The Brilliant Fighting Master
1426 Sword Fairy
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1426 Sword Fairy

The female elder wasn't like General Meng. She was much smarter than he was. She was aware that the Dragon Clan was on bad terms with the Monster Clan, and this was why Ao Yue wouldn't speak for Miss Bai.

However, Miss Bai always stood next to Jiang Chen, and, even when he was surrounded by people, she still didn't plan to leave. This was why conflicts would occur.

If Jiang Chen didn't solve this matter properly, he would end up angering Ao Yue, and she might leave.

It couldn't be denied that this woman's thoughts were quite tricky and shrewd.

Miss Bai had anticipated this matter long ago, and she hated the Monster-Slayer Palace as much as they hated her.

"Your disciples were killed by us when I joined hands with her."

When Miss Bai was about to say something, Jiang Chen spoke suddenly. Miss Bai was surprised by this greatly!

She had guessed that Jiang Chen would help her, but she still didn't expect that he would be so blunt.

"Jiang Chen, you are depending upon the Dragon Clan's influence. If you want to protect Miss Bai, it won't matter whether the ninth princess will accept it or not, because it will make the ninth princess lose her place in the Dragon Clan," Duan Yun, who was next to them, spoke softly.

Even though Duan Yu seemed crude, he was quite attentive and had a far-sighted view.

If the Dragon Clan learned that Ao Yue had gotten close to Miss Bai, such an affair would be a disaster for her, and she would end up in a difficult situation in the Dragon Realm.

It could be clearly seen that Ao Yue's expression changed.

Meng Luohe, who had assumed that he wouldn't get a chance to kill Jiang Chen today, was overjoyed, and he felt like he could see a certain possibility.

"Jiang Chen, do you want to embarrass the ninth princess in front of all the myriad clans? Do you still want to protect a Monster?" Meng Luohe shouted in a deep voice.

"First, I don't like to hear you refer to her in such a way, and this only demonstrates that you don't have good manners."

Jiang Chen was still calm and composed. He also knew that what Duan Yun had just stated was true.

"I have a distinct view of my grudges, and every matter is different. I will deal with my grudges with the Monster-Slayer Palace, and this matter isn't related to Miss Ao Yue."

When such words echoed, the one who was the most touched by them was Miss Bai. It seemed as if Jiang Chen really was treating her as a friend.

"You look down upon our Monster-Slayer Palace, do you? Good, very good."

The Monster-Slayer Palace's female elder was a Martial Saint, and she didn't take Jiang Chen or Duan Yun seriously.

"If you want to attack Jiang Chen, you must first deal with me," Duan Yun wouldn't shirk his responsibilities and he stood in front of Jiang Chen.

At this moment, the onlookers got curious about Jiang Chen's origins. He could capture the heart of the Dragon Clan's princess, while he also made the Slaughter Sword Doctrine's inheritor become so dead set on protecting him. Could it be that he was bisexual?

"Duan Yun, you still haven't grown up properly, and your current branch isn't on a par with the Monster-Slayer Palace. Do you think that I don't dare to kill you?"

The female elder started losing her patience.

"Huh? Do you dare to kill me?" Duan Yun sneered coldly and released his shocking aura.

When the crowd had assumed that Duan Yun was so demented that he would attack a Martial Saint, they discovered that those weren't signs of an attack, but of a...Sovereign Spirit.

Just as how other people could condense their Martial Souls, Duan Yun condensed his Sovereign Spirit and released it.

At this moment, a sonorous bell sound echoed from the Sovereign Spirit Palace that was on the other ends of the earth.

An anxious crowd had been dispatched. They could directly use teleportation to come here since they were all in the Divine Martial Arts Realm.

At this moment, the Monster-Slayer Palace's elder finally understood why Duan Yun was so confident.

The eight great palaces were affiliated with the Sovereign Spirit Palace, and what the Sovereign Spirit Palace valued the most were Sovereign Spirits.

Everyone who had a Sovereign Spirit would be trained by them vigorously, and the status of Duan Yun in the Sovereign Spirit Palace would raise greatly after his Sovereign Spirit had awakened.

"Kill him!"

While everyone stood still in a deadlock, an unexpected matter occurred. The crowd assumed that Meng Luohe wouldn't attack any longer. Yet at this moment, he didn't pay any attention to the Dragon Clan's anger and attacked suddenly.

Meng Luohe had just recalled his son's death, and he became aggrieved and angry, while he still had a bellyful of pent-up frustration due to Ao Yue. This was why he couldn't stand this matter any longer.

The attack of a Martial Saint expert such as Meng Luohe was thunderous and swift, while a spear appeared in his hands, and he dove down along with it. He seemed unstoppable!

At this moment, it could be discerned clearly that Jiang Chen was in a disadvantageous position even though he had with him Ao Yue who possessed prominent status, as well as Duan Yun who had a Sovereign Spirit.

They were just Martial Emperors, and they could only deter people. Once a Martial Saint attacked without regard to the consequences, they would be done for.

"I will risk everything!"

Jiang Chen, facing a Martial Saint, didn't plan to resign himself to his fate.

As for Ao Yue, a golden radiance emanated from her, and she was about to reveal her True Dragon Body, while Miss Bai, who had been was moved emotionally by Jiang Chen, was about to open the second seal without regard to the consequences.

However, it still seemed that they didn't have enough time to do so, as Meng Luohe's spear beam had already split open the sky and was about to hit Jiang Chen.

"You dare!"

At such a critical moment, a sword beam as dazzling as the moon descended, and it extinguished Meng Luohe's attack.

A miserable scream echoed. It hadn't been possible for Meng Luohe to even protect himself, let alone attack.

The crowd soon witnessed that Meng Luohe had become drenched with blood, while his aura started weakening quickly.

"Oh, my God! A single sword strike was able to make a Martial Saint end up in such a state! Who is it?"

"It's the Sovereign Spirit Palace, the Sovereign Spirit Palace's members have arrived."

"They have come here for Duan Yun, but they didn't need to attack Meng Luohe, did they? Do they want to start a war?"

A commotion arose among the crowd. The Sovereign Spirit Palace's members had attacked a Martial Saint in public. If such a matter wasn't treated carefully, it could give rise to a bloody war between the two factions.

"Anyone who still dares to attack will have the same end as him."

But the attacker still wasn't afraid.

"Is it the Sword Fairy?"

"It's her! It's no wonder, it's no wonder that she dares to act so aggressively."

"If it's her, the Xia Clan won't dare to say anything."

"But why is she protecting Jiang Chen?"

The crowd present here couldn't understand this despite racking their brains. What ability does the Seventh Realm's Jiang Chen possess, and why are so many influential people protecting him?

"Yueru?" Delight appeared on Jiang Chen's face, and he raised his head to take a look at the white-clothed woman here, while many pieces of memory ran through his mind.

The Sword Fairy mentioned by the crowd was Lin Yueru. She had managed to resist the flow of time's corrosion and survive for 500 years until this day without depending upon the Sovereign Spirit Reincarnation, while it still didn't seem like she had aged by even a little bit.

This was why people called her a fairy, and her position in the eyes of the Divine Martial Arts Realm's people wasn't any lower than the Palace Lord, Long Xing.

There were many mysterious rumors about the Sword Fairy, but they all didn't seem genuine.

One of them was about the Sword Fairy's fairy power, and it stated that she was one of the strongest experts below a Martial Sovereign, and she was considered invincible before the appearance of a Martial Sovereign.

At this moment, the Sword Fairy was clad in white clothes, while her long black hair was draped over her shoulders. She seemed ethereal!

She was holding in her hand a sharp sword with power close to an Immortal Artifact, and it gave her a sharp air.

The unlucky Meng Luohe covered his wound with his hand, while he wore a resentful and bitter look. If he wasn't treated properly, he would surely die.

Lin Yueru snorted coldly and waved her sword once again.

Meng Luohe's whole body shivered, and despair appeared on his face. It seemed as if he didn't expect that Lin Yueru would kill him, and even the other people didn't expect it.

They had assumed that in the end, Lin Yueru would ask Meng Luohe's subordinates to treat him, and they didn't expect that she would take his life.

"Let's leave!"

Wu State's giant ship that had several decks was activated, and, as a deafening rumbling sound echoed, it seemed like it was able to crush the sky.

The Wu State's soldiers went back to the ship one after the other, and they quickly left this land.

Jiang Chen was aware that Lin Yueru had killed a single person as a warning to others so that they wouldn't attack Jiang Chen.

"Sword Fairy?"

While everyone's gaze was filled with shock, the Monster-Slayer Palace's elder braced herself and strode forward. The Sword Fairy and the female elder belonged to the same camp, and this was why she believed that the Sword Fairy wouldn't attack her.

"One mustn't settle accounts after any events related to the Ancient Ruins. Those are the rules," Lin Yueru didn't give the woman a chance to speak, and she reprimanded her.



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