The Brilliant Fighting Master
1443 Creating a Sword Technique Once Again
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1443 Creating a Sword Technique Once Again

It was only Absolute Sky Domain's sky that was dangerous, as for the other regions, they were all safe. This Domain didn't have any demonic beasts, while its monster beasts' grade was quite low.

The three people's journey went unimpeded, and the monster beasts that ran into the way were killed by Jiang Chen while they still kept a high speed.

In the evening, Jiang Chen, who didn't plan to rest found out that the two women were quite unwell, and that was why he chose an open space where they could rest.

Martial-grade experts wouldn't be exhausted so easily, but the mechanical horse was moving at a high-speed, while both women were in an uncomfortable posture. It was evident that it would be an unpleasant experience.

Jiang Chen was still concerned about Whitey's safety, but he was aware that he wouldn't suffer any issues in a short while.

The Martial Field was an independent realm, and its passage's closure didn't mean that none could survive within it.

It would be better for Jiang Chen to pity the Martial Field's beings that would face such a slaughter god rather than worry about Whitey's life within the Independent Realm.

At this moment, the two women realized that Jiang Chen only kept on an ice-cold facade, and since they both used to ride luxurious carriages, they were obviously happy to reset for a night.

However, even though the women were martial artists, they didn't have a tent in their Storage Spirit Artifacts, and such a matter left Jiang Chen without a choice. He could only take out his own tent and let the two women rest in it.

However, such actions led the two women to misunderstand Jiang Chen's intentions, and they assumed that he wanted to sleep with them. At this moment, they both became flustered, as this wasn't something as simple as riding a horse together, and this matter is related to their principles.

However, they were now in a desolate area outside towns, and even if they cried for help, none would come to the rescue. As for fighting back? It was obviously impossible and ridiculous.

The nervous women started wondering which one did Jiang Chen plan to choose, or whether he would choose both of them?

Martial-grade experts were all energetic, and since Jiang Chen was full of youthful vigor, he obviously could take both women.

"Go inside!" Jiang Chen spoke in an unquestionable tone.

At this moment, the two women ascertained their guess, and as they exchanged a glance, they discerned that complex emotions were apparent in each other's gazes. They were both left without a choice, and they could only stride forward and enter the tent.

In such a while, the women gave consideration to many matters, and they wondered whether they should fight back, or sacrifice themselves. But since this matter was related to their survival, what could they do?

Moreover, if Jiang Chen was willing to let them become his women, it wouldn't be unacceptable.

At this moment, the two women started once again wondering whoever among them Jiang Chen loved?

As the women entered the tent, they both sat on a corner.

The tent's interior was quite tidy, and it didn't seem disorderly, while it also didn't have a sweat smell that usually permeated men's tents.

But both princesses weren't in the mood to admire the tent, and they both stared attentively at the tent's entrance. They were both restless and nervous!


They didn't get to hear the footsteps sound they expected. Instead, they heard the water's sound.

An odd look appeared on the two women's faces, and Princess Diao Yang went to the entrance to take a look outside. But after she stole a single glance, she went back with her face flushed.

Princess Keer got curious about this matter, and she also wanted to take a look, but she was obstructed by her big sister. She said, "He's bathing."

Since Princess Diao Yang's face was so flushed, she had obviously seen something she shouldn't see.

"It's no wonder he ordered us to go inside."

Princess Diao Yang suddenly figured out everything. Jiang Chen had gone through a great battle against people and was ravaged by both lightning and fire. It was obvious that he needed to take a bath.

The reason why he forced the two women to go into the tent was that he didn't want them to see what shouldn't be seen.

The two women heaved a sigh of relief, while they still felt slightly disappointed.

"It's fine now."

After a short while, Jiang Chen that was outside, shouted.

The two princesses walked out, and when their gaze fell upon Jiang Chen, they couldn't avert it from him once again, as if they were attracted by a magnet.

Jiang Chen wore a new set of white clothes, while his black hair was draped over his shoulders gracefully. He had an attractive and elegant look, while his most eye-catching feature was his profound black eyes.

The two women stood in a daze for ten seconds before they came back to their senses, and they averted their gazes bashfully.

Just after this, Jiang Chen made a bonfire and took out stored up beast meat.

A great battle wasn't any different than bitter training for a whole day, and if he didn't replenish his energy, an issue would arise within his body.

The two women were surprised by this matter. Since they had reached the martial-grade, they rarely used food for recovery. They would mostly use elixirs or worldly treasures, and after they consumed them, they would sit in meditation, and borrow the world's yuan energy to supplement their bodies' energy.

"It's a demonic beast's meat."

Princess Diao Yang quickly discovered something fishy about this matter. Jiang Chen's meat wasn't an ordinary beast, and the energy contained in it wasn't any lower than an elixir.

Moreover, as Jiang Chen displayed his exquisite skill, a sweet fragrance emanated from the meat, while its grease dripped upon the bonfire, and let out a sizzling noise.

As the two women observed this matter, they unexpectedly became hungry.

"Give it to us!"

Jiang Chen was already prepared for this, and he divided the roasted lean meat into three pieces. He offered two to the women.

The two women hesitated for a moment, before they took the beast meat, and tried a little piece of it. It didn't just have good taste, as the essence contained within it could evoke their most primal instincts.

The two women couldn't give regard to their images any longer, and they started wolfing down their food. They ate it completely!

"Eating such ingredients is beneficial to one's body," Jiang Chen said.

He could directly refine beast meat into liquid energy before consuming it. But taking meals normally once in a while would be quite beneficial to one's body.

After this group finished taking a meal, the awkward ambiance that arose due to the previous misunderstanding was alleviated, while Princess Diao Yang stood in front of the bonfire, and started demonstrating her sword techniques without consulting Jiang Chen for his opinion.

Princess Diao Yang was completely different than her little sister, and her sword moves were swift and decisive, while their power was revealed thoroughly. Moreover, they still contained metal and lightning elements.

"A Metallic Sword Split Open Rock-Hard objects!"

Princess Diao Yang thrust her sword, while a thunderous noise echoed. The sword in her hand started shaking at a special rhythm, while many Sword Shadows appeared around it, and the sword started shining with a golden radiance.

The sword became as sharp as a sawtooth due to its vibration at a high-frequency, and its whole power was condensed and concentrated in a single point.

As the sword was thrust at the void, a little hole was left in space's membrane, but the membrane quickly recovered to usual. However, this was already an outstanding feat.

"How is it?"

Princess Diao Yang was satisfied with her sword technique, and she looked at Jiang Chen. However, she unexpectedly discovered that Jiang Chen wore an odd look, while his eyes shone brightly.

Jiang Chen was enlightened by Princess Diao Yang's sword technique, and he felt like a new gate was opening in front of his eyes.

One could use thunderous power's vibration and Metal Rule's advantage to break all myriad techniques with a single sword strike. However, it was obvious that Princess Diao Yang's sword technique couldn't reach such a level.

But this was a different case for him because he grasped Du Tian Divine Lightning, as well as the most outstanding Lightning Rule, while his Metal Rule also wasn't weak.

"I'm sorry."

Jiang Chen couldn't contain his excitement, and he uttered a few words at the two women, before he raised his sword, and went into a spacious and empty region.

Jiang Chen had discarded the Wind Rule for the first time and used just the Metal Rule to launch sword techniques. His sword's power became different than before, and it became sharper, but it wasn't agile and quick enough.

After an hour, Jiang Chen adapted to using sword techniques with the Metal Rule, and he started trying to create a sword technique.


He still didn't finish making the sword technique. So he obviously had no name for it.

As the sword was thrust, golden lightning flickered around, and as Jiang Chen controlled the lightning carefully, it turned into a thousand wisps that ran amok on the land.

Many potholes were made in the land in front of him that stretched for a thousand meters, and some of those potholes were deep, while some were shallow.

"He's creating a sword technique." Princess Diao Yang discerned what was going on.

"He grasped the Lightning Rule, and it isn't just in the first level. How did he manage to achieve it?"

Princess Diao Yang also employed lightning's power, and that was why she was stunned by Jiang Chen's mastery over lightning power.

"It's out of the question."

Jiang Chen furrowed his brow. He wanted to make a sword technique that could break all myriad techniques, not a large-scope destructive attack. He wanted to focus the destruction inflicted upon this thousand-meter-radius region upon a single little region.


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