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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1431 Race

The caravan on the ground was very long, and there was a group of sturdy men clad in black armor at the rear, while in the middle there were luxurious carriages.

Birds, dragons, and phoenixes were depicted on the carriages, adorned with gold and silver. The space inside the carriages was as big as an average room.

"I asked you to come down, didn't you hear me? Hurry up!"

A middle-aged man was standing in front of the caravan, and it was he who was shouting at Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen frowned and descended, landing in front of the crowd.

It seemed as if the people had been startled by Jiang Chen's high speed. The middle-aged man was taken aback, and the armed soldiers quickly strode over and surrounded him, while a metallic sound echoed out.

"Youngster, what is going on with you? Don't you know that you can't fly in the Absolute Sky Field? You really have good luck," The middle-aged man's expression became less tense as he scolded Jiang Chen.

"Absolute Sky Field?" Jiang Chen was startled, and he immediately figured out where he was. He raised his head and looked at the sky, and, as his gaze penetrated the layer of clouds, he saw a blue luster. He realized that this man wasn't deceiving him.

The Absolute Sky Field was considered one of the Divine Martial Arts Realm's famous lands, and no one was allowed to fly here. Even flying beasts could suffer a calamity if they flew here.

The reason behind this was that a group of terrifying creatures lived among the clouds, and they would attack anyone who flew around. Moreover, regardless of how high was one's power, one still wouldn't be able to defend against those creatures' attacks.

The middle-aged man had asked Jiang Chen to descend for his own well-being, and Jiang Chen had almost ended up attacking him.

"Thanks for your kindness," Jiang Chen said, and chuckled to himself.

The middle-aged man waved his hand at the others, and the armed soldiers lowered their spears.

The middle-man hadn't taken this action because he had discerned that Jiang Chen was a good person. It was just because he felt that someone at such a realm level couldn't pose a threat to him.

Jiang Chen was observing the middle-aged man, and he noticed a national emblem on the carriages and the soldiers' chests.

"The Xia Clan?"

This group of people belonged obviously to royalty, and the Divine Martial Arts Realm's royal families were present only in the Xia Clan's camp.

"How did you suddenly appear in the sky? I didn't discern any signs prior to it?" The middle-aged man questioned Jiang Chen.

They had just heard thunder rolls, before Jiang Chen appeared out of thin air. They were scared, and that was why they assumed that it was an enemy attack.

"I was practicing movement techniques and lost control of myself for a moment. This is why I ended up here," Jiang Chen came up with an excuse carelessly.

"Is that so?" The middle-aged man was quite skeptical about this. But since they weren't in the depths of the Absolute Sky Field, it wasn't implausible for someone to come here by mistake.

However, when they saw that Jiang Chen's realm level was just at the Martial Emperor Realm's intermediate stage, they found it implausible, as it was only Martial Saints who could end up experiencing what had just been mentioned by Jiang Chen.

"Sirs, I'm sorry for disturbing you. Farewell!"

After Jiang Chen had discovered his current location, he planned to use the same trick once again and continue setting up a teleportation formation.

"Okay," the middle-aged man nodded farewell. It didn't seem as if he planned to ask Jiang Chen to stay.

After Jiang Chen had left, a crisp voice echoed from a carriage, "Uncle Black, how did he seem to you?"

"Your highness, he's hiding something. But he didn't come here for us."

"I hope that's the case, or else he'll end up digging his own grave."

Another woman's voice echoed from the carriage, and it was stronger and more forceful than the previous one.

Uncle Black didn't say much, and their caravan continued proceeding onward.

As for Jiang Chen, he had now found another mountain and was about to set a teleportation formation. But then he discovered that teleportation formations couldn't be used in the Absolute Sky Field.

However, it was fortunate that soon after he left the Absolute Sky Field, he wouldn't be too far from the Heavenly Awakening Plain.

"I need to hurry!" Jiang Chen spoke to himself as he jumped from the mountain. When his feet came in contact with the ground, he shot up like an arrow and ran away quickly. The scenery around him was changing as fast as a flowing tide's water. Jiang Chen was so quick that he seemed like a flying light ray.

Even though Jiang Chen couldn't fly here, his speed wasn't any lower than usual. However, one could move around freely in the sky without running into any obstructions, and this was an advantage that the ground didn't have.

Jiang Chen would occasionally end up rushing into a forest and running into monster beasts, or he might also end up obstructed by great mountains. But these were all trifling issues, as he could jump over the mountains, while he could shake off the monster beasts before they even started attacking him.

The real issue was that every time he was obstructed, he wouldn't manage to continue keeping up his full speed, and he would need to take a breath.

After a short while, the impatient Jiang Chen stopped. He was accustomed to flying in the sky, and he really couldn't get used to this running.

However, shortly he discovered something. When he was in a high place, he saw a flat paved road, which formed a straight line that stretched as far as his eyes could see.

This road hadn't been present 500 years ago, and someone must have paved it because he had run into the same issue as Jiang Chen while crossing the Absolute Sky Field.

Jiang Chen landed on the paved road and continued proceeding onward. Since he didn't need to give regard to anything, Jiang Chen felt quite refreshed, and he sped up ceaselessly.

After a short while, a caravan appeared in front of Jiang Chen. It was the same group of people he had run into previously.

They were a large number of people. But their speed was still quite high because they were riding horses. They weren't ordinary horses, and they actually weren't even horses at all. They were exquisite machines made with puppet craftsmanship techniques.

Moreover, since they were operated by yuan stones, their outward appearance was the same as real horses, as was their speed. They were quite suitable for traveling in the Absolute Sky Field.

Jiang Chen didn't give too much consideration to this matter, and he sped up, before he passed them.

"Who is it?"

The caravan responded quickly, and they immediately stopped, while they took guard against Jiang Chen. All they could see was a black blur speeding past.

"The youngster!" The middle-aged man called Black Uncle recognized Jiang Chen, and he didn't know whether he should laugh or cry.

They had been scared two times in succession by a single person, and they wondered whether he was doing it on purpose.

"Are you trying to play tricks on us? Let me see how fast you are," an infuriated voice echoed from a carriage, and, just after it, a person emerged from it and chased after Jiang Chen.


"Big sister!"

The anxious voices of Black Uncle and the woman in the carriage echoed after her.

"Follow her!" Black Uncle responded quickly, and he asked the armed soldiers to follow them.


Jiang Chen detected something, and, when he turned his head back to take a look, he saw a tall and slender woman closing in on him quickly. She was wearing a blue short skirt and her snow-white legs were showing. Moreover, as she ran, her skirt fluttered, and her private regions became faintly visible.

However, Jiang Chen soon discovered that she was wearing hot pants beneath her skirt that covered up her body.

"Is there no trust between people?" Jiang Chen shook his head. He found it a pity, and he took his eyes off the woman.

"B*stard!" The blue-clothed woman had noticed Jiang Chen's sneaky gaze, and her face became flushed, while flames of anger burned in her eyes.

The sound of something moving through the air became more intense, while the woman's speed reached its pinnacle.

"You came here for me, didn't you?" Jiang Chen was baffled by this, and he assumed that the woman had an emergency.

The blue-clothed woman gritted her teeth. She was so infuriated that she laughed.

"Miss, I'm not interested in keeping you company or playing with you," Jiang Chen didn't know how he had offended her, and he just left behind those words, before he went all out.

As a rumbling sound echoed, Jiang Chen turned into an arc of lightning, and he quickly put distance between them.

"What...?" The blue-clothed woman was startled, and she was frightened by Jiang Chen's high speed.

"I still don't believe it."



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