The Brilliant Fighting Master
1439 He“s So Wise Like a Devil
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1439 He“s So Wise Like a Devil

"This person is outrageously strong," Princess Diao Yang muttered, while a shocked expression was plastered on her face.

Uncle Black nodded. He was of the same opinion. Even if they ignored the magical clone, it was already outstanding of this person to fight the killers so intensely until now without suffering a defeat.

As Uncle Black observed Ghost General that was ravaged mercilessly, he couldn't help but suspect what his eyes were seeing.

"Blue Lotus Sword Canon: Blue Lotus Appearance."

The main body also didn't stay idle, and his target was Black and White Deities.

"You dare!"

Upon witnessing Jiang Chen attacking them, Black Deity and White Deity flew into a rage.

A flexible sword finally appeared in White Deity's hand, and she attacked with it. She coordinated with Black Deity, and their sword energy seemed like a boundless sea.

"Black and White Slaughter Sword!"

The two people used their trump cards, while their two swords fused together.

At this moment, Jiang Chen felt a greater pressure than when he faced those two people separately, but it still seemed like Jiang Chen didn't care about this matter, and he summoned the Boundless Sword Soul.

The Blue Lotus Sword Spirit fused with the forces of wind, fire, and lightning, and they started running amok in this land.

Before both sides exchanged blows, a confrontation started between their Sword Spirits.

As the spectators looked at the majestic sword spirits, they felt like they were looking at two great mountains that collided together.

The blue lotus blossomed, and it streaked in front of Black and White Deities, but those two people just advanced courageously, and they unexpectedly wanted to cut off the blue lotus with their swords.

It wasn't strange for those two people to be so confident because they were strengthened by their Realm Power, but it was a pity that they still had underestimated too much an Extreme Martial Technique's power.

The blue lotus blossomed, while boundless, mysterious, and peerless Sword Power emanated from it, and it crushed everything in its way.

Black and White Deities' expression changed drastically before they had even come in contact with such power. They didn't have enough time to give this matter any consideration, as several blue lightning bolts struck their swords.

As the luminous arc left by the Boundless Sword Soul shone brightly, the Boundless Sword Soul pierced the two people ferociously.

The Sword Wind that had gone out of control started spreading out, and it gave rise to many ripples in this land.

"Defend against it," Uncle Black quickly passed down orders.

The soldiers formed rows of ten people in the front, and they raised their shields high.


As the wind's whistling sound rang near those people's eyes, the Sword Wind blew at them, and they all felt like they would be shortly exterminated.

The soldiers at the front were all blown away, while their shields were shattered. A row after another collapsed!

Princess Diao Yang and Keer were half-kneeling on the ground, and their pretty faces were quite pale.

Just such a sword attack's shock waves had almost taken those women's lives, and at this moment, they both realized how insignificant they were.

Black and White Deities fell on the ground. They both sustained heavy injuries.

"This guy is so terrifying!"

White Deity couldn't help but admit that Jiang Chen was the most thorny target she met.

However, Black and White Deities' resolve to kill their target didn't waver, and they didn't plan to give up.

"Grandma Meng's info isn't wrong, but this is everything you have. If your Realm Level was at the peak of the Martial Emperor Realm, those three people would have been killed."

Underworld Judge, who saw his companions' sorry states, wasn't flustered.

Ghost General's heavy armor was almost torn apart by the magical clone's punches, while his body was covered with cuts and bruises. It was drenched with blood!

"It will be shortly your turn." Jiang Chen was aware that Underworld Judge had the highest status, and his power was also the highest.

"You have over thought this matter. I probably wouldn't have to fight." Underworld Judge sneered coldly.

It was unknown what the hands hidden in Underworld Judge's sleeves had done, but just after it, a great disturbance arose in this land, as if a formless cannon had targeted the barrier's interior.

When Jiang Chen just raised his head to take a look, the cannon opened fire.

The shell was made out of formless energy, and as it flew down, its power rose ceaselessly.

In the twinkling of an eye, Jiang Chen felt great pressure weighing upon his body, and in just a short while, both he and his magical clones ended up half-kneeling on the ground.

This force continued exhibiting its power, and it wasn't just Jiang Chen that was affected, it was also the case for the princess and her companions. They were all kneeling on the ground, and their bodies got intense friction with it. They all couldn't resist this power at all.

"This is called a gravity magnetic field, and it can increase the gravity within the barrier by a hundredfold."

Underworld Judge and the other three killers weren't affected, and they all could still take light strides while wearing a relaxed expression. The gravity magnetic field was useless against them.

Underworld Judge picked a little stone on the ground. This was such a simple action, yet it still seemed odd and strange.

When Underworld Judge threw the stone, this ordinary object turned in his hand into a divine weapon that attacked Jiang Chen's main body.

Underworld Judge wasn't affected by the gravity magnetic field, and this was why when he held the stone in his hand, it was still normal and ordinary, but once he threw it out, it was affected by the power of a hundredfold of gravity force.

When the stone fell upon Jiang Chen's shoulder, it sent him flying for several meters.

"There isn't any target that the Nether World School can't kill." It seemed like Underworld Judge was announcing Jiang Chen's death penalty, while he strode toward him step by step.

"You have good attainments in barrier's field, and this was why when you reversed the barrier, you should have discerned the gravity magnetic field."

Underworld Judge was wearing a mocking look, and it was obvious that he wanted to toy with Jiang Chen. He said, "This was why you are also aware that you can't break the gravity magnetic field."

"You aren't mistaken." Jiang Chen stood from the ground strenuously.

This was a critical juncture, and this was why his gaze was ferocious.

"But it's a pity that you are only correct about a single matter, as there isn't anything in the world that I can't break and decipher," Jiang Chen said.

"Hahaha, the Nether World School had spent many efforts to deal with great master's targets like you, and we don't just have a good intelligence network, we still have improved formations and barriers, and they never fail."

Underworld Judge felt like Jiang Chen was only unwilling to accept reality.

"Do you think that I have summoned over a magical clone just to get another helper?" Jiang Chen raised a question while he raised his right hand.


It seemed like Underworld Judge noticed something, and his expression changed drastically. When he noticed that Jiang Chen and his magical clone were next to each other, he was startled.

"Did he draw help from my stone to approach his magical clone? Impossible, this is surely just a coincidence."

Underworld Judge didn't believe that someone could calculate even such a matter, but it was a pity that it didn't matter whether he believed it or not.


The main body and the magical clones put their hands against each other's hands, and they interlocked their fingers. At such a moment, the magical clone was absorbed by the main body before Underworld Judge managed to obstruct them.


Thunder rolls echoed from the sky, while it became filled with black clouds that quickly formed Tribulation Clouds. This meant that Jiang Chen's Realm Level would make a promotion, and it would reach the Martial Emperor Realm's late-stage.

Meanwhile, since he had a divine body, he would face terrifying Lightning Tribulation with every advancement he made

Jiang Chen wanted to use the Lightning Tribulation's destructive power to destroy the gravity magnetic field.

This was an unconventional method, but Jiang Chen was never a person that followed the rules inflexibly. He didn't care about the method's nature, and what he cared about was whether it was effective.


A raging dragon-like lightning bolt descended, and it tore open a hole in the barrier before it charged toward Jiang Chen.

At this moment, the hundred-meter-radius around Jiang Chen became the most dangerous area here, and it wouldn't be possible for Underworld Judge to intervene.

"The lightning strike's falling region was in a suitable place for destroying the gravity magnetic field. He had stood in such a position on purpose, and everything was in his control since the start of the battle."

At this moment, Underworld Judge was forced to believe this matter, and he understood what the Intel implied when it stated that Jiang Chen was endowed with great wisdom. He was so wise like a Devil!

Underworld Judge was forced to make a plan for the worst situation that might arise. If Jiang Chen's Realm Level reached the Martial Emperor Realm's late stage, and he was strengthened by his Realm Power, would they still be able to deal with him?

As Underworld Judge considered this matter earnestly, his expression recovered to normal. They had all come over after they made preparations for Jiang Chen's usage of the bronze cauldron and the Starry Formation, and it still wasn't time for them to use their whole power.


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