drop this matter," Yao Ying said. She wasn't discussing this matter with Jiang Chen, and it seemed like she was speaking in an unquestionable tone like Chen Dong.

"He has already missed his chance to apologize," Jiang Chen sneered coldly.

"We have given you an inch, yet you want a mile?" Yao Ying's put her fair hand on her blade's sheath, while a great Sword Spirit came out of it.

"Unreasonable." Jiang Chen curled his mouth and spoke strangely. "It doesn't matter whether you fight or not, as in any case, he can't run away."

"What do you want to do?"

Yao Ying didn't want to show weakness since they were in front of a large crowd.

Jiang Chen pondered over this matter for a moment, and said with a faint smile, "He should block my sword move."

"Is it just this?" Chen Dong was surprised. But he quickly thought about Shi Ganglie's end, and his arm tingled with faint pain.

However, Chen Dong wasn't a half-monster, and he wouldn't depend on his fleshly body and attack empty-handed. His Doctrine Artifact-grade long blade could block any swords.

It was especially the case since he was already on guard, and had a Realm Level's advantage. He didn't believe that Jiang Chen could harm him, and at most, he would suffer light injuries.

Thereupon, Chen Dong nodded at Yao Ying and expressed that he could still do this.

Yao Ying quieted for a moment. She was worried about Chen Dong, but if she obstructed him forcefully from fighting, she would disgrace him thoroughly.

"Big brother, what do you think about this?"

Unlike a while ago, Nie Meng was full of expectations for the confrontation.

"Chen Dong is stronger than Shi Ganglie by much, and he won't attack without holding anything back like Shi Ganglie." Nie Feng was a swordsman, and he analyzed this matter earnestly, "Moreover, Chen Dong needs to block just a single sword move. Jiang Chen was too careless!"

"I also have the same opinion. He didn't know Chen Dong at the beginning, and he doesn't know anything about him. He didn't give thorough consideration to this matter before letting out such bold words."

The two siblings' discussion also expressed other people's thoughts. It would be difficult for Jiang Chen to harm Chen Dong with a single sword move.

Moreover, Chen Dong still had a Realm Level's advantage, and even though Jiang Chen could break the three rank groups' system, its principles were still effective against him.

Chen Dong wasn't an ordinary apex Martial Emperor, and he was an excellent disciple of the Spirit Sword Mountain. Just this matter alone was outstanding.

"Big sister, does Jiang Chen want to use the same sword move like yesterday?"

"It should be the case. He wants to use Chen Dong to test his sword move."

"He's really brimming with confidence."

Princess Keer and Princess Diao Yang were also discussing this matter, and they understood more about it than other people.

Jiang Chen just managed to finish practicing his sword move on the previous day, and Chen Dong would be the first person to suffer it.

Moreover, it would still happen in front of such a large crowd, and that was why the two sisters found Jiang Chen too daring and bold.

"Come over, and let me see what you are capable of." Chen Dong still wasn't willing to admit his mistake, and after he gave consideration to this matter, he felt like he wouldn't suffer any issue.

Chen Dong took out his blade before Jiang Chen started using his sword move, and he engulfed his body with Protective Dipper Energy.

Chen Dong's Protective Dipper Energy wasn't circular like other people, and it had fused along with his Blade Energy, which let the Protective Dipper Energy get sharp corners, and made it seem like an armor worn by Chen Dong.

"It seems like Chen Dong will focus his power wholly on defense."

"That is right. This is the most appropriate measure."

"I wonder what will this person show us?"

A while ago, the crowd looked down upon Jiang Chen, and that was why they didn't manage to clearly see how he defeated Shi Ganglie.

But this time, they looked attentively at him, and they didn't want to miss any little detail.

Jiang Chen curled the corners of his mouth while still holding the Heavenly Fault Sword. If he used the Immeasurable Ruler, he would be just bullying his opponent.

It was really like what the two princesses thought, Jiang Chen planned to use the sword move he practiced on the previous day. It was a technique similar to the move he used to defeat Shi Ganglie, but its might was greater by several ten folds.

If Chen Dong was aware of this matter, it would be unknown whether he would still be able to laugh.


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