The Brilliant Fighting Master
1447 Awkwardness
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1447 Awkwardness

Heavenly Awakening City. Those three words were written with bold cursive, and they had a forceful air. It seemed like every word contained a great aura able to devour the whole world, and it was obvious that they were written here by Venerable Hong Yun.

If someone harbored hostility to this city, the three worlds would inflict great damage upon his mind.

Construction Puppets could be seen bustling everywhere in the city. The main streets had a curved shape, and buildings were only built on the curve's corners.

Nie Feng had a clear goal, and he brought Jiang Chen and his two companions with him. They flew to the southern region.

After a short while, Jiang Chen got to see a majestic tall building. Before one got to notice the building's beauty, he would discover that the whole building unexpectedly condensed a worldly aura, which let this hundred-meter-tall building seem like a divine king.

Jiang Chen was aware that constructing such a building wasn't an easy feat.

"Fengyun Tower."

Diao Yang and Keer recognized this building, and their expression changed several times. As long as one was from the Divine Martial Arts Realm, he would know this building because such an outstanding tall building was present in all of Divine Martial Arts Realm's great cities.

The building's name was Fengyun Tower, and it was prepared specially for the three rank groups' geniuses. Being able to enter Fengyun Tower was already a symbol representing one's status, and it represented that one was a talented expert.

There was a Fengyun Tower in the royal capital, where Keer and Diao Yang lived. But they still didn't get the right to enter it even a single time so far, and it seemed like Nie Feng wanted to bring them inside.

Diao Yang really wanted to ask him whether he was serious. Fengyun Tower was a symbol representing one's status, and the people able to frequent it were obviously allowed to bring their friends into it.

However, all geniuses cared about their fame, and they wouldn't casually bring someone into it, and let themselves become a joke. This was especially the case for the Spirit Sword Mountain's five heroes, and people as proud as them rarely brought people with them.

However, it seemed like Nie Feng didn't have the least bit of hesitation, and he brought the three people inside the tower calmly.

"I didn't expect that Heavenly Awakening City will get a Fengyun Tower so quickly."

"This is also a sort of recognition of Venerable Hong Yun."

Fengyun Tower was newly built, and that was there were only a few people inside it.

But after the five heroes came here, a commotion arose here, and their team walked into the highest floor before many envious gazes.

Their group had eight people, and it was obvious that a single table wasn't enough for them.

Nie Feng and his pretty female companion pulled Jiang Chen, and sat with him, while the two sisters sat with the other three people at a different table.

"I have heard that the Dragon Clan's Dragon Punch Technique is on a par with an Extreme Martial Technique, and I wonder whether such a statement is true?"

After they just sat down, the pretty woman questioned Jiang Chen impatiently. She was Nie Feng's little sister, Nie Meng.

"Huh, it could be said that it's the case. Although, the Dragon Punch shouldn't be considered a martial technique, cultivation technique's category fits it better," Jiang Chen replied earnestly.

The Dragon Punch was a mystical skill that was able to help a dragon release its body's great power, and since Jiang Chen got the chance to learn the Black Dragon Punch, he got many insights about this matter.

Upon hearing this, the two siblings exchanged a glance, and excitement was apparent on their faces. Everyone said that dragons were haughty, and it wasn't easy to interact with them. Even if people traveled with them, they would still feel like they were separated from them by a thousand miles.

They didn't expect that Jiang Chen was completely different.

"The fist techniques of different Dragon Clans should have different principles, is it the case?" Nie Feng asked curiously.

"That is right, the Golden Dragon Punch was paramount, while the Fire Dragon Punch is berserk and frantic. As for the Black Dragon Punch, it's tyrannical." Jiang Chen nodded and didn't keep anything from them.

Nie Meng's eyes lit up. "Senior brother Jiang, why don't you have a duel against my big brother?"

Nie Feng was also tempted by this. All genius experts were combative, and that was why he said, "But if brother Jiang used his whole power, it won't be possible to have a fight."

If Jiang Chen revealed his True Dragon Body, the battle's outcome wouldn't have any suspense.

While if Jiang Chen didn't transform, Nie Feng might end up defeating him, and this would damage their good relationship.

At this moment, Jiang Chen found this matter weird and realized that those two siblings had probably misunderstood something. But before Jiang Chen could explain anything, the sound of a footstep echoed from the staircase.

Everyone who could come to this floor was anything but simple. The crowd stopped chatting and looked over there. Three black-clothed people quickly walked over, and they were all apex Martial Emperors. They were talented experts in the first rank's group!

There were two men and one woman, and one of them was walking along with the woman shoulder to shoulder, while the other man was following them.

"Chen Dong and Yan Ying."

"The Divine Blade Manor's disciples."

The expression of the Spirit Sword Mountain's five heroes became unsightly, and it was obvious that they were on bad terms with those people. One side used the sword, while the other used the blade, and such a conflict wasn't a surprising matter.

Swords and blades were opposite to each other, and that was why swordsmen and blade wielders would usually end up becoming enemies.

Chen Dong was the man on the left side. He was tall, upright, and possessed a heroic appearance, as well as a sharp gaze.

Yang Ying was next to him, and she was a beautiful woman. She was clothed in black-clothes, while her face was so white that it could be considered pale, and it seemed like it was made out of ice.

The two people noticed that Spirit Sword Mountain's five heroes, and Jiang Chen and his two companions, were sitting here.

Chen Dong quickly swept his gaze, which was as sharp as a blade, through the crowd, and just after this, he sneered coldly, and said, "Immortals don't assemble with mortals. Spirit Sword Mountain's five heroes, why are you so inconsiderate. Do you want to turn Fengyun Tower into a food market?"

It was obvious that Chen Dong targeted Jiang Chen and his two companions with his words.

"Chen Dong, you are really blind as a bat, and you dare to insult even the Dragon Clan's apex Martial Emperor, don't you?" Duan Lanlan sneered coldly and laughed in mockery.

"The Dragon Clan?"

Chen Dong's gaze fell once again upon Jiang Chen, and his pupils flickered for a moment.

"Hahaha, I have inborn gifted pupils, and he doesn't seem to me like a dragon. Even if you want to cover up your embarrassment, you must still come with more crafty means," Chen Dong spoke and laughed heartily.

"You!" Nie Meng slapped the table, stood up, and glared at Chen Dong angrily. However, she didn't get anxious, as according to the dragons' character, once they were questioned, they would surely deal with the issue by themselves.

"Sirs, you have misunderstood something. I'm not a dragon." Jiang Chen understood what happened, and he transmitted his voice to the two siblings so that he wouldn't embarrass them.


Nie Feng and Nie Meng were surprised, and as they thought about this matter carefully, they realized that they didn't hear Jiang Chen say that he was a dragon.

"What about the Dragon Punch you have talked about a while ago?" Nie Meng felt like she had disgraced herself greatly, and that was why her attitude toward Jiang Chen turned worse.

"Hahaha, interesting, it's really interesting." Chen Dong didn't hear their sound transmission. But after he saw the reaction of the Nie family's siblings, he figured out everything, and he started laughing while holding his belly.

"You have taken a worm for a real dragon. Your Spirit Sword Mountain is really outstanding."

Nie Feng and Nie Meng's faces became ashen, and it was unknown whether they were angry at Chen Dong or Jiang Chen.

"You should speak more respectfully." Jiang Chen's expression also became gloomy, and he faced Chen Dong's arrogant and carefree gaze.

"Just shut up for now."

Chen Dong still didn't say anything, yet Nie Meng had already spoken angrily.

"Senior sister Yang Ying, you didn't expect to run into such an interesting matter today, did you?" Chen Dong said.

Yang Ying curled up the corners of her mouth. She didn't speak, but her implication was clear and obvious.

Just after this, Chen Dong, and his two companions walked toward another table. Even though they mocked the other group, they didn't plan to drive them away because they didn't have such a right.

The expression of the Spirit Sword Mountain's five heroes, who were disgraced, became tense.

"Jiang Chen, when I asked you whether you have come to tour the Divine Martial Arts Realm, why did you say that it's the case?" Nie Feng spoke coldly.

Jiang Chen's smile turned from a warm one into an ice-cold one due to Nie Meng's previous words.

"It's because I have come from the Seventh Realm," Jiang Chen said.

Upon hearing such a reply, Nie Feng almost choked on his saliva.


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