The Brilliant Fighting Master
1425 Settling Accounts
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1425 Settling Accounts

"Why has the passage been closed? My son still hasn't come out."

"Tang Ziming, where are you? Come out quickly! Please don't scare me."

"I shouldn't have allowed you to participate in the Ancient Ruins trial."

Many aggrieved cries came from the mouths of several elders who were having a hard time getting control of themselves. Most of these people wore gloomy expressions and gasped for breath, while their eyes shone with an ominous glint.

"No one is allowed to leave!"

Some people realized that the situation was getting out of hand, and they had planned to leave. They didn't expect that a deafening shout would then echo all around.

Just after this, a drum sound could be heard, while a majestic fighting spirit erupted. Several military flags were stuck in the ground, and they shot out interlinked light beams made of energy that encircled everyone. Everyone was now stranded.

The crowd's expression changed drastically, and they looked up at the large ship with several decks. They didn't find either the drum's sound or the military flags strange because they all belonged to one of the three great factions, the Xia Clan.

There were innumerable armed soldiers on the ship, and they all stood straight at attention, looking intrepid.

"It's the Wu State!"

When the crowd saw the flag fluttering atop the ship, they recognized those people's status.

The three great factions ruled the Divine Martial Arts Realm, but there were still many tangled factions beneath them. For example, the Martial God Palace had one villa, two sword lands, three sects, four great families, five schools, and six other factions.

The Sovereign Spirit Palace had beneath it eight great palaces like the Monster-Slayer Palace. As for the Xia Clan dynasty? It governed 36 vassal states, of which Wu State was one of the strongest.

Jiang Chen, who still hadn't managed to leave, detected that many malicious gazes were looking at him, and they belonged to people who had left the Ancient Ruins. He didn't need to think very hard to realize that the people from Wu State had come looking for him because of King Yu and Meng Chong.

"Who knows anything about King Yu, as well as my son, Meng Chong?"

A tall, sturdy man walked out of the ship. He had gray hair, thick gray brows, and a dignified face with an awe-inspiring look. He was Wu State's great general, Meng Luohe, and he was also Meng Chong's father.

Meng Luohe's sharp gaze stared at all the Young Sovereigns that had exited the Ancient Ruins, and he awaited an answer.

The people who were aware of this affair's ins and outs didn't speak. They all wanted to watch the bustling scene, but they still didn't want to get in trouble.

When Jiang Chen killed Meng Chong, he had let his companions go, but they hadn't come out, and it was obvious that they had died within the Ancient Ruins.


Even though no one spoke, Meng Luohe still noticed that some people's gazes looked at Jiang Chen.

"Come here!" A thunderous and world-shaking angry shout echoed out .

"This Sacred Lord is really outstanding," Jiang Chen thought to himself, but he still wasn't scared.

Jiang Chen rolled his black eyes and walked forward. He said, "At least a third of the people died inside. Will you also settle accounts for them?"

When these words were heard, a discussion arose among many people. It wasn't Jiang Chen alone who had killed people in the Ancient Ruins. There wasn't anyone whose hands were clean.

When they had just entered the Ancient Ruins, everyone accepted tacitly the rules, and accepted that people's survival and death would be decided by fate, while people wouldn't look into anything outside.

If someone settled accounts with Jiang Chen, wouldn't it be their turn after him?

More and more people had such an opinion about this affair.

"Wu State, you have gone too overboard. If you don't collect your Heaven-Subduing Flags, we will forcefully break through them."

"That's right, is it only royalty's lives that are precious? Didn't other factions' members also die?"

"Even if you are overbearing, you shouldn't act like this."

Many Young Sovereigns spoke one after the other, while their factions also spoke in support of them.

"Is this what it means to be endowed with both courage and wisdom?" Yan Yu, who had come out of the passage, muttered.

Jiang Chen's words had had such a great effect, and many people's eyes lit up due to this.

Wu State ended up facing the crowd's anger, and their fighting spirit died.

Meng Luohe's expression was gloomy, and he waved his right arm, while he clenched his fist. The drum's sound instantly stopped, while the military flags were collected.


Some factions' members were still dissatisfied, and, before they left, they looked angrily at the ship with several decks.

Jiang Chen went back to Duan Yun's side, and they communicated with their eyes. They planned to leave!

"I still can't allow you to leave," Meng Luohe snorted coldly, while 300 armed soldiers encircled Jiang Chen and his companion.

"Do you want to violate the rules and settle accounts?" Duan Yun asked angrily.

"Does this mean that you admit that my Wu State's King Yu, as well as my son, were killed by you."

Meng Luohe's gaze became ferocious, and he spoke in an ice-cold voice. Before Jiang Chen replied, he spoke once again, "The rules were set with the three great factions, and this person doesn't belong to them."

It seemed as if Meng Luohe had already managed to get some information about Jiang Chen in such a short while.

Duan Yun's expression changed drastically. According to reason, it was the three great factions that provided the Young Sovereigns' positions, and anyone who got them would be affiliated to the said faction's camp.

However, Jiang Chen got his rights and position from the Martial God Palace, and the reason why they provided him with that was so it would be easier for them to take revenge. It could be said that Jiang Chen's situation was worse than even the Monsters.

"Is this true?"

"Hateful! You have dared to kill my school's chief disciple."

"This person couldn't be forgiven."

A worse matter shortly occurred. It was unknown who spread the information in the sky, but many aggrieved factions' members got to know that their outstanding disciples had been killed by Jiang Chen, and they immediately encircled him.

At this moment, it could be said that Jiang Chen was facing all three great factions' encirclement.

"Duan Yun, move away," a Monster-Slayer Palace's elder shouted because Duan Yun belonged to the Sovereign Spirit Palace, and he was in the same camp as they were.

A while ago, someone had informed the elder that Su Yue and the other four disciples had been killed by Jiang Chen and Miss Bai.

"You're done for, Jiang Chen."

"Rules are set by people, while Jiang Chen offended the person who set the rules. What could be said about this other than he was courting death?"

"We will get to watch a good show."

The spectators discussed this matter, and they awaited this affair's next development.

"I have also killed several insensible people in the Ancient Ruins. Will you also settle accounts with me?" Ao Yue wore an ice-cold expression and went to Jiang Chen's side. She faced all the factions with him!

"The ninth princess?"

When the people who had planned to attack witnessed Ao Yue's arrival, they controlled their impulses.

"Ninth princess, our Xia Clan treated your clan's members as honored guests. So your Dragon Clan should also respect the Xia Clan," Meng Luohe shouted.

Ao Yue cast a glance at Meng Luohe and spoke in mockery, "Can you represent the Xia Clan?"

Upon hearing this, Meng Luohe got angry, but his wariness was still apparent in his gaze.

"Ninth princess, he has killed my most outstanding disciple. You should inform us clearly about your relationship with him. Our Monster-Slayer Palace won't drop this matter if you don't do so," the Monster-Slayer Palace's elder said angrily.

"Your members are obviously here..." Ao Yue didn't give this matter a single thought and was about to expose Miss Bai. But when she noticed Jiang Chen's meaningful glance, she could only give up on this matter.

All of a sudden, Ao Yue held Jiang Chen's hand tightly, and he could feel something soft pressing against his arm.

"He's the man I have chosen, and, if you attack him, you will become my Golden Dragon Clan's enemy," Ao Yue uttered shocking words that gave rise to an uproar.

Since such a statement had already been given, if someone attacked Jiang Chen, he would end up becoming an enemy of the Golden Dragon Clan. Moreover, the crux of the issue was that their side was in the wrong, and, if this hadn't been the case, the situation would have been different.

"Fine, I will give the Golden Dragon Clan due respect."

Some people clenched their teeth and left. They were forced to leave by the circumstances.

After a short while, the only remaining factions that weren't willing to leave were the Monster-Slayer Palace and Wu State.

"Since this is the case, hand over that monster," the Monster-Slayer Palace's elder would only settle for the second-best thing and take Miss Bai.



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