The Brilliant Fighting Master
1436 King of Hell
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1436 King of Hell

The iron chain's name was Soul-Evoking Chains, and they could be almost considered a top-grade Doctrine Artifact.

Ox-Head was confident in hitting anything accurately with the first strike because they were in the formation. Since the Soul-Evoking Chains possessed a strange effect able to entrap one's soul, the enemy would usually have to surrender.

Jiang Chen's gaze became grave, and his Azure Lotus Sword Spirit appeared. Boundless Sword Energy emanated from it and exterminated all wandering souls.

If one observed this sight carefully, he would discover that the wisps of Sword Energy didn't fly at random, and they were interweaving around each other, while the illusory realm present in all places they passed by would be erased, and extinguished.

Meanwhile, the straightening effect attained by the Soul-Evoking Chains was only becoming weaker ceaselessly.

When Ox-Head just realized that the current situation was anything but reassuring, Jiang Chen attacked with his sword suddenly.

"Firmament Wind Sword Spirit: Speed Pinnacle Sword Move!"

The sword beam turned into a bolt that charged ahead, and it destroyed all obstructions in its way before it struck the Soul-Evoking Chains. The sword beam was faster than lightning, and it even separated into four beams that cut the Soul-Evoking Chains into four pieces as if it was a watermelon.

"Impossible!" Ox-Head turned pale with fright. His Soul-Evoking Chains was on a par with a top-grade Doctrine Artifact, and it shouldn't have been possible to destroy them so easily.

Ox-Head couldn't help but take a look at the sword in Jiang Chen's hand, and he was so scared by it that he took a breath of cold air.

"An Immortal Artifact!"

It turned out that Jiang Chen wasn't using the Heavenly Fault Sword or Redcloud Sword, but the Immeasurable Ruler.

The Soul-Evoking Chains was on a par with a Doctrine Artifact because of their offensive power and special effects. But this didn't mean that it was a real Doctrine Artifact. It lacked Doctrine Symbols, and that was why it could be cut apart by Jiang Chen so easily.

"Be careful!"

Princess Keer's warning reverberated behind Jiang Chen.

It turned out that Horse-Face was already standing next to Jiang Chen, and his cannon-like weapon was pointed at Jiang Chen. Blazing light shone in the cannon's mouth, while Horse-Face sneered coldly and repeatedly. He had already built up enough power.

As a rumbling sound echoed, a raging energy wave shot out, and since the two people were close to each other, there was no room for escape.

"Come back!" Jiang Chen turned over his right hand, and the Immeasurable Ruler took a spear's shape.

Jiang Chen strode forward, while a loud sound echoed from his body, and he used a thunderous strike with his spear. The spearhead struck the energy wave. But it didn't let such energy explode, and it just deflected it back.

At this moment, the same emotions that Ox-Head felt welled up in Horse-Face's heart, and his pupils contracted as he looked at the energy wave that was coming back at him.

It was fortunate that the energy wave's deflection wasn't so perfect, and it didn't stay stable until it hit its target. When there were still three meters left between it and its target, the energy wave released its might.

Horse-Face soared into the sky, but he still ended up struck heavily and was sent flying away.

Meanwhile, the formation enveloping everything disappeared quickly like a tide, and the world before their eyes recovered to normal.

The armed soldiers, whose souls were harvested previously, fell down on the rocky ground. Even though their bodies didn't have a single wound, they still didn't have any life force left.

The people who didn't get to see the course of events wouldn't have managed to discern how those people died.

"Startling Heavenly Sword Move!" Jiang Chen used a sword move once again, and his target was Ox-Head that still didn't come back to his senses.

As death closed on in Ox-Head, his face that was hidden became filled with fright. He was only at the Martial Emperor Realm's late-stage, and even when he had the help of the formation and illusory realm, he couldn't kill Jiang Chen, let alone now.

Ox-Head could only look with an entreating gaze at the Underworld Judge and his three companions. However, the Underworld Judge, Ghost General, and the Black and White Deity just revealed a mocking smile. They surely wouldn't intervene!

All killers were heartless and merciless, and since Ox-Head and Horse-Face attempted to steal their targets, they deserved to die.

"You dare to pay attention to something else while facing my sword?"

An ice-cold voice rang near the ears of the desperate Ox-Head, and he then felt a chill running down his spine, but he didn't have the resolve to give any resistance.

The sword penetrated Ox-Head's defense, while the three forces of fire and lightning that fused along with the sword instantly erased Ox-Head from the world.

"Is this still an intermediate-stage Martial Emperor?"

Horse-Face finally realized what kind of person they had provoked. He didn't give regard to his companion's miserable death, and he turned around to escape.

"Eternal Instant!" Jiang Chen tapped the ground with the tip of his foot, and he disappeared from his former location along with his sword.

The princesses and the other people behind Jiang Chen couldn't see his trails, and they could only feel many air currents flowing toward Horse-Face.

When they got to see Jiang Chen once again, those air currents gathered together, and they turned into a light beam that penetrated Horse-Face's body.

Horse-Face's body convulsed for a while before he fell down to the ground, and he didn't stand up once again.

Two out of the Nether World School's gold medal killers were killed in a short while.

The smile that was always plastered on White Deity's face finally disappeared.

"It seems like our intelligence network isn't mistaken," Ghost General that was always skeptical of Jiang Chen, spoke solemnly.

The four people had expected that Horse-Face and Ox-Head would die. But they still didn't expect that they would be killed so easily.

"The Extreme Sword Technique didn't just let him master a sword move that had a destructive might, it has also turned him into a true swordsman," Black Deity said.

"That is right. But it's a pity that he will still be killed by us." The Underworld Judge came back to his senses, and chuckled cruelly before he gave the others the permission to attack.

Princess Diao Yang that was on the rocky road looked at the corpses of Horse-Face and Ox-Head with her pretty face filled with shock.

"Did it come to an end?" The armed soldiers still had a lingering fear, and they felt like everything wasn't real.

After they ascertained that they were still alive, they all couldn't help but start cheering.

"Little friend..."

Uncle Black rejoiced that he treated Jiang Chen like he did, as if he didn't do so, Jiang Chen might have attacked them because the princess went overboard. It could be discerned from the power shown by Jiang Chen previously that they would all be in danger if they faced him.

When Uncle Black was about to go over to Jiang Chen, and thank him, he discovered that Jiang Chen revealed his whole power, and still had a high fighting spirit. He was still in a combative state.

Uncle Black was confused by such a sight. Weren't all enemies already killed?

"Come out!" Jiang Chen cast his gaze at a cliff near them, and when the other people looked over there, they got to see four people.

When Jiang Chen's voice just echoed, the four people jumped over, and they all glided in the air.

"Underworld Judge, Ghost General, as well as Black and White Deities."

Princess Diao Yang turned pale with fright. Such a great team would be only used to assassinate a Martial Saint, but was there any Martial Saints among them?"

Could it be...

Princess Diao Yang looked at Jiang Chen's back with her face filled with confusion. Jiang Chen's Realm Level was still at the Martial Emperor Realm's intermediate stage, even in the previous confrontation.

"Those killers didn't come for us, but for him, didn't they?"

Princess Diao Yang knew well that her head's price wasn't so high that the Nether World School's Underworld Judge would come after her, and after she realized this matter, she unexpectedly rejoiced.

The reason behind this was that she didn't really need to fight against the Nether World School's killers just because Jiang Chen fought to help them a while ago.

The killers had come here for Jiang Chen, while they had already lost a part of their soldiers, and didn't owe Jiang Chen anything. At least, this was what Princess Diao Yang believed.

"Two groups of killers and two targets." Uncle Black was quite old and experienced, and he discerned what was happening.

The Ox-Head, Horse-Face, and those four people appeared in succession. But since those four people didn't intervene to save the others, everything was clear.

But he still wasn't confident in contending against the four killers.

"Little friend, run away," Uncle Black transmitted his voice to Jiang Chen.

"He can't run away, as a barrier formed by a formation was set in the hundred-mile-radius around us. You must remember that it's a barrier, and it can only be broken by brute power." When White Deity stated those last words, her gaze fell upon Jiang Chen.

"Did you come here for me?"

Jiang Chen recalled that he had killed many people in the ancient ruins, and he should have offended many factions. But since they were all afraid of the Sword Fairy, they didn't dare to attack him openly, and they entrusted the Nether World School with such a task. This was an appropriate solution!

"I have killed many bandits from your Nether World School, and I even killed Ghost Envoys," as Jiang Chen spoke, his gaze fell upon a man wearing heavy armor. "Afterward, I will kill a Ghost General and the Underworld Judge. Moreover, I will also kill your King of Hell sooner or later."


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