The Brilliant Fighting Master
1445 Shi Ganglie
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1445 Shi Ganglie

Jiang Chen reduced the mechanical horse's size before he handed it over to the two princesses.

The three people proceeded on foot, and they managed to leave Absolute Sky Domain by nightfall.

The people who came from all directions ended up assembling unknowingly, and if one counted them cursorily, he would find out that there were around a thousand people.

There was a raucous in this desolate area outside town, and people oblivious to this matter's ins and outs might even assume that a great event was held here.

"What ahead of us is Heavenly Punishment Plain."

The crowd was standing atop a cliff, and they could get a clear view of the scenery in a thousand miles.

A lush and verdant forest was beneath them, and it led to a wide expanse of flat land. The setting sun was hung at the horizon, and it seemed like said region was the end of the world.

"It should be called now Heavenly Enlightenment Plain," someone corrected the other guy.

It didn't seem like the plain had any special trait, but this place was previously one of the forbidden lands and was engulfed by black clouds all year round. The Sun and the moon's radiance never reached it, and it was forever engulfed by darkness.

At that time, terrifying berserk energy was among the black clouds. It was like lightning, yet it was also like fire, and none could identify it.

Usually, that energy would bombard the ground three or four times every minute. There weren't any warning signs prior to such an occurrence, and it could catch people off-guard.

Besides this, Evil Wind Wolves still lived on the plains, and they were a terrifying species of wolves. According to how they were described by people that saw them, those wolves didn't even seem like living creatures, while there was still a large number of them, and they traveled in packs.

But now, they couldn't see any of those creatures, while the black clouds that engulfed this land for innumerable years disappeared.

The bright sun's radiance scattered the darkness, and illuminated the land, while the Evil Wind Wolves disappeared thoroughly.

"Look over there!"

Someone discovered something, and he pointed at the southwestern direction, while he shouted.

When the crowd looked over there, they discovered a majestic city next to a great mountain, while there were still buildings built atop the mountain.

There wasn't any need to say anything about that region, as the crowd was aware that this was Ling Long Celestial Palace that was built by the Venerable Hong Yun.

Moreover, since the crowd had already left Absolute Sky Domain's scope, they could fly once again, and many rainbow-colored beams soared up and streaked across the sky. They all rushed toward the city.

This was the case for even Jiang Chen, Keer, and Diao Yang, but when they just flew into the air, a boundless aura swept them and engulfed this land.

"Hahaha, I still didn't move. So who dares to move before me?"

Arrogant laughter echoed behind the crowd, while a shooting star-like yellow aurora streaked atop the people's heads.

When the people came back to their senses, they were all infuriated. This guy had already left his home, yet he still dared to act arrogantly in front of so many people. He really didn't cherish his life.

"Shi Ganglie!"

When an infuriated person was about to attack, he recognized that guy, and his anger turned into shook, as well as fright.

"I really didn't expect that someone from the first rank's group would come here."

Some people still had a lingering fear, and as they thought about Shi Ganglie's character, they all rejoiced since they didn't offend him.

Shi Ganglie was known for his arrogance, and he never restrained his aura wherever he went by.

The people who flew ahead at the front were all affected by Shi Ganglie, and they leaned unsteadily from side to side. It was only after falling down for a certain distance that they managed to regain their balance.

Those people all looked over at that guy angrily, but they still didn't dare to express their anger.

After a short while, Shi Ganglie took the lead, and he flew in front of everyone.

When people just planned to turn a blind eye to this affair, a blue sword beam sped across the air and flew toward Ling Long Celestial Palace at a high-speed. The distance between it and Shi Ganglie was quickly shrinking.

"Who is this guy?"

The onlookers were all stunned. It was only a few people that dared to affront Shi Ganglie.

Moreover, the crowd couldn't recognize this guy, and once they discovered that his Realm Level was at the Martial Emperor Realm's late-stage, some people couldn't help but reveal a mocking look.

"A late-stage Martial Emperor, and he's at most a talented youth at the second rank's group, yet he still confronted Shi Ganglie. Isn't he just courting death?"

There were apex Martial Emperors in the air, and when they witnessed that someone dared to do something they didn't even dare to attempt, they felt quite unwell.

Shi Ganglie that was in the front detected such a matter, and he furrowed his brow out of displeasure. But he still didn't turn his head, and he just cast a sideways glance with his vertical pupils at the blue sword beam.

"You aren't willing to accept it? I will let you descend into despair."

Shi Ganglie didn't attack that guy. He wanted to depend upon his speed to let such an ignorant and reckless guy witness his great power.

"An Imposing Lion Crosses the Realm!"

When Shi Ganglie just used his vigorous power, many sonic booms echoed one after the other, while his golden radiance's scope instantly rose by several ten folds.

The people behind Shi Ganglie could only look at his rear with no hope of catching up to him.

After a minute elapsed, Shi Ganglie started slowing down. He was sure that such a minute was enough to surpass everyone by a large distance.

A mocking smile appeared at the corners of his mouth, and he cast a glance at his right-side casually. But at that moment, his body suddenly shivered, while his pupils enlarged.

The blue sword beam was still in his line of sight, and it was closer to him than a while ago.


Before Shi Ganglie could come back to his senses, the sword beam's speed rose up, and it left behind it a long trail of air, as it sped toward him.

It was only after several sounds that a sonic boom echoed, and at that time, the sword beam had already reached the end of Shi Ganglie's line of sight.

"He had disobeyed him and offended him, didn't he?"

The crowd at the rear was quite surprised. They had only thought that this guy would end up offending Shi Ganglie, and they never imagined that he could surpass him.


Shi Ganglie that was taken aback let out a lion-like roar, while he emitted his vigorous monster energy as a half-monster. His golden radiance became sharp, while its edge started shaking at a high-frequency, and they split open space's membrane.

In the next moment, Shi Ganglie turned into a deadly golden wheel that flew after the blue sword beam.

The people watching such a good show didn't plan to give up, and they all used their whole power, as they followed the contestants.

The golden wheel possessed a great imposing manner, and it was quicker than even electricity.

It seemed like the distance between the wheel and the sword beam would be shortly lowered. However, none expected that the sword beam at the front was still able to raise its speed. It didn't just prevent the golden wheel from closing on it. It had even pulled open the distance between them.

Roar! Roar! Roar!

The golden wheel came to a stop, and Shi Ganglie let out a deafening roar that contained his Dipper Energy that could destroy even diamonds.

The people in the rear quickly stopped in their tracks, and they all didn't dare to go over there.

Shi Ganglie was between the crowd and the sword beam, but the crowd could still look at the sword beam from afar, and they all wore indescribable expressions.

"He didn't give Shi Ganglie any due respect."

"But when did Shi Ganglie ever give people some respect? Now, someone else treated him in the same way. Yet he couldn't stand it?"

"Hey, how do you think that late-stage Martial Emperor managed to get such a high-speed?"

The crowd was discussing such a matter as they traveled, and they all felt quite delighted as they looked at the infuriated Shi Ganglie.

An ominous glint emanated from the eyes of the disgraced Shi Ganglie. With his temperament, he surely wouldn't let this affair end up like this.

"Big sister."

The sisters Keer and Diao Yang that were among the crowd both had complex feelings about this matter.

It was obviously Jiang Chen that had turned into a blue sword beam.

"True geniuses can't swallow their anger in silence. Shi Ganglie was so arrogant. So how was it possible for a swordsman such as Jiang Chen to bear such a matter?" Diao Yang replied without giving this matter any consideration.

"Big sister, I didn't say anything against him. Why are you defending senior brother Jiang Chen so much?" Keer cast a glance at Diao Yang and revealed a smile.

"Damned lassie! You dare to make fun of me!"

It was already unknown how many times Diao Yang's face became flushed on this day, and this time, she flew into a rage out of humiliation. But before she did anything, Keer got out of the way while chuckling.

Since they were outside, Diao Yang didn't dare to do anything that would let them stand out, and she could only glare at her little sister resentfully.


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