The Brilliant Fighting Master
1446 Spirit Sword Mountain“s Five Heroes
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1446 Spirit Sword Mountain“s Five Heroes

When there were only a thousand meters left until Jiang Chen reached the city, he curbed his sword radiance and floated in the sky. He didn't pay heed to what happened behind him, and he approached the city.

The towering walls that encircled the whole city were made out of Mysterious Iron Stone and were as smooth as a mirror's surface. Time didn't leave great marks on this city like the other ones, and it seemed quite new.

There were many tall buildings erected in the city, and even though most spaces in it were empty without any buildings constructed on them, if one observed the city carefully, he would discover that a good plan was already set in place here.

They were only waiting until the city became more prosperous, and many magnificent buildings would be constructed here quickly.

Jiang Chen looked upward with his gaze. The true Ling Long Celestial Palace was on the great mountain, and a city, as well as a palace, was a great faction's symbol.

What was quite rarely seen was that there wasn't any formation set on the city, and there still weren't any flight restrictions.

The people entering and leaving could just directly fly in the air, and the city's walls ended up becoming a mere decoration.

Jiang Chen didn't enter the city because he was waiting for the sisters, Diao Yang, and Keer. However, the person who rushed over first was obviously Shi Ganglie.

Shi Ganglie managed to recognize Jiang Chen with a single glance, and he wore a wooden expression, while his eyes flickered with emotions. He assumed that Jiang Chen was trying to show off here on purpose and that he wanted to humiliate him.

Shi Ganglie didn't rush into the city, and he just stared at Jiang Chen attentively.

The people that came over later detected Shi Ganglie's hostility, and they all stopped in their tracks.

Jiang Chen was calm and composed as if he didn't notice Shi Ganglie's gaze. Regardless of how Shi Ganglie increased the intensity of the wave of pressure emanating from him, he couldn't affect Jiang Chen.

Shi Ganglie gritted his teeth and fists out of anger. He almost couldn't bear attacking, but he suddenly understood something.

"Shi Ganglie is a half-monster, and possess the Angry Lion's bloodline. He's a king in the Monster Clan, and his wave of pressure can let all myriad of beasts weaker than him shiver with fear."

"Why isn't this guy affected?"

The onlookers were also curious about this matter.

A wave of pressure was formless, and one could only detect it with his senses. But a powerful wave of pressure could affect enemies' minds before the start of the battle, and it could prevent them from using their whole power.

This was especially the case for the outstanding wave of pressure of the Angry Lion, as only a few people among youngsters could bear it.

All of a sudden, Jiang Chen faced Shi Ganglie's gaze and curled up the corners of his mouth to reveal a faint smile.

Before the crowd could figure out what was going on, a world-shaking wave of pressure emanated.


Everyone got to hear a sonorous dragon's roar.

Shi Ganglie's wave of pressure was extinguished, while even his body was affected, and his expression changed repeatedly.


It was at this moment that several youngsters flew over from the eastern city gate. They had both men and women among them, and they all had an outstanding demeanor and were all apex Martial Emperors. Just such a matter alone determined that they were likely talented experts of the first rank's group.

Several people were attracted by the dragon's roar, and they changed their path. They came over here!

"Shi Ganglie?"

Those several people first noticed a golden-haired muscular man, before their gaze was attracted by a white-clothed youth. The youth had an attractive look, and unique temperament, while boundless draconic pressure emanated from his body.

"This person's blood and energy are so powerful!"

"Could it be that he's a dragon?"

"It's likely, such a majestic draconic pressure as well as such a powerful fleshly body can't be faked."

Those people assumed by mistake that Jiang Chen was a dragon, and this was why they weren't surprised by his Realm Level.

"Since when did dragons use swords?"

It wasn't just the people, who came over, that were surprised, as even the people who witnessed the previous sword beam were astounded.

Shi Ganglie came back to his senses, and he was shocked greatly.

"It's a dragon at the Martial Emperor Realm's late-stage, and if he reveals his true body, he will rival someone at the peak of first rank's group."

If a dragon took a humanoid form, he would also get a human's distinctive Realm Level, and he would seem quite weak.

For example, Ao Yue's Realm Level's power wasn't great, but if she took a dragon's form, she would be able to beat anyone at the second rank's group.

The Monster Clan was on bad terms with the Dragon Clan, but Shi Ganglie was only a half-monster and didn't harbor any hatred toward the Dragon Clan. Instead, he revered and adored it like all humans.

Shi Ganglie curbed his aura and flew into the city without taking another look at Jiang Chen.

An uproar arose among the crowd, but they still found this matter reasonable. It was only a true dragon that could let a lion lower its head.

Jiang Chen wasn't aware that people assumed by mistake that he was a dragon, and once he witnessed Shi Ganglie leaving so easily, he was quite surprised.

"Friend, you are a new face here, aren't you? Did you just come to the Divine Martial Arts Realm to travel in it?"

The several people that came from the eastern city gaze exchanged a glance, and they all decided to try to befriend Jiang Chen. This group's leader was a graceful young master with a pretty face who held a folding fan.

The man raised a clever question, and he didn't point out Jiang Chen's status as a dragon. Instead, he took an indirect approach.

"That is right, I have come to take part in the Sovereign Road's trial."

When Jiang Chen witnessed that a cordial look was plastered on the guy's face, he found this matter quite odd. But he still replied politely.

Jiang Chen's unspoken implication was that he came to the Divine Martial Arts Realm from the Seventh Realm, but when the other guy heard him, he assumed that Jiang Chen admitted that he came from the Dragon Realm.

"It turned out that it's like this. I'm Nie Feng, and those are my friends. You can travel with us if you want so that we can look after each other."

Jiang Chen stroked his chin, and he wondered since when he became so popular.

Ha had started his path from the Ninth Heaven Realms, and he always wondered whether he possessed a special ability that incurred people's hatred. Everyone that ran across him would yell at him and try to kill him.

But now, someone treated him so cordially, and he found such a matter quite unrealistic.

Moreover, Nie Feng's power wasn't low, and he could surely get into the first rank's group, while this was also the case for his companions.

"I'm Jiang Chen, and I'm happy to meet you."

Upon hearing this, Nie Feng nodded. He was aware that some dragons would take a human name for their descendants, and he didn't find such a matter strange.

"Brother Jiang, are you waiting for someone?" Nie Feng asked.

"That is right. My two friends are in the rear, so why don't you enter the city ahead of me?" Jiang Chen said.

"It doesn't matter, we will also wait here," Nie Feng said.

At this moment, Jiang Chen was even more surprised, and as he looked at the smiling Nie Feng, he found this matter even more strange.

"Aren't they the Spirit Sword Mountain's five heroes?"

"It's really them. They have also come here."

"Who is this guy? Why is he able to let five heroes wait for him?"

The people in the vicinity were all stunned.

The Spirit Sword Mountain's five heroes referred to Nie Feng and his companions. They were all at the first rank's group and had resounding fame.

Anyone who could walk with them was anything but simple.

After a short while, Diao Yang and Keer appeared in Jiang Chen's life of sight, and when they saw Jiang Chen waiting for them here, they revealed a bright smile.

However, Spirit Sword Mountain's five heroes were taken aback. Those two sisters seemed too mediocre. However, when they noticed the emblem on their clothes, they figured out everything.

The Xia Clan was trying to get close to the Dragon Clan, and most of the Young Sovereigns' quotas issued to the Dragon Clan had come from the Xia Clan. The Xia Clan was trying any possible means to get close to the Dragon Clan.

When the Spirit Sword Mountain's five heroes saw those two princesses, they had assumed that their state sent them here to fawn over Jiang Chen.

"The Spirit Sword Mountain's five heroes?"

When Diao Yang and Keer noticed the five people next to Jiang Chen, they were quite surprised, and when they ascertained that they were waiting for them, they both felt overwhelmed.

"Let's enter the city."

After Jiang Chen introduced both sides to each other, they all entered the city.

"The Spirit Sword Mountain's five heroes are proud and haughty, and wouldn't pay heed to ordinary people. Why are they so cordial today?" Keer said in a soft voice.

"Who has said that isn't the case?" Diao Yang was also confused.

They both knew that Jiang Chen was so amazing, but this didn't mean that other people were also aware of it. Moreover, they still weren't sure who was the most powerful among Jiang Chen and the Spirit Sword Mountain's five heroes


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