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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1438 Summon

"Uncle Black, should we fight?"

The kind princess Keer couldn't stand this, and she wanted to contribute even by a little.

"Princess, we don't possess enough power to do so, while this little friend isn't able to turn the tide." Uncle Black shook his head while wearing a helpless look.

The killers held back a large part of their power, while Jiang Chen had already used his Fire God Armor.

It was impossible to defend against Black Deity's Void Escape Sword Technique, and when he just started using the sword move, it seemed like he disappeared from the world, yet it also seemed like he was everywhere.

As for White Deity, she seemed quite odd, as even though it didn't seem like she was using any weapon, she emitted the most dangerous aura.

"Invincible Golden Body!"

"Firmament Wind Sword Spirit: Peerless and Magnificent Wind!"

At such a critical juncture, Jiang Chen attacked White Deity with his sword. He wanted to attack them one by one.

Wind and lightning forces were Jiang Chen's most substantial assets, while Peerless and Magnificent Wind Sword Technique was still strengthened by a Sword Spirit, and it possessed an outstanding might.

It could be only heard the wind and thunder sound echo, as the sword beam turned into a bolt.


White Deity's face turned pale with fright. She couldn't believe that a middle-stage Martial Emperor could launch a sword strike with such great might, and she was forced to change offense into defense.


Black Deity, who was ignored, emitted more intense murderous aura, and his heartless swords streaked across the air.

The body of Jiang Chen that used Invincible Golden Body Technique was shining with golden light, and when the myriad of swords came in contact with the golden radiance, their power was corroded little by little.

Jiang Chen managed to block the sword technique, and he was forced to move back by several steps.

At this moment, the expression of Underworld Judge, who observed everything all along, changed drastically.

When Jiang Chen confronted Ghost General head-on a while ago, it was a confrontation between both people's weapons.

But now, Jiang Chen had depended wholly on his defensive power to block Black Deity's sword technique.

A sword's power was obviously not on par with a halberd, but Black Deity was an apex Martial Emperor.

"This guy's defensive power is too terrific." Underworld Judge couldn't help but have such a thought.

"It's still fine."

Underworld Judge quickly discovered that White Deity landed safely, and even though she cut a sorry figure, she still sustained only light injuries.

"Even though his sword strike can also be considered quite powerful, but he still didn't manage to inflict heavy injuries upon White Deity due to Realm Power's restrictions."

As Underworld Judge thought of this matter, he shouted loudly, "Jiang Chen, we have a thorough understanding of you. So just cast your Extreme Martial Technique. Moreover, you can also take out your little bronze cauldron if you want."

"Well?" Jiang Chen didn't expect that his opponents knew the bronze cauldron, and at this moment, he became more resolved to carry out his plan.

"You aren't qualified to see my Extreme Martial Technique," Jiang Chen said.

"What big words! We aren't part of the three ranks' groups, but it's only due to our ages that we can't join it. Since we can become gold-medal killers, we are obviously the real deal."

Ghost General spoke angrily, "Today, even if you go up to Heaven, or down to the Underworld, none can save you."

As Ghost General spoke, he stopped hiding his power, and he spread out his arms.

As a loud rumbling sound echoed, Ghost General's whole body started burning with raging flames.

"Hellish Ghost Fire?"

Jiang Chen was startled. He discerned that his opponent's flames originated from powerful fire energy that was second only to the worldly energy, Solar Golden Flame. It was one of the four Heavenly Flames!

Myriad Spirits Ancient Blaze, Sky-Burning Purple Flame, Hellish Ghost Fire, and Sixty-Fourth Divine Fire.

The four heavenly flames weren't ranked, and they were all called supreme flames.

However, it was fortunate that Ghost General didn't grasp an Alien Flame, and if he had done so, he would be able to strengthen it with the Heavenly Flame, and Jiang Chen's situation would be more awful.

"Lifeless Sword!"

In another region, Black Deity waved the sword in his hand. It seemed like his sword's blade interior was empty, as one could even see the blue energy that appeared within it.

Jiang Chen's heart shuddered. He didn't know what was such energy, but he could still feel that Black Deity's sword became sharper by much.

"If you don't use an Extreme Martial Technique while facing the next attack, you will die. However, even if you do so, the final outcome will still be the same," Underworld Judge spoke coldly.

"It isn't necessarily the case." Jiang Chen grinned and took out a scroll made out of mysterious jade from his Storage Spirit Artifact.

"Do you know what is this?" Jiang Chen asked.

"If you have any tricks up your sleeve, just use them. If I can't kill you today, then it's your victory," Underworld Judge spoke disdainfully.

"Okay!" Jiang Chen threw the scroll on the ground.

The scroll opened by itself. Innumerable patterns were depicted on its paper, and after the scroll was opened completely, the patterns started moving, and they formed a formation on the ground.

"What is this?"

Uncle Black detected that space was distorted. Those were signs of teleportation.


As a white fog started rising among the formation, a person appeared out of thin air, and he took large strides.

If one observed that person carefully, he would discover that he was an exact copy of Jiang Chen.

"What is going on?"

Uncle Black and his companions were confused.

"A puppet? Is this a puppet modeled upon him?" Princess Diao Ying also couldn't understand this matter, and she assumed that the second Jiang Chen had been within the scroll.

It turned out that Jiang Chen had a far-sighted view, and since he had a suitable environment to do what he wanted, he made ample preparations.

A teleportation formation was set by him in advance within the scroll, and since it could be used to teleport a person, it obviously wasn't a unidirectional formation.

There were two scrolls, and the other one was in the hands of the magical clone.

However, this scroll was obviously not suitable for all purposes, and it could only teleport a person over. Jiang Chen's main body couldn't use the teleportation formation to escape this land.

But if he wanted scrolls that teleport in both ways, then he was able to make them. But the person who would be teleported must be in a stable region where he wouldn't be disturbed.

The main body that was encircled and attacked by killers didn't have such a chance.

Moreover, the magical clone that was teleported over couldn't bring with him any external objects, and even the clothes worn by him were the most ordinary plain cotton clothing.

However, such issues weren't serious in the eyes of other people, as they already couldn't imagine even in their dreams that such a formation existed, and its function was tantamount to the ability to summon a human over.

The magical clone's Realm Level was the same as the main body, and it was even slightly higher.

"A magical clone? Kill it!" Underworld Judge was startled, and he immediately passed down orders.

"A Halberd Cut the Starry River!"

Ghost General that was in a berserk state, released a great murderous aura as if he would kill anyone that obstructed his path, humans, and gods alike.

When the magical clone noticed Ghost General's actions, it didn't hesitate, and it pounced at him, while a towering visible wave of pressure emanated from it.

The expression of the Ghost General, who faced the wave of pressure, changed drastically. He had never met anyone who emanated such a forceful wave of pressure.

"Be careful, it's a draconic power!" Underworld Judge quickly warned his comrade. He didn't ask him to be careful of just the draconic power, but also of the attack that would follow it.

"Black Dragon Punch: a Dragon Flying in the Sky!"

The Dragon Punch that rivaled an Extreme Martial Technique was cast, and boundless power erupted out of the magical clone.

A cracking sound that rivaled thunder emanated from the clone's bones, while its black hair fluttered with the wind, and his hair seemed like black ink.

A formless power formed a giant dragon's outline around the magical clone.

"It's good that you came over!"

Ghost General's face was flushed. His unyielding nature was stimulated, and he waved his halberd crazily, while his scarlet fire gave rise to many ripples in the sky.

Raging flames started rising from Ghost General's heavy armor, and it seemed like he was the incarnation of fire on earth.

"World-Destroying Fury!"

The ground beneath everyone's feet started shivering due to the berserk heavenly fire's great power.

"What great power, his attainments in the fire element rivals the geniuses of the first rank's group. No, he's even more outstanding than them."

Even though Princess Diao Yang and Ghost General were separated by more than a thousand meters, she was still scared by him. It was unimaginable how someone whose Realm Level was lower than even her could withstand such an attack.

However, Jiang Chen's magical clone didn't seem like an intermediate-stage Martial Emperor, and as he cast the Black Dragon Punch, he charged forward courageously. He wasn't afraid of the fire energy, and he thrust his fist vigorously.

Ghost General shouted loudly and used his whole power.

The Underworld Judge had already got ready to evade the shock waves. But the world-shaking impact that anyone forecasted didn't occur.

"How is this possible?"

When Underworld Judge observed this matter carefully, he was scared greatly. The reason why such a matter didn't occur was that both people weren't evenly matched.

Ghost General was suppressed thoroughly, and even his heavenly fire was restrained.

Jiang Chen was even more ferocious than a dragon, and he thrust a punch after another. He beat Ghost General so much that he started suspecting his whole life's experience.

"Why aren't you afraid of fire?"

Ghost General couldn't understand this matter. Even though the heavenly fire's force didn't erupt, its temperature was still high enough to melt Mysterious Iron.

"You didn't have any chance to defeat me since the moment you decided to walk down the fire element's road."

Jiang Chen thrust his fist once again. He broke Ghost General's defense, and his fist fell upon his heavy armor. As a thumping sound echoed, a big dent was left on the heavy armor.

Moreover, it still wasn't limited to just this, as it seemed like Jiang Chen's power was inexhaustible, and his Dragon Punches rained upon his opponents repeatedly. He treated Ghost General like a sandbag and beat him repeatedly.


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