The Brilliant Fighting Master
1433 Clinging to One“s Opinion Obstinately
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1433 Clinging to One“s Opinion Obstinately

The name of the princess with the sweet appearance was Keer, and the shrewish one was called Diao Yang. They were both a certain nation's princesses.

Diao Yang snorted coldly and went into the carriage, while Keer nodded at Jiang Chen, before she returned to the carriage.

Just after this, they started using the Sky Horses Running Amok in the Air Formation.

Both the carriage and the mechanical horses, with Jiang Chen riding along, were all speeding as they glided through the air.

On the horse, the scenery around him became quite fuzzy, while the wind whistled near his ear. Since they were moving at such a high speed, they would manage to leave the Absolute Sky Domain in less than half a day.


"Hateful! What a good chance this was."

"It doesn't matter. In any case, it was him who created this chance for us."

A short while after the carriage left, two people appeared in the region where the attack had taken place. They were wearing weird clothes, and, even though it was broad daylight, they still seemed eerie. The masks they were wearing were hideous representations of an ox face and a horse face.

One of them was holding an iron chain that emitted an eerie light, while the other was holding a small cannon-like weapon. It was obvious that they were the Nether World School's Ox-Head and Horse-Face.

"Everything is still developing according to our plan."

They hadn't expected the appearance of Jiang Chen, which was why they didn't include him in their assassination plan. However, the appearance of unexpected incidents was a normal occurrence for experienced killers.

They had expected that their targets would use the Sky Horses Running Amok in the Air Formation, and they had set a formation that was waiting for them.

"It's really a coincidence!"

All of a sudden, an eerie voice could be heard, which scared Ox-Head and Horse-Face.

"Who is it?" They turned their heads and saw four people striding over.

"Why did you come here?"

A surprised look appeared on Ox-Head's face when he saw these people.

Ghost General, Underworld Judge, Black Deity, and White Deity were cooperating on what was obviously an important mission.

"Our targets are traveling together."

The four people who had just arrived were the four gold-medal killers, who had followed Jiang Chen's trails in Xuanwu City. They had used a teleportation formation to rush here quickly, and they had seen what had just happened.

"Is it that youngster?"

The surprise apparent on Ox-Head's face became more intense. "Did an intermediate-stage Martial Emperor deserve dispatching such a great team?"

Horse-Face said, "We have set a stranding and killing formation ahead, and we can assure you that they won't manage to escape."

"That isn't necessarily the case," White Deity chuckled softly, while her ample chest heaved up and down. She seemed too alluring!

"What do you mean by that?" Irritation appeared on Ox-Head's face.

Ox-Head, Horse-Face, Black Deity, and White Deity were the same rank in the Nether World School. However, the Black Deity and the White Deity always followed Underworld Judge around, and, for that reason, they assumed that their statuses were higher.

"Grandma Meng's information and analysis are accurate, and they have revealed that his attainments in formations are among the ten best in the Xuanhuan Realm," Underworld Judge explained this to Ox-Head and Horse-Face.

"What? How could such a young person possess such an ability?" Ox-Head couldn't believe it.

"Everyone says that," Ghost General agreed. He had always felt that the information about Jiang Chen was exaggerated.

"Whatever! Since Jiang Chen has joined up with those people, he won't abandon them. This will be beneficial for us," Black Deity spoke like a puppet. His face was expressionless, and his voice was ice-cold.

"That's right. So let's travel together," Underworld Judge answered in approval of Black Deity's opinion.


In another region, Jiang Chen suddenly detected something untoward, and he raised his head to examine what lay ahead.

Then he tightened his grip on the mechanical horse's reins. He wanted to stop it.

However, they were now using the Sky Horses Running Amok in the Air Formation, and this matter wasn't up to him alone. His actions only slowed the whole caravan.

"What's happened?" Black Uncle asked.

"There are stranding and killing formations ahead of us," Jiang Chen stated what he had discovered.

Black Uncle was taken aback, and hesitation appeared on his face before he looked at the carriage.

"You are taking your assumptions for truth, aren't you? The Sky Horses Running Amok in the Air Formation can warn us by itself, and, even if there was a formation, so what? We just have to charge through it."

Princess Diao Yang's voice echoed from inside the carriage.

Jiang Chen frowned. The Sky Horses Running Amok in the Air Formation was a formation made for charging through everything, and it could obviously destroy formations. But his experience as a formation master, which he had amassed through many years, informed him that the best way for dealing with formations was by distancing oneself from them.

This was especially the case for such fixed formations. It was unwise to venture into them unless it was their last resort.

It was a pity that the princess was opposing him, because she suspected that he was an enemy spy.

If Jiang Chen asked them to charge through the formation, she might have changed her opinion of Jiang Chen.

It was the carriage that controlled the Sky Horses Running Amok in the Air Formation, and this was why the mechanical horse ridden by Jiang Chen started moving once again.

A giant horse phantom image was gradually formed, and it was running on the land. It possessed great might and seemed able to penetrate everything.


The sky horse entered the formation, and everything in a 100-mile radius suffered the brunt of a formless destructive power. Many trees fell down, while rocks cracked open.

The reason behind this was that the formation had been set on this unstable region, and, once it suffered the impact of a destructive brute force, the formation's energy went out of control, and such an effect was achieved.

At first, the sky horse destroyed everything in its path with irresistible force. He managed to destroy a part of the formation, and it planned to continue charging onward as the princess wanted.

However, it was a pity that the formation released great power, which hindered it, and the sky horse's speed became slower and slower, before it came to a stop and couldn't move even a single step.

An acute noise echoed from the mechanical horses beneath everyone, as they started exerting their whole power. But they still couldn't move, and a crisp sound could be heard as if they couldn't bear such a heavy load any longer.

It was especially the case for the horses of the princess's carriage, as they were as fiery as stoves, and flames emanated from the ground beneath them.

"Stop!" Jiang Chen shouted.

The formation was more exquisite than Jiang Chen had imagined, and its first function was lowering the Sky Horses Running Amok in the Air Formation's speed that provided it enough power to charge through everything. This formation was set specially to deal with that.

The people who had make this formation knew them well, like the back of their hands.

"I don't believe this."

At this moment, Princess Diao Yang still clung to her opinion obstinately and exhausted the horses' energy ceaselessly. She wanted to use power greater than what the formation could bear and dash through it in one go.

However, every formation master would have come to the same conclusion at this moment, and it was that the princess's plan would surely fail.


After a short while, a mechanical horse beneath an armed soldier couldn't bear the load any longer, and it split apart. After a single horse disintegrated, it gave rise to a chain reaction, and all the mechanical horses exploded one after the other.

Jiang Chen responded quickly and cut off the connection between his mechanical horse and the formation.

In the end, a great explosion came from the carriage, and raging flames rose from it into the sky. The flames' height reached 1,000 yards into the air.

"Princess!" Black Uncle got anxious, and he quickly charged over there.

"We are all right."

The two princesses had used their protective Dipper Energy, and their energy was just shaken slightly. They didn't suffer any harm. After all, their realm level was at the martial grade, and they couldn't be killed by an explosion.

"Why is control in the hands of an idiot like you?"

Upon witnessing that the princess was still panting with rage, Jiang Chen couldn't help but speak.

The armed soldiers didn't glare at him angrily, and it could be discerned that they didn't approve of Princess Diao Yang's previous actions either.

"You dare to scold me?" Princess Diao Yang flew into a rage and clenched her silver teeth. She wished badly to charge at Jiang Chen and teach him a lesson.

"Aren't you an idiot? I have warned you twice. Yet, you have still made one mistake after another," Jiang Chen spoke frankly, because he didn't care about the woman's status as a princess. Royal power wasn't worth anything in his eyes.

"He, he, why should I listen to you? The Sky Horses Running Amok in the Air Formation is my nation's military formation. I have allowed you to get inside it only because I found you pitiful," the haughty Princess Diao Yang wouldn't admit her mistakes.



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