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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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This technique wasn't like Startling Heaven and Heaven Destruction techniques, as those sword techniques were executed by Jiang Chen through releasing his whole body's power without giving regard to the consequences, and it could be said briefly that they lacked an exquisite skill.

But what Jiang Chen wanted to do now was create a new sword technique with two worldly rules and the Immortal Spirit. Their final might probably wouldn't be on par with Startling Heaven and Heaven Destruction techniques, but once he mastered creating new techniques, the power of his Startling Heaven and Heaven Destruction techniques would also rise.

"Deafening Murder!" Jiang Chen discerned the key point. He mustn't use too much lightning's power in a short while as he wouldn't manage to support it, and he must carry out everything step by step.

Jiang Chen had put the least possible amount of lightning's power in the Heavenly Fault Sword. Once such lightning erupted out, the sword would start shaking and vibrating, and at that moment, he would use the Metal Rule's power.

The Heavenly Fault Sword seemed like a shining golden electric saw that could crush a myriad of matters.

Even Jiang Chen's right-hand that was holding the sword couldn't stand such a vibration, and the Heavenly Fault Sword almost fell off his hand.

But this time, he still managed to focus a large amount of power, and even though the energy took a circular shape, it still didn't fly everywhere like a while ago.

What Jiang Chen would do next was increase the lightning's power gradually, while he also must lower its scope, before reducing it into a single speck.

"Is this a genius?"

Princess Diao Yang and Keer that observed such a sight were dumbstruck. They both didn't avert their gazes from the beginning until now, and they observed how Jiang Chen started with a rough idea and improved it gradually until he came up with a method to try it. The process was smooth and quick, and even the spectators couldn't keep up with Jiang Chen's thought process.

"He had already reached the might of a Sword Split Open Rock-Hard objects Technique," Princess Diao Yang said.

"That is only due to the divine lightning grasped by him, as well as his own power. His sword technique's principles still didn't reach the level of a Sword Split Open Rock-Hard objects Technique," Princess Keer said.

"That is right."

Princess Diao Yang knew this matter clearly. The sword technique was left by the predecessors, and it was broad and profound.

The later generation wouldn't manage to grasp the sword technique's essence in a short while, and they must practice it ceaselessly until they comprehended it one day.

It was also usually the case for most of the worlds' profound principles, and one could only grasp them through using them constantly. This was why even if Princess Diao Yang taught Jiang Chen the sword technique, it wouldn't be of any use to him.

The reason behind this was that Jiang Chen wanted to grasp the profound principles behind the technique, and didn't just want to use it casually.

Returning to the main topic, Jiang Chen had already become able to fuse fifty-six wisps of Du Tian Divine Lightning with the sword, and its attack scope had already shrunk by much.

With his current mastery over Du Tian Divine Lightning, he could only use three hundred and sixty-one wisps of lightning, and the higher the number of wisps he used, the greater would be the might of the divine lightning, but controlling it would also become more difficult.

When Jiang Chen tried using the sword technique for the twentieth time, his right hand became numb thoroughly, and it had lost any sensations temporarily.

This was why he substituted it with his left hand, and the results became more outstanding. The reason behind this was that Jiang Chen was left-handed, and even though he practiced with his right-hand until bringing its skill to perfection, there was still a disparity between it and the left hand.

"Metal Absolute Murder!"

In such a process, Jiang Chen managed to come up with a name, and what was worth mentioning about it was that the word 'sword' wasn't present in it, and the reason behind this was that he could also use golden lightning when the Immeasurable Ruler took a spear's shape.

Time elapsed second by second, and after three hours passed since Jiang Chen got enlightened, he finally managed to condense his sword's attack scope into a single speck, and he became able to fuse one hundred wisps of divine lightning with the sword.

Even If Jiang Chen continued repeating such training until he became able to fuse his whole divine lightning with the sword, he would still be far from grasping this aspect's profound principles.

He started merging his True Will, Lightning Rule's Penetrative True Will as well Metal Rule's Murderous True Will. The difficulty immediately rose by several folds, and Jiang Chen consumed a recovery elixir before he continued trying this matter.


When the two True Wills appeared, the expression of the two princesses changed drastically. The reason behind this was that they could detect boundless mysteries among Jiang Chen's sword power, and since they were both swordsmen, their senses wouldn't deceive them.

As the two women recalled that Jiang Chen started from nothing until he made such great progress, they couldn't help but wonder whether Jiang Chen was as young as he seemed.

"He isn't an old monster that could keep a youthful appearance forever, is he?" Princess Diao Yang couldn't help but have such a thought.

If this wasn't the case, how did he get such broad experience and great perception to achieve this matter?

"Big sister, do you think that an old monster would be as sharp-looking as him?" Princess Keer asked.

"That is really the case."

The women recalled Jiang Chen's behavior in the journey and how he faced the four killers. If he was really an old monster, then it could only be said that this old man was too energetic.

"Metal Instantaneous Murder!"

After Jiang Chen merged two True Wills perfectly, he started using his sword with his right hand, and before he thrust his sword, he changed the sword technique's name.


As the sword was thrust, the Heavenly Fault Sword gave rise to great disturbance, while it vibrated at a high-frequency. As a thunder roll echoed, many sword shadows appeared, and overlapped together before an attack shot out.

The golden sword beam was like a shooting star, and it streaked across a thousand miles before it disappeared among the dark night sky.

"Oh, my God!"

The sword strike hit thin air, and everything in its way was leveled, and deep marks were left on the ground. Such marks stretched up to a thousand miles.

"This sword strike's principles already rivaled a Sword Split Open Rock-Hard objects Technique," Princess Diao Yang said.

Princess Keer nodded. She also approved of her opinion.


All of a sudden, the two women discovered that Jiang Chen still didn't plan to finish this session. They had assumed that Jiang Chen fulfilled his objective, yet it was only now that they realized that he had only finished half of it.

"Swiftness Concept!"

Jiang Chen still wanted to use Swiftness Concept.

The golden lightning's destructive power was unquestionable, but it wasn't agile and swift, and this was why Jiang Chen would make up for it with speed.

This sword technique could be used as a magical technique, and it was able to end a battle with a single sword strike.

Jiang Chen practiced with his sword for the whole night, and after midnight, both women already became detached from everything, as they were already conquered by Jiang Chen's terrifying talent.

At daybreak, the bodies of the exhausted two women shivered slightly.

Jiang Chen that used a sword move once again, disappeared from his former place, and it could only be seen that a golden ray was streaking across the air.

"It's so swift!"

Indescribable emotions welled up in the two women's hearts as they witnessed the creation of such a peerless and exquisite sword technique.

Jiang Chen came back while holding his sword, and it could be seen that a delighted expression was plastered on his face. He was in a good mood!

He had already become able to merge two hundred wisps of divine lightning, and even though he didn't master this aspect, he still finished creating the sword technique, and the remaining hundred wisps would only determine the technique's might.

After Jiang Chen calculated the time that elapsed, he formed a magical clone.

The magical clone rushed decisively toward the planes' channel to go back to the Heavenly Palace. It would continue its training there, while it would also bring over the elixirs that Jiang Chen would prepare for Whitey.

"Why we have never heard about such a person?"

"He's surely a famous figure of the Divine Martial Arts Realm."

As the two women looked at the leaving magical clones, they recalled the scenes they saw in the fight against the killers that occurred in the previous day.

"Let's leave." Jiang Chen got on the horse and took over the two women before he continued hurrying up on the road.

At noon, they reached the outer region of Absolute Sky Domain, and they noticed that they were running across more people. Those people were all going to Ling Long Celestial Palace.

When those people witnessed Jiang Chen riding a horse along with two pretty women, they made an exaggerated reaction.

Diao Yang and Keer didn't seem like servant girls, and since they were stuck against a man so tightly, it wasn't surprising that people's imagination ran wild.

This was especially the case when people noticed the national emblems on the two women's clothes, and their expressions became even odder.

The two women's faces became flushed. They were facing many strangers' gazes, and they couldn't keep deceiving themselves as before.

"There are many people here, and we can't keep speeding. Let's go down and walk."

After Jiang Chen spoke, the two women dismounted from the horse one after the other, and they both felt a sense of loss since they realized that they wouldn't get to ride a horse together once again. They felt quite reluctant to bring an end to such an experience!


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