The Brilliant Fighting Master
1430 Gold-Medal Killers
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1430 Gold-Medal Killers

The Ancient Ruins and the Martial Field were both special Independent Realms, and it wasn't easy to open a passage to them.

The spatial field's experts had all undertaken this task for entrance into the Sovereign Road, and it was because of this that they managed to succeed smoothly. However, despite this, they could only keep the passage open for a limited time, and it was never any longer than five minutes.

Jiang Chen was more proficient in this field than anyone, and that was why he understood clearly how high was the task's difficulty, and it was especially the case because the Martial Field was controlled by the three great factions.

Even if Jiang Chen prepared enough manpower, he would still need to get their permissions, and it seemed now that the Sovereign Spirit Palace, the Martial God Palace, and the Xia Clan wouldn't help him.

When Jiang Chen found himself in a predicament, he always recalled a certain person, the first Sovereign in many years. If Jiang Chen combined his great attainments in the spatial field with her great power, it would be easy for them to split open a passage leading to the Martial Field.

"I will take a trip to the Heavenly Punishment Land. No, that's not right, I will go to the Heavenly Awakening Plain to seek someone's help," Jiang Chen said.

"I will first take a trip back to the Monster Clan and report this matter," Miss Bai also wanted to provide help. But it was obvious that she didn't hold out much hope for the Monster Clan.

Whitey had gotten lost in an Independent Realm, which no one could enter or leave, and this was what nearly everyone had wished for. Miss Bai could only try to persuade them that Whitey was still alive and hope that the Monster Clan would intervene.

Since they were pressed for time, the two separated, took different paths, and started taking action.

The Heavenly Awakening Plain was situated in the northeast, and there were several million miles between it and Xuanwu City. Even if Jiang Chen flew at full speed both day and night, he would need to spend more than ten days to reach it.

However, it was fortunate that Teleportation Formations were present in all flourishing lands, and they were set here because the Divine Martial Arts Realm was too vast.

Xuanwu City had one, and, if Jiang Chen used it, he would only need half a day to reach the plain.

"I'm sorry, you can't use our Teleportation Formation."

"We also can't carry you on our Lightning Bird."

"This is a command passed down by our superiors."

What Jiang Chen didn't expect was that he was already on the three great factions' blacklist, and he couldn't use any quick transportation methods.

Jiang Chen sneered coldly. It seemed as if it was wise of him to not hold out any hopes on the three great factions.

Jiang Chen had mastered ancient formation techniques, and he could teleport by himself, but he would still need to spend the time to set a formation.

Jiang Chen chose a deserted mountain outside Xuanwu City and started working there.

A short while after Jiang Chen left Xuanwu City, four people also left the city quietly. They were all wearing ordinary clothes, and, if they had been among a crowd of people, they wouldn't have caught anyone's attention.

But once they left the city, it seemed as if they had changed thoroughly, and the auras and manners of those men and women seemed slightly evil.

"I almost assumed that he wouldn't leave," A man of average stature clad in black armor chuckled. He had thick hair and a long beard.

"Jiang Chen, three-star expert, lightning method's inheritor, possesses two Doctrine Artifacts, and has an acquired divine body. He has a tenacious life force, and the assassination success rate for him is 70 percent."

A thin man was holding a booklet, and, after he had read everything in it, he sneered coldly and said, "This is information from a year ago, and many assassinations have failed because this information wasn't accurate. Our Nether World School was disgraced because of this."

After the thin man spoke, the booklet in his hand was burned to ashes.

"He, he, today is different from former days. This time, he will surely die," an alluring woman clad in snow-white clothes spoke. She applied makeup on her face and revealed great charm with every gesture.

The woman was now leaning against a black-clothed man, whose face was as pale as paper. He seemed like a dead person.

If anyone had seen those four people, they would have been astounded because they were all Nether World School's gold-medal killers.They were Ghost General, Underworld Judge, Black Deity, and White Deity.

Such a team was able to successfully assassinate even a Martial Saint. Yet now, their target was Jiang Chen, who had had a bounty on him in the Nether World School for several years.

The reason why they chose to settle this matter at this moment wasn't that the Nether World School felt disgraced. This was a killer organization that cared only about profits, and there was someone who had once again put a bounty on Jiang Chen's head. As for who it was? It wasn't important any longer.

"This person is quite wary and vigilant, and he also has many hidden cards. Don't be careless," Black Deity said. His voice was the opposite of White Deity's, and it seemed emotionless.

When these words echoed, the three people's gazes fell upon the Underworld Judge.

The Underworld Judge took another new booklet from his black robe, and he opened it slowly: "Jiang Chen, a top-notch swordsman, whose Supreme Will has reached the first level, while he also possesses the strongest worldly energy of lightning, fire, and wind."

"Trump Card: Dragon Punch and an Extreme Sword Technique."

"The hidden card he has with him currently is a mysterious cauldron. It's able to penetrate everything and possesses a boundless might."

"Stars Formation: He can bring formations with him, and he can set teleportation formations that possess great destructive power."

"This person has a sharp mind, and his assassination success rate doesn't reach even 1 percent."

"Useful weaknesses: He won't admit defeat or back down, and he's an affectionate and loyal person."

"The best assassination strategies: Stranding and killing him, luring him away and killing him."

Upon hearing the Underworld Judge's speech, the expressions of the other three people became grave.

"Last time, the information wasn't complete. But aren't the current pieces of information too exaggerated?"

Ghost General stroked his beard and frowned as he said, "He's just an intermediate-stage Martial Emperor. Yet according to the intelligence analysis, he's almost on a par with a Martial Saint."

"How many times have the Nether World School's killers suffered while facing him? Can't you draw a lesson from it?"

The Underworld Judge closed the booklet and looked at them coldly.

"I don't dare!" Ghost General was taken aback, and he shook his head.

"Humph, we are only allowed to succeed in this operation, and we mustn't fail!" The Underworld Judge held great authority, and, after he passed down an order, they rushed toward Jiang Chen.

In the other region, Jiang Chen had already finished setting up a teleportation formation.

Ordinary teleportation formations needed to go two-way, and two teleportation formations had to be set up and linked together. But an ancient formation didn't need this, and a single one could teleport people. However, one wouldn't manage then to assign a precise destination.

Jiang Chen took out spirit crystals, which he used as the teleportation formation's energy source, before he activated the formation.

A magnetic field appeared in the 100-yard-radius around the deserted mountain, and even space was distorted by it. As a rumbling sound echoed, blue lightning flickered in the sky, and when the deserted mountain had just about collapsed, Jiang Chen teleported away.


Just as Jiang Chen left, the Nether World School's four members rushed over.

"Didn't he just come to the Divine Martial Arts Realm? Why are there teleportation formations prepared for him here? Why isn't this matter mentioned in the intelligence."

The four people didn't understand what had occurred, and they didn't know that the formation had been set by Jiang Chen at the last moment. They assumed that someone had prepared it for Jiang Chen.

"As long as he's still in the Divine Martial Arts Realm, he can't escape from us."

The four people didn't give up so easily, and they disappeared from their former place like ghosts.

At such a moment, Jiang Chen felt like he was as fast as lightning, and he felt like he was running around in the void. When everything came to a stop, a confused look appeared on his face, and he looked around.

"I'm done for! I don't know where I am," Jiang Chen scratched his head and sounded quite vexed.

The teleportation had saved him four days that would have been spent hurrying on the road. But he also didn't know his exact location. If he continued teleporting without clarifying this matter, it would be unknown where he would end up.

"Hey! Come on down!"

Just as Jiang Chen was about to look for someone to question about this matter, he heard someone below him shouting.

Jiang Chen didn't realize what was happening at the first, and he looked around.

"Hey you! I'm talking to you."

The voice echoed once again, and Jiang Chen could ascertain that it was calling him. When he lowered his head to take a look, he discovered a grassland below him with a caravan there.

The people on the ground were all as solemn as if they were facing a great enemy, and they were ready to fight, while they looked hostilely at Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen could guess that the disturbance caused by the teleportation formation must have startled and disturbed the people on the ground.



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