The Brilliant Fighting Master
1435 The Netherworld
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1435 The Netherworld

"What do you mean by this? If I have to fight, I will fight."

After Princess Diao yang hesitated for a moment, she jumped and went toward the armed soldiers at the outermost part of the formation.


The armed soldiers became anxious, and they took their shields decisively. They went toward the princess and were about to encircle her.

"You should all move back."

It was really like what Jiang Chen had said, Princess Diao Yang's fighting prowess was higher than ordinary soldiers, and she managed to break free of them easily.

"I want to see who dares to kill me!"

Jiang Chen cast a glance at her and said, "You aren't really hopeless."

The Nether World School's gold medal killers outside had already rushed over here, and they witnessed what happened.

"It's too outrageous, did he manage to discern the five poisonous creatures' order in less than a minute?" Ox-Head was shocked, and he finally believed what the Underworld Judge had said.

"Moreover, did you notice it? He didn't use any Formation Disk, and he depended upon his naked eye to see-through the formation." Horse-Face also had the same opinion, and he still noticed scary details.

The Five Poisons Formation was set by them, and that was why it wasn't surprising that they had such a reaction.

If Jiang Chen knew why those two people were surprised, he wouldn't know whether to laugh or cry. If he had to use a Formation Disk to deal with such a simple formation, then the Sacred Zone's first young master was too useless.

"Don't forget your own targets." The Underworld Judge noticed that two killers had paid too much attention to Jiang Chen, and that was why he reminded him.

Ghost General, black, and white deities were still bustling outside the formation, and they were waiting for Jiang Chen to leave the formation before attacking him.

Ox-Head and Horse-Faced exchanged a glance before they entered into the formation.

The great formation's third ring was called Soul Evoking Formation, and the two people's power would rise while inside the formation. They would manage to take control of the fate of the people stranded there, take their lives, and harvest their souls.



After Ox-Head and Horse-Face entered the formation, they called each other's names, exchanged a glance, before they revealed the same smile. They had cooperated for many years, and already had an understanding between them.

Since the Underworld Judge, and the other three people, targeted Jiang Chen, it was obvious that his head had a high price, and that they weren't interested in their two targets any longer.

The Nether World School's rules didn't put any restrictions on missions, and any killers could take them. However, if they ran into a thorny target, the school would send a great team such as the Underworld Judge's team.

Now, Jiang Chen was stranded in the formation, and Ox-Head and Horse-Face couldn't help but desire to take credit for this matter. Even though Jiang Chen showed an outstanding performance, this was limited to just formations field's aspect, and it didn't mean that he possessed great power.

Moreover, even if by chance, Jiang Chen was a genius among geniuses, the power of a person like him at the Martial Emperor Realm's intermediate-stage would only rival the best among the second rank group.

They didn't remember any longer how many targets at such a level they killed.

Returning to Jiang Chen's side, after they went through the Five Poisons Ordeal, all armed soldiers accepted him wholeheartedly and obeyed his instructions.

"The great formation's third part may be combined along with an illusion formation able to confuse one's mind. But as long as you don't panic, and persevere, you won't suffer any issue," Jiang Chen spoke loudly.

"It's impossible!"

Ox-Head and Horse-Face, who had already entered the formation, were startled. They hadn't activated the great formation's third part yet. So how did Jiang Chen discern it?

"Can a person's attainment in the formations field be so high?"

"Who knew? It may also have been just a wild guess. But why should we care about this? Activate the formation."

Ghosts' wails and wolves' howls echoed among the formation for a moment, while a chilly wind blew at everyone.

The scenery in front of the crowd changed once again, everything in front of their eyes became dusky, while many white-clothed people, whose heads were lowered, appeared in their vicinity.


Some armed soldiers got to see those white-clothed people's black faces, and they were scared witless.

"Don't look at their faces, as once you meet with their gazes, you will also become a wandering ghost."

Jiang Chen found commanding a team of strangers at the last moment too difficult.

"Go on! Go on!

"Why are you dillydallying? What are you doing?"

Two angry voices echoed in front of the crowd, and they could see two majestic people supervising the wandering souls. If one observed them carefully, he would discover that one of those two people had an ox head, while the other had a horse face.

Since they were in the illusory realm, those two killers didn't seem like masked people, and they seemed true and real.

Jiang Chen suddenly thought of something, and when he turned his head back to take a look, he discovered that many white-clothed ghosts had drifted into their group.

The confused armed soldiers were muddle-headed, and they started walking along with the wandering souls.

Jiang Chen shook his head helplessly. He was aware that those people would surely die.

At this moment, a bright light appeared at a distant place, and a bridge appeared in front of the crowd, while a yellow river that had many dreamy flowers in it appeared.

"Helplessness Bridge? Red Spider Lily? King of Hell's palace?"

Jiang Chen broadened his horizons greatly. He discovered that the people who made such an illusion were professionals.

There was a terrifying and eerie palace in front of Helplessness Bridge, and it emitted a devilish light.

When the armed soldiers walked through the Helplessness Bridge, their souls were taken by the Ox-Head that was keeping watch over the bridge.

"Persevere, and don't let your mind be swayed by this." Jiang Chen warned the remaining people. As long as their will didn't waver, the illusory realm wouldn't manage to harm them.


All of a sudden, Jiang Chen noticed that the expression of Princess Diao Yang, who was next to him, changed, and she wore a confused look while she strode forward.

"Come back!" Since he could help her, he would surely help, and that was why he held her shoulders and raised her into the horse.

"What? What happened?" Princess Diao Yang came back to her senses. She wasn't aware of what had just happened.

"I have already said that if you were knocked unconscious by the poison, such an incident would have been beneficial to us," Jiang Chen spoke angrily.

At this moment, Princess Diao Yang understood that Jiang Chen saved her life, and she couldn't retort back. But she still felt quite aggrieved. Jiang Chen was targeting her repeatedly with his words as if he wasn't aware that she was a delicate young girl.

"Why are you still in a daze? You should forget your past life, and come over to reincarnate, and start a new life."

Since it seemed that the illusory realm wasn't able to affect most people, Ox-Head and Horse-Face looked at Jiang Chen's team, and shouted angrily, while a devilish light shone in their eyes.

At that moment, Jiang Chen, and the others felt like they suffered a lightning bolt, and an evil power invaded their minds and swayed their will once again.

"My mind is eternal!" Jiang Chen wasn't affected by it. But he couldn't ensure that this was the case for the others, and that was why he thrust his sword forward.

Sword beams streaked around here, and the wandering souls in their ways were exterminated.

At this moment, the chilly wind became more intense, while the wild ghosts turned into evil ghosts, and started crying sharply.

Princess Diao Yang's face turned pale, and she couldn't help but hold her head and start crying.

"You are already in the Netherworld. Yet you still dare to act recklessly."

Ox-Head and Horse-Face flew into a rage, and they both attacked. They charged at Jiang Chen!

On the outside.

"It seems like those two people are too greedy," White Deity said with a smile.

"It's within expectations," Black Deity said calmly.

"Should we intervene? Once they forestalled us, we will have ended up wasting money on travel expenses in vain." Ghost General was slightly worried.

"If even Ox-Head and Horse-Face can deal with him, why would Grandma Meng dispatch us?"

The Underworld Judge was angered by Ghost General's stupidity. He had repeated the same statement ceaselessly!

The four killers decided not to intervene, and they observed the formation attentively. They wanted to witness Jiang Chen's power personally.

"It's pretty good!" Jiang Chen was overjoyed. He couldn't fight while inside the illusory realm, as even though he could deal with any changes, it wasn't the case for others.

But since Ox-Head and Horse-Face attacked now, he didn't have any more misgivings about this matter.

"Die!" Ox-Head threw the iron chain in his hand suddenly.

This chain that wasn't longer than ten meters was on a par with a Doctrine Artifact, and it was a sharp weapon that fit Ox-Head perfectly.


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