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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1427 Solitude

"Understood!" The Monster-Slaying Palace's elder was left at a loss for words, and she could only take her subordinates with her and leave.

"I didn't expect this," Duan Yun's teasing voice rang out near Jiang Chen's ears.


"The little girl that followed you around in the past now possesses outstanding power," Duan Yun said.

Jiang Chen chuckled bitterly. He recalled what Lin Yueru had said to him last, and he couldn't help but wonder whether he should go over to her.

If Long Xing got to know that Jiang Chen was still alive, it would be unknown what he would do.

"Jiang Chen, follow me."

However, Lin Yueru unexpectedly looked at him and saying these words, she flew far away.

Jiang Chen followed her while facing many pairs of surprised gazes, and, before long, he could see a white-clothed woman atop a mountain's peak.

Jiang Chen landed behind Lin Yueru and pondered what he should say.

"Brother Chen!"

What he didn't expect was that Lin Yueru, whose back was facing him, would turn around suddenly and pounce into his embrace excitedly. It could be discerned from her shivering body how excited she was.

"Hm, I managed to wait until you came," Lin Yueru spoke in a sobbing tone and held Jiang Chen's clothes tightly.

The hand raised by Jiang Chen stiffened for a moment, before he stroked her soft hair, and said while smiling bitterly, "You are now the Sword Fairy who is renowned in the whole world. Aren't you afraid that someone will see this."

"I don't care," Lin Yueru spoke willfully. She had already forgotten how long had passed since she revealed her true emotions, and it was only when she was in front of Jiang Chen that she wouldn't have to put on an act.

All of a sudden, Lin Yueru hugged Jiang Chen's waist, raised her head that was buried in his chest, and opened her black eyes wide.

"Brother Chen, you don't seem excited at all." She pouted. She seemed quite displeased!

"You know me well," Jiang Chen smiled and didn't say much.

"Brother Chen, you are more boring than before." Lin Yueru's gaze became aggrieved.

Jiang Chen stroked his chin. He had gone through two lives, and he couldn't relax at all due to what he had experienced in them.

"Lin Yueru, can you please let go of me?"

Lin Yueru had stuck her body against Jiang Chen's. She wasn't any longer an immature lassie, and she was now a graceful woman with irresistible charm.

Jiang Chen was a normal man, and it was difficult for him to prevent himself from having a reaction at such a moment.

It seemed like Lin Yueru detected her brother Chen's subtle reaction, and her face became flushed. She quickly let go of him and turned around.

If Jiang Chen could have seen her face now, he would have discovered that a complacent look was hidden behind Lin Yueru's bashful expression.

"Didn't you say last time that I mustn't expose myself?" Jiang Chen quickly tried to change the topic of the discussion to alleviate the tension.

"Long Xing started a life-and-death secluded training, and he doesn't pay attention to anything that occurs in the outside world," Lin Yueru said.

Jiang Chen said to himself, "It's no wonder! It seems like I don't have to worry about being found out."

"Yueru, what happened to your body?" Jiang Chen started asking about serious matters.

Once the Blood Clan invaded, the great formation set by Jiang Chen in the Spirit Zone would have been activated, and no one would have been able to leave or enter the Sacred Zone.

In the past, Lin Yueru had had good talents. But she still wasn't among the best, and this was why she wasn't chosen by Jiang Chen.

"Brother Chen, in the second year after your death, news about the Blood Clan spread out, and everyone became restless."

"The Sacred Zone was the first hurdle, and some people wanted to run to the lowest Realm, the Nine Heavens Realm, or hide in an unknown independent realm. However, no one listened to the news, and most of them took it for a joke.

Upon hearing this, Jiang Chen became lost in his thoughts.

One of the most important factors of his plan was keeping everything a secret because the Nine Realms had many Blood Slaves at that time, and they were all waiting for an opportunity to start taking action.

Once news about such an affair was divulged, the Blood Clan would invade them in advance, and everything would be done for.

"As a result, the Blood Clan started taking action after less than a day passed since the news spread, and everyone couldn't escape in time."

Jiang Chen expressed that he found it a pity. This was one of the greatest hurdles he faced then, how he could evacuate everyone without alerting the Blood Clan. It seemed now that it had been impossible to achieve it.

"Long Xing sought me before the Blood Clan's invasion. He said that he had news to tell me, and he used a special teleportation formation to take me into the Divine Martial Arts Realm."

"After a short while, the Sacred Zone was sealed thoroughly, and no one could leave it or enter it."

It turned out that Long Xing had had feelings for Lin Yueru, and he wanted to save his beloved woman.

"I got to know from Long Xing what was going on, and I also heard about your plan," Lin Yueru said.

Jiang Chen frowned. He didn't mistrust Lin Yueru, but he just didn't find this matter as odd as he had imagined. Everything seemed reasonable!

"After the Sacred Zone was closed, the Divine Martial Arts Realm's Blood Slaves responded, and, after they discovered that Long Xing and I had escaped the Sacred Zone, they hunted us down."

"At that time, the Divine Martial Arts Realm wasn't like this, and the Blood Slaves were all great factions' members who held great authority. Long Xing and I managed to make a narrow escape, and we were forced to enter Setting Sun Mountain Range."

"What?" Jiang Chen was startled. If one heard the name Setting Sun Mountain Range, one wouldn't find anything strange about it, but it was the most famous forbidden land of the Nine Realms, and it was even called by some people Death Land.

It could be said that it was a miracle that Long Xing and Lin Yueru managed to come back alive after entering it.

"We both descended into despair within the Setting Sun Mountain Range, and we ended up running into ancient ruins. It was the stuff we got there that helped us survive until now."

"Moreover, Long Xing depended on that stuff to found the Sovereign Spirit Palace, and he changed the Divine Martial Arts Realm and Seventh Realm's great factions."

"He had always pursued me, but I didn't have any feelings for him."

"In the first dozens of years, Long Xing's actions were quite normal, and he was doing everything for the greater good."

Upon hearing this, Jiang Chen nodded. The reason why he had cooperated with Long Xing was that he had a good character.

"But afterward, his ambition got bigger and bigger, and he started believing that he was the savior, and he dealt with all factions that didn't obey him ruthlessly."

"My greatest dispute with him was about the fact that he shouldn't have taken merit for your achievements."

"But he had informed me that this is what you wished and that you didn't want anyone to learn about this," as Lin Yueru spoke, she looked at Jiang Chen's eyes, and asked, "Brother Chen, is this true?"

"It could be said that it's true." Jiang Chen chuckled bitterly, and explained clearly the situation.

"Does this mean that when you weren't using Long Xing's identity, you didn't know that you were Long Xing?" Lin Yueru was quite surprised.

"That is right, the Blood Clan's members can read other people's memories, and even Blood Slaves can do it. This is why I had to be careful while carrying out such a great plan for saving the world."

"Long Xing also didn't know what I was doing, and it was only after the start of the Blood Clan's invasion that he got information left behind by me, and it should be also then that he looked for you."

Jiang Chen said, "What is terrifying was that even though my memory was sealed, the Blood Clan's members were still able to get it and read it."

When the Blood Clan's members met by Jiang Chen in the Blood Sea Realm got to taste his fresh blood, they all managed to learn about the past's truths.

"Is it so terrifying?" Lin Yueru hadn't been in contact with Blood Clan's members, and that was why she didn't know much about this matter.

"That's right."

If the Blood Clan wasn't so terrifying, its members wouldn't have managed to turn a whole world into their blood bank, would they?


Lin Yueru heaved a long sigh. She felt aggrieved and sad as she talked about the past once again.

However, she quickly smiled brightly, and the reason behind this was quite simple. It was that she had gotten to see her brother Chen once again, and her wait for 500 years had been worthwhile.

Just after this, Jiang Chen and Lin Yueru talked about what they had experienced in the past 500 years, and Lin Yueru expressed how much she envied the Sovereign Spirit Reincarnators because they wouldn't be tormented by long waiting.

Afterward, Lin Yueru said that she didn't blame Jiang Chen for not choosing her. That was a great plan for saving the world. So how could one still harbor any selfish motives?

"It's just that 500 years are really too long," Lin Yueru leaned on Jiang Chen's shoulder and spoke in a tired voice.

Lin Yueru didn't need to recount her story in detail, as Jiang Chen could clearly feel that Lin Yueru had lived in solitude for much of the past years.



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