The Brilliant Fighting Master
1440 Underworld Gate
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1440 Underworld Gate

"When other people are crossing a tribulation, what they are afraid of the most is being disturbed by other people, while this guy turned the Lightning Tribulation into his shield."

The four killers looked at their targets, while an odd look appeared on their faces. They had already tried using long-range attacks, but as long as the attacks approached the hundred-meter-radius around Jiang Chen, they would be extinguished by the berserk lightning.

This was why they could only look on helplessly as Jiang Chen crossed the tribulation, and as they looked at Jiang Chen's skillful actions, they realized that he wouldn't suffer any mishaps.

"Prepare the last slaughter tool, and let's put an end to this farce."

Underworld Judge repressed his throbbing heart's emotions and resolved himself to accomplish his objective.

"Last slaughter? But he still didn't use that cauldron."

At this moment, Ghost General cared more than everyone about what was mentioned in the Intel.

"Since he didn't take it out until now, it's obvious that he didn't bring it with him," Underworld Judge said. He wasn't sure of this matter, and this was just a guess.

If Underworld Judge got to know that Jiang Chen abstained from using the bronze cauldron even when he was on the brink of death, it would be unknown what he would think of this matter.

Upon witnessing that Underworld Judge already made up his mind, Ghost General, White Deity, and Black Deity didn't say anything else.

After the gravity magnetic field disappeared, Uncle Black and his companions became able to stand up once again.

"Oh, my God! Let's quickly leave this damned land."

Some soldiers would shortly collapse. They were all forced to stay in the barrier and watch such a thrilling battle. If they weren't in danger and could be harmed by the battle, they would have been happy to watch this battle. But since they could lose their lives at any moment, they weren't in the mood to enjoy it.

"What is that? The Underworld Gate? What kind of person is he?"

All of a sudden, Uncle Black noticed the four killers' actions, and fright appeared on his face.

"Uncle Black, what is the Underworld Gate?"

Princess Keer had never heard about it, but she could discern through its name that it was anything but simple.

"The main reason why a team formed by Underworld Judge, Ghost General, White Deity, and Black Deity could assassinate a Martial Saint is that they have a great slaughter weapon, the Underworld Gate."

"The Underworld Gate possesses many mystical effects, and none could guard against it. Even if a Martial Saint saw it, he must lower his head."

When Uncle Black's words echoed, the two princesses next to him were dumbstruck.

Even a Martial Saint would lower his head if he saw it?

The princesses summoned their courage and looked over there. A hundred meters from the region where Jiang Chen was crossing the tribulation, the four killers were standing face-to-face and were weaving hand signs quickly.

A mirror-look black hole appeared on the ground in the middle of the four killers, and as they moved back at the same time, the black hole started expanding.

By the time the black hole stopped expanding, a gate had come out of it.

The gate was a hundred meters tall, and several tens meters wide, while it was unexpectedly formed by eerie bones. The gate's front side was blood-red, and an error ghost's image was depicted on it.

Underworld Judge and his three companions landed in front of the Underworld Gate, while an eerie aura engulfed the whole barrier.

"Let's give it a try."

Underworld Judge got an idea. He wanted to see whether the Underworld Gate could threaten Jiang Chen that was still crossing his tribulation.

Thereupon, the four killers exchanged a glance.

"I will do it."

After Ghost General consumed a large amount of healing and recovery elixirs, he became able to fight once again. He had lost his heavy armor, and that was why his muscles were revealed, but he still wore skin-tight clothes that let him seem slightly hideous.

Ghost General wasn't willing to accept what Jiang Chen had said a while ago, and he wanted to teach him a lesson.

Ghost General crouched down, and put both his hand against the gate frame, while his energy flowed ceaselessly into the gate, which let it open up slowly.

The noise emanated from the gate overshadowed the Lightning Tribulation's rumbling sound, and when a fourth of the gate was opened, a berserk fire dragon flew out of it, and it charged at Jiang Chen at a high-speed that rivaled lightning.

The Underworld Gate could raise a killer's power greatly, and release terrifying attacks. Its most amazing aspect was that many people could imbue their powers into it to launch a single attack, and there wasn't a limit to the number of people.

Let's first talk about Ghost General's attack. The fire dragon that flew out of the Underworld Gate was related to him, while it possessed a Destructive Will and a Death Will, and this attack's power wasn't something Ghost General could reach.

The fire dragon quickly entered the hundred-meter-radius around Jiang Chen. Even lightning couldn't obstruct it, and it charged forward into this region's deepest part, before exploding.

It just happened that at such a moment, a Heavenly Lightning Bolt descended, and the flames' power erupted out along with lightning. They created an impressive sight!

"It's effective!"

Underworld Judge was overjoyed. It didn't matter whether Jiang Chen was injured, as he would shortly attack once again along with the other killers. The best outcome possible would be killing Jiang Chen, but even if they couldn't achieve it, they must at least ruin his tribulation.

However, before Underworld Judge took action, the Tribulation Clouds in the sky started scattering, and thunder's noise became lower.

"Could it be that we have successfully ruined his tribulation?"

Underworld Judge couldn't help but have such a thought. After all, Jiang Chen was attacked while crossing his tribulation, and even an immortal might not bear such a matter.

When those killers looked over there, they discovered that a big pothole appeared in the region where Jiang Chen crossed his tribulation. The pothole was quite deep, and it was so deep that they couldn't see its bottom from their current location.

"His aura is still present."

"Moreover, it didn't weaken. That is not right, it's still becoming stronger ceaselessly."

"He has succeeded, we should have tried ruining the process earlier."

The killers found this matter a pity, while they still got to hear sounds of footsteps emanating from the pothole, and at such a moment, they felt a great pressure weighing upon their shoulders for an unknown reason, and every time the footstep's sound echoed, their hearts would shudder.

In the end, they finally got to see Jiang Chen emerging and appearing. Jiang Chen exerted his power in his legs and walked out of the pothole. He had just crossed a Lightning Tribulation, and he seemed in a sorry state, but the aura emanating from his body was too vigorous.

"Kill him with a single strike! Use your whole power!"

Underworld Judge felt an intense sense of crisis for an unknown reason, and he didn't want to delay this matter any longer. This was also the case for the other three killers because they had all suffered a loss when they faced Jiang Chen.

"Four Ghosts Kowtow to God!"

The four killers used their power, while they crouched at the same time, and slapped the gate's frame heavily.

In a short while, the Underworld Gate was opened thoroughly, and a terrifying aura emanated from it as if a Devilish God would shortly come out of it.

Princess Diao Yang didn't dare even to breathe, and she opened her eyes wide. Her eyes were filled with uneasiness.

The Underworld Gate wasn't opened for those people, but they were still affected by it greatly, and they all wondered, how did Jiang Chen who faced the gate feel?

"Do you want to become ghosts? I will help you achieve it." Jiang Chen raised his head, faced the opened Underworld Gate, while his eyes shone with an ominous glint. A terrifying aura emanated from him!

"Great Magical Technique: Heavenly Fire Destruction!" Jiang Chen didn't argue with those people, and he cast the sole great magical technique he learned.

Jiang Chen obviously didn't try to fly, but while he was casting the technique, his body soared up by itself more than ten meters, while his body's surroundings turned into a sea of flames.

"What is this disturbance!"

The four killers, who were still building up power, raised their heads and looked at the angry Jiang Chen. They all got a bad feeling about this matter.

"Is this a magical technique? It isn't present in the Intel."

Jiang Chen practiced this magical technique in Ascending Heaven Tower, and he had only used it against Mutant Ghost.

Even if the Nether World School's intelligence network was even more brilliant, it would still have blind spots.

Jiang Chen's body turned into an active volcano, while the whole land was shaken, and fire energy started rising among it. When the earth got in contact with Jiang Chen's raging flames, it was directly melted by it.


Jiang Chen finished building power earlier, and he attacked the Underworld Gate. When the volcano erupted, it released great energy that was only becoming stronger.

As despair appeared in the eyes of Underworld Judge and his companions, the Underworld Gate suffered the raging flames' attack.

The Underworld Gate that could let a Martial Saint lower his head was destroyed, and it split up into pieces before it was burned to ashes by the flames.

As for the four killers atop the gate, they didn't fare better. They were frightened, and they had only a single idea. Escaping!


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