The Brilliant Fighting Master
1437 Fighting Gold-Medal Killers
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1437 Fighting Gold-Medal Killers

The people took Jiang Chen's words for delirious ravings, and all four killers wore a disdainful look.

People believed that gold-medal killers were able to assassinate Martial Saints, and the said killers were all apex Martial Emperors. But they still had only a certain chance to assassinate a Martial Saint successfully, and it wouldn't be realistic of them to state that they had a hundred percent chance of success.

But such odds were still too terrific because they were just Martial Emperors, and there was a large disparity between Martial Emperor and Martial Saint Great Realms.

Even Jiang Chen that always challenged people at a higher Realm Level might not necessarily be able to deal with an early-stage Martial Saint once he became an apex Martial Emperor.

In the ancient ruins, Jiang Chen didn't run into any apex Martial Emperor's opponents, while Realm Level's power at the peak of the Martial Emperor Realm was one of the basic requirements for getting into the first rank's groups.

The four killers weren't geniuses, but since they could become killers, they had their own special techniques such as the barrier that enveloped this land.

It was no wonder that the princess and her companions descended into despair.

All of a sudden, Jiang Chen rose from the ground and soared up straight.

The killers' smile became brighter, while White Deity pursed her lips and revealed a faint smile. "Didn't he understand what I have just said?

A barrier was different than a formation, and it was difficult to break it. This was especially the case since this was a barrier improved by the Nether World School, and if one wanted to leave it, he must possess Realm Power on par with a Martial Saint.

The barrier was similar to Ox-Head and Horse-Face's formation, and if one was a Martial Saint, it would be easy for him to escape from it.

Such special restrictions were set up to prevent the target from escaping, and they could set them as long as they had enough info.

At this moment, they didn't need to take a look to discern that Jiang Chen didn't possess a Martial Saint's power.

The barrier's highest region was at a low-altitude, and if one soared further, he would end up entering Absolute Sky Domain's most dangerous region.

Jiang Chen didn't try to break the barrier. Instead, he moved back and forth and thrust his sword at a speed so high that it couldn't be followed by the naked eye.

"What is he doing?" The confident Ghost General was confused.

"Is he trying to mystify himself on purpose?" White Deity made a guess.

All of a sudden, Underworld Judge's expression changed drastically, while his pupils contracted. He cried out of surprise, "He's trying to reverse our barrier."

Jiang Chen couldn't break the barrier, but he could still alter it greatly.

Jiang Chen didn't wait for the four killers to obstruct him, and he went back to the ground once again.

"We also can't get out." Black Deity discovered this matter, and his expression became grave.

"Do you want to strand us here until our death? What jokes are you trying to play on us? The barrier is constantly consuming its limited energy, and you will die before it's consumed completely."

Underworld Judge assumed that Jiang Chen wanted to use such a method to threaten him.

"You have four people, and I don't have time to hunt you down one by one," Jiang Chen said.

Jiang Chen's words were too shocking, and it was only after a while that the people present here understood what he implied.

"He's too arrogant." Princess Diao Yang couldn't help but have such a thought.

Jiang Chen was implying by such words that the killers would be scared off by him after a short while, and he would have to kill them one by one.


Underworld Judge's expression was gloomy. He was a killer, and it was important for him to keep his cool at any time. But he was still irritated because Jiang Chen looked down upon them too much.

"I will take care of you."

The tall and sturdy Ghost General took the lead and attacked. He was wearing an impenetrable heavy armor, and as he used his body's boundless power, he seemed like a moving mountain.

The weapon in Ghost General's hands was a halberd, and it didn't seem like a weapon that befitted a killer. But every killer of the Nether World School had his own style, and Ghost General always fought like this.

As Ghost General proceed forward, raging flames erupted out of his halberd, while his vigorous power surged out.

"A Halberd Slaughters Everyone in the Realm."

While there were still ten meters left until Ghost General reached Jiang Chen, he waved his halberd heavily. Its energy merged with the fire and turned into a ferocious beast that bared its fangs and brandished its claw.

Moreover, since they were on the ground, everywhere the beast passed by, the ground would split open.

"Cheap tricks." Jiang Chen's gaze was ardent. He discerned his opponents' plans.

When Ghost General showed off his power and attacked, Black Deity disappeared.

"Silent Sword Strike!"

This was the Nether World School's famous killing move. If one wanted to learn it, he would have to practice the Void Escape Technique to the pinnacle and fuse sword techniques with it.

As a sword was thrust, the void was shaken, and it seemed like the marks left by the sword on the void would never disappear.

Ghost General's attack was only used to attract Jiang Chen's attention, and Black Deity's attack was the true killing move.


Jiang Chen swapped the Immeasurable Ruler in his right hand into his other hand, and in a moment, the Immeasurable Ruler took once again a sword's shape, while he also pulled out the Redcloud Sword with his right hand.

"Wind, fire, lightning, and whirlwind!"

Jiang Chen created another sword move at the last moment. Such a sword move could only be used temporarily, and after the fight came to an end, he probably wouldn't even remember it. But it still displayed shocking effects at this moment.

Jiang Chen held two swords in his hands, while his Sword Spirit's power rose in intensity. He spun around at the same place and quickly waved around the Immeasurable Ruler and Redcloud Sword.

Du Tian Divine Lightning, Solar Golden Flame, and Void Divine Wind were all used at the same time, while the Supreme Will's power was also used fully.

A small whirlwind of swords appeared, and its heights reached only a hundred feet.

When Ghost General's attack fell upon the whirlwind of swords, it was extinguished by it easily.

As for Black Deity, he showed himself and thrust his sword at the whirlwind. But when he faced such terrifying power, both he and his sword up deflected, and were sent flying away, while the whirlwind's sharp power had almost penetrated Black Deity's Protective Dipper Energy.

"He's so strong!"

The eyes of Uncle Black and his companions that retreated to the rear lit up.

Those two killers' joint attack confused them, and they had only managed to have a clear look at it at the last moment. They didn't expect that Jiang Chen would be able to resolve such a crisis so easily.

"Uncle Black, is he really an intermediate-stage Martial Emperor?" Princess Diao Yang couldn't bear expressing her doubts and raising a question.

Uncle Black chuckled bitterly. He understood the princess's implication. She questioned whether an intermediate-stage Martial Emperor could be so strong, and he didn't know how he could answer her.

"The three ranks groups were a division for geniuses, but devilish geniuses still existed in this world," Uncle Black sighed with emotion, and spoke inwardly.

In the other region, Jiang Chen's fight had only begun.

"Don't assume that the Nether World School is so simple.

When Jiang Chen consumed his sword's power, a sweet voice transmitted to him, and it could be seen that a white-clothed person appeared behind him, while a sweet fragrance started permeating around him.

Jiang Chen was then in a trance. He felt like many beautiful women appeared in front of him and started stripping.

"A Halberd Split Open the World!"

At such a moment, Ghost General appeared at three meters from Jiang Chen, and his giant body obstructed Jiang Chen's sight.

The two-meter-long halberd was waved down heavily. This time, this wasn't just a ruse to cover others, and this was an all-out attack.

It could be seen that a beautiful blaze appeared around Ghost General's black heavy armor, and it seemed like he would shortly erupt out with everything he had.

Jiang Chen's expression changed drastically. Even if those killers weren't among the three ranks division's system, challenging a martial-grade expert at a higher Realm Level was still difficult.

"Fire God Armor!"

Jiang Chen cast the Celestial Phoenix's inherited technique, and he wore armor made out of raging flames.


Ghost General that was in front of Jiang Chen raised his brow. Even someone like him that was adept in the fire element couldn't bear the heatwave that blew at his face. But he still waved down his halberd.

After Jiang Chen wore the Fire God Armor, the Redcloud Sword became quite excited, and it shot out a shocking light beam that faced the halberd.


Intense energy collision gave rise to a great disturbance, while both Jiang Chen and Ghost General were forced to fly back.


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