The Brilliant Fighting Master
1428 The First Sovereign in 1,000 Years
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1428 The First Sovereign in 1,000 Years

Lin Yueru ended up unwittingly falling asleep in Jiang Chen's embrace.

Jiang Chen smiled warmly as he looked at her. He looked at the scenery and was astounded by this place's serenity.

"If the Blood Clan hadn't existed, my previous life would have been always peaceful like this," Jiang Chen sighed with emotion.

Lin Yueru didn't sleep for long, and, after ten minutes, she opened her eyes that were filled with delight, "It's awesome! This isn't a dream."

Lin Yueru didn't know how many dreams she had had in the past years, and she almost couldn't differentiate between reality and dreams any longer.

"Foolish girl, set your mind at ease. I have come back, and I won't leave," Jiang Chen said while wearing a soft smile.

Lin Yueru responded excitedly, while her pretty face became filled with delight.

All of a sudden, Jiang Chen recalled something, and he said, "Yueru, I have to ask you what Long Xing has done besides using forceful ways to develop the Sovereign Spirit Palace. What has made you suspect that he will harm me?"

A moment ago, Jiang Chen couldn't help but ponder whether he assumed that Long Xing was evil just because of first impressions, which were always the strongest and most lasting. Every person had his own selfish motives, and there was nothing wrong with Long Xing developing the Sovereign Spirit Palace.

Long Xing might also have taken merit for Jiang Chen's achievements just to keep his secret.

"Brother Chen, trust me, Long Xing has changed so much in the past 500 years." Lin Yueru looked solemn and spoke earnestly, "He once wanted in the past to eradicate a hostile faction. But since he didn't have a good excuse or reason to take action, he slandered them and stated that they were Blood Slaves. He then eradicated the whole faction and didn't spare even the elderly or children."

"Well?" Jiang Chen frowned. This person didn't seem like the Long Xing that he knew. But nothing was strange about it, as after 500 years had elapsed, people would have changed.

"Long Xing got his current status due to people's respect for him. But what would happen if people learned that it was you who fought over 500 years' time for them, and that Long Xing was just a puppet? Such a matter's influence is well imaginable," Lin Yueru spoke once again.

"Okay," Jiang Chen was also aware of this because many youngsters talked about Long Xing as if he was a great god.

"There is also another matter, and you probably also want to know it."

"What is it?"

"Do you know Venerable Hong Yun?"

Jiang Chen was startled by this. He had witnessed the awakening of Venerable Hong Yun. So he obviously knew her.

"Xiao Ruo?"

Venerable Hong Yun's other identity was Jiang Chen's wife, Xiao Ruo.

"She appeared suddenly and ran amok. She didn't pay attention to the balance maintained by the three great factions, and she changed the name of the Heavenly Punishment Plain to the Heavenly Awakening Plain. She stated that it was her home, and she founded the Ling Long Sect there."

"Isn't the Heavenly Punishment Plain a forbidden land? How could she found a faction there?" Jiang Chen immediately discerned the crux of the issue.

"She possessed outstanding power and techniques. She had explored the Heavenly Punishment Plain and killed all the demonic beasts and ferocious beasts in it."

"The three great factions sent people to figure her out. But no one could understand her whole power, and, according to their estimation, she probably had already become a Sovereign."

Upon hearing this, Jiang Chen was dumbstruck. A Sovereign hadn't appeared in the Xuanhuan Realm for many years.

"My plan has started showing effects."

This was Jiang Chen's first thought. His Sovereign Spirit Reincarnation's plan was useful and effective, and, at this moment, he couldn't help but feel more relaxed and at ease.

"The Ling Long Sect isn't affiliated to the three great factions like your Heavenly Palace, and it still wants to fight over supremacy against the three great factions. Its appearance at such a crucial juncture is quite troubling," Lin Yueru said.

"There isn't anyone willing to fight against a Sovereign," Jiang Chen said.

Lin Yueru nodded and didn't continue discussing this matter. "This isn't what is important. Brother Chen, is she Venerable Hong Yun or sister Xiao Ruo?"

"It could be said that she could be either," Jiang Chen shook his head helplessly. This matter was quite complex.

"A Sovereign Spirit doesn't have a will, and it just has a Sovereign's whole life memory. But the reincarnation will be affected by it slightly, and they would end up fusing together."

"This is why when one has to choose a Sovereign Spirit Reincarnator, one must test one's ability, as if one wasn't strong enough, one could end up turning into a madman."

"According to Duan Yun's situation that I have observed, most Reincarnators are in a good state, and the only exception is Venerable Hong Yun."

"The will ingrained within her memory is too intense, and since Xiao Ruo's awakening was different than other people's, they ended up mixed up."

Lin Yueru understood what he meant. But she still couldn't discern the woman's identity.

"She's just her," Jiang Chen could only give such a reply.

"Okay," Lin Yueru didn't continue dwelling on such a matter, and she went back with Jiang Chen into the outskirts of Xuanwu City.

"Hey, I was just wondering whether it wasn't already enough for you," Duan Yun was waiting there, and his face was filled with resentment. He complained and said, "Yueru, you have obviously come here for me. Yet, you haven't paid attention to me at all."

The Sovereign Spirit Palace detected that Duan Yun's Sovereign Spirit had awakened, and that was why they had sent Lin Yueru. However, Lin Yueru had disregarded him thoroughly for Jiang Chen.

Irritation appeared on her face, and she looked warily at Duan Yun.

"He is brother Wuming's reincarnation," Jiang Chen explained to her.

Lin Yueru's eyes widened and became filled with disbelief. She spoke with delight and surprise, "Big Brother Wuming!"

"Duan Yun, it's Duan Yun, it's better to call me Duan Yun. I have already died one time, and I find it quite inauspicious to be called Wuming," Duan Yun emphasized this matter.

"That isn't right, I'm now older than you, and I'm also stronger than you. It's you who should call me big sister," Lin Yueru quickly came back to her senses and frowned, while she released her aura as a Sacred Lord.

"What the h*ll? Your brother Chen's realm level isn't as high as mine," Duan Yun shouted loudly.

"I don't care about this, will you change the way you call me?" Lin Yueru revealed a wicked smile, while her Sword Energy was ready to erupt out at any moment.

"Fine, fine, big sister," Duan Yun didn't know whether he should laugh or cry, and he could only submit to her.

However, Duan Yun suddenly recalled Lin Yueru's weakness, and he said with a smile, "Jiang Chen called me big brother previously, and since I'm now addressing you as a big sister, it's foreordained that you can't get together."

When the words get together echoed, Lin Yueru became bashful, and she stole a glance at Jiang Chen who was next to her, before lowering her head.

"Who has ever called you big brother?" Jiang Chen spoke angrily.

"He, he, it's when we had just become sworn brothers."

"It's only because you are older than me."

"That is right, and I'm your big brother."

The three people bickered once again just like they quarreled in their previous lives, and they all giggled together.

Afterward, they went once again to Xuanwu City's restaurant and started talking about the past while drinking wine.

"That d*mned Blood Clan. It was only due to it that everyone changed, and I will exterminate it sooner or later," Duan Yun was indignant, and his eyes shone with an ominous glint.

"That's right, I will take revenge for the Sacred Zone's people," Lin Yueru had also drunk wine, and her face had become flushed.

"When the moment comes to fight against the Blood Clan, let's kill them, and let's not leave even a single piece of armor," Jiang Chen opened his mind to them and revealed his true feelings.

The three people talked about their former times from nightfall until the next day's daybreak. It was only then that Lin Yueru took Duan Yun with her and went back to the Sovereign Spirit Palace. They would unearth the potential of Duan Yun's Sovereign Spirit there.

They were more adept in such a matter than Jiang Chen because the Sovereign Spirit Palace had experience accumulated through 500 years, and it couldn't be underestimated.

"Long Xing had taken three disciples, and they were in charge of the Sovereign Spirit Palace on his behalf. They also know something about your affair," Lin Yueru said.

Lin Yueru obviously wanted Jiang Chen to follow her to the Sovereign Spirit Palace because it had been founded by Jiang Chen.

"It doesn't matter, I will go there sooner or later. But not now, it will be in the future," Jiang Chen said with a smile.



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