The Brilliant Fighting Master
1442 Providing Some Insights
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1442 Providing Some Insights

Princess Diao Yang and Keer both wanted to go Ling Long Celestial Palace to take its trial. Their talent wasn't outstanding, but since it was just a faction that was founded recently, their requirements wouldn't be too strict.

Jiang Chen's Heavenly Palace was an example of this matter, as even though he stated that all of their members were dragons among men, and that they didn't care about talent. But later, their requirements were only becoming stricter.

But this wasn't the main point here, and the crux was what did Ling Long Celestial Palace have that let it attract the princesses of the Xia Clan's vassal state so much that they want to join it?

Jiang Chen was curious about this matter, and he made some inquiries about it. He didn't expect that the two princesses would too proactive, and they fought over replying Jiang Chen's questions.

Jiang Chen quickly got to understand what was going on. It turned out that since Venerable Hong Yun's Sovereign Spirit was awakened, she recalled many Extreme Martial Techniques, peerless magical techniques, and even many matters related to elixirs and divine weapons' fields.

Venerable Hong Yun disdained to join the Sovereign Spirit Palace, and that was why she wanted to found a faction that could contend against the Sovereign Spirit Palace.

Anyone who became a disciple of Ling Long Celestial Palace could get in touch with Extreme Martial Techniques and peerless magical techniques. Just such a matter alone possessed great allure.

The three great factions wanted to have a look at Ling Long Celestial Palace's skill, and that was they allowed tacitly their vassal factions' members to join it.

However, it was obvious that outstanding geniuses would rarely go over to it, and even though the two princesses weren't too mediocre, there was still a large disparity between them and people at the apex.

"That's right, I will also go to Ling Long Celestial Palace."

"However, I wouldn't go there to join Ling Long Celestial Palace, but just to seek the Palace Lord," Jiang Chen said inwardly.

At this moment, Jiang Chen noticed that the barrier started weakening, and it disappeared after a short while.

"I will set off ahead of you."

The soldiers' mechanical horses were all destroyed due to Princess Diao Yang's willfulness, and they couldn't continue using Sky Horses Running Amok in the Air Formation.

Only a single usable mechanical horse was left, and Jiang Chen didn't treat those people politely. He just considered the horse his reward for killing Ox-Head and Horse-Face.

"Young master Jiang Chen, there is still some space left on the mechanical horses. So can you please take with you the two princesses?"

Uncle Black obviously wouldn't ask for the mechanical horse, and even if he wanted it, he didn't have the gall to ask for it. But he still had another idea.

When Uncle Black's words echoed, Princess Diao Yang and Keer exchanged a glance, while their pretty faces became flushed.

The two women wondered why Uncle Black uttered such unreasonable words. Even though the mechanical horse could still take two more people, but if they had really mounted it, they would have to sit in front of Jiang Chen, and behind him.

At that time, when the mechanical horse started galloping, intimate contacts would occur between the three people.

However, strangely enough, the two women didn't speak up to reject this matter, and a bashful look appeared on their faces, while their furtive gaze became filled with slight expectation.

"Come over!" Jiang Chen didn't reject him. After all, the mechanical horse belonged to those people.

Uncle Black was worried that some Nether World School's killers were still hiding in the dark, while the two princesses must hurry up in time to Ling Long Celestial Palace.

Jiang Chen stopped here for several seconds, and he discovered then that the two princesses didn't take actions, while they seemed quite embarrassed.

"Come over!" Jiang Chen spoke with a grave tone. He wasn't in the mood to waste time with those women.


The delicate princesses didn't reveal their bad temper in front of Jiang Chen, and they just responded softly, before they went to the mechanical horse's side.

Jiang Chen didn't treat the two women politely, and as he waved his hand, a breeze carried the women atop the horse. Princess Keer was at the front, while Princess Diao Yang was behind him.

"Hold on tightly!"

Jiang Chen stated such words, before he activated the mechanical horse.

The two women still didn't come back to their senses, while Princess Keer couldn't help but lean backward, and she ended up falling in Jiang Chen's embrace.

Princess Diao Yang also fell backward, and she almost fell off the horse. She managed to regain her balance only with great difficulty, and after she sat properly on the back, she discovered that there wasn't anything she could hold into.

But at this moment, Princess Diao Yang revealed her bold nature, and after she curled her mouth, she held Jiang Chen's waist daringly. But since the mechanical horse's speed was too high, she was forced to hug Jiang Chen's waist.

Princess Keer that was in the front held the reins tightly, but she was sitting at the front, and she couldn't use the long horse's reins to keep her balance. This was she still ended up falling into Jiang Chen's embrace.

Jiang Chen who enjoyed both women curled the corners of his mouth, and revealed a faint mischievous smile.


Since there were three people on the horse, they couldn't stand speeding on the road for a long time, and after an hour passed, Jiang Chen stopped to take a rest.

Black smoke was rising from the mechanical horse's internal parts, and its energy source, the yuan-stones, was consumed thoroughly.

Jiang Chen filled the mechanical horse with new yuan-stones, but after he had done, he didn't close its outer shell so that its head would dissipate.

A single horse's speed wasn't on a par with Sky Horses Running Amok in the Air Formation's speed, and this was why they would still need to continue traveling for another day.

As Princess Diao Yang and Keer thought of this matter, their breathing became rough, while their faces became flushed.

"It's all due to the damned Nether World School," Princess Diao Yang grumbled to cover up her agitation.

Upon witnessing her angry look, Jiang Chen shook his head helplessly. If she listened to him, they would have been able to continue using Sky Horses Running Amok in the Air Formation.

However, talking now about such matters wouldn't be just a waste of breath.

"Young master Jiang Chen, your sword techniques are too outstanding. How did you manage to achieve it? Can you please provide me with some insights about them?"

Princess Keer took avail of resting time, and went toward Jiang Chen.

She spoke about sword techniques, and Jiang Chen was quite interested in this subject. This was why he nodded at her, and asked her to show him her sword techniques.

"This lassie!"

Princess Diao Yang was aware that her sister had ulterior motives, and wanted to take avail of such an opportunity to get close to Jiang Chen.

Princess Diao Yang also wielded a sword, but since her relationship with Jiang Chen was previously too bad, she found it embarrassing to start a conversation with him.

The sound of a sword flying in the air arose. A Doctrine Sword appeared in Princess Keer's hand, and she waved it quickly in front of Jiang Chen.

While Princess Keer waved the sword, her previous gentle and soft air disappeared completely, and it was replaced with an earnest and sharp air. Her sword techniques were magnificent, exquisite, and delicate. She was able to fuse with her sword, and her performance was pleasing to the eye.

Jiang Chen had a faint misconception that was in front of him was an exceptionally beautiful dancer, whose pretty body possessed great charm. But was hidden behind such a surface was a cutting edge that would tear up throats.

After a short while, Princess Keer finished demonstrating her proudest sword techniques, before she quickly looked at Jiang Chen. She was like a disciple that awaited her teacher's directions.

"What you have is Dancing Heaven Sword Techniques, while you possess the Agile Sword Doctrine. This was why when you use your sword, it would seem agile and nimble. You have high attainments, but you lack the most important aspect, and it's what limited your Sword Doctrine's progress," Jiang Chen said.

When Princess Keer heard Jiang Chen mentioning her Sword Techniques' name, her eyes lit up, and she took this matter seriously.

As Jiang Chen faced the gaze of Princess Keer's big eyes, he said, "It's sharpness."

"Sharpness?" Princess Keer was confused. Didn't all swordsmen possess sharp power?

"I can't divulge it to you bluntly, as your achievement will be restricted to what I will inform you. You must comprehend it by yourself, and I suggest that you take a trial by fire on the edge of death."

This woman was a princess, and everyone believed that she had a prominent status. But this was also the reason why she lacked practice. She was like a sword, and she would have to go through a thousand strikes of a hammer to become a sharp sword.

"I..." Princess Diao Yang's itched to join them, and she raised her sword, as she walked over.

"It's enough, let's continue."

Black smoke wasn't coming any longer out of the mechanical horse, and its temperature dropped. This was why Jiang Chen took big strikes, and turned around.


Princess Diao Yang didn't know whether Jiang Chen had done it on purpose, but she still stamped her feet, and took quick strides. She said, "This time, I will sit at the front."

After Princess Diao Yang spoke, she didn't leave Jiang Chen and Princess Keer enough time to respond, and she rushed first into the horse.

"It seems like the next journey won't be boring," Jiang Chen muttered to himself.


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