The Brilliant Fighting Master
1421 Exit Passage!
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1421 Exit Passage!

After two hours, Jiang Chen crossed more than half of the ancient ruins, and ended up in the forest where he had found the Lightning Essence at the beginning.

Xiao Ying detected something and lightning came out of his body and flashed ferociously at the forest. Divine lightning was the bane of evil, and Xiao Ying, who was a Lightning Spirit, hated all evil beings such as the Mutant Ghosts in the forest.

"Don't be nervous!"

Jiang Chen comforted Xiao Ying, while wearing a grave expression. He had come to this forest to practice with his sword, and his targets would be the Mutant Ghosts.

Last time, he didn't have any idea about the Mutant Ghosts, and he ended up suffering three heavy blows. He had almost died.

But now that he had comprehended the Swiftness Concept, he wanted to have a look at the difference that would make in his encounter with the Mutant Ghosts.

After Jiang Chen had made up his mind, he landed atop a mountain's peak and walked down it slowly.

The forest was gloomy, and one couldn't detect any life force in it, as if all living beings in it had disappeared. Jiang Chen could only occasionally hear the sound of the wind blowing in the branches, and, besides this, he could mostly only hear his heartbeat.

All of a sudden, he got a familiar feeling, and his whole body's hair stood on end. A Mutant Ghost was eyeing him, and it was building up power in the dark.

Jiang Chen still remembered that he had read in ancient books that Mutant Ghosts alternated between illusory and physical states, and, while they weren't attacking anyone, people would also be unable to harm them. It was as if they were just shadows.

It was only when Mutant Ghosts were building power that they would start taking a physical state, and it was only in the moment that they launched an attack that one could harm them.

This was the reason why Jiang Chen couldn't even catch sight of the Mutant Ghosts last time.


The current situation was different than last time, and Jiang Chen wasn't as clueless as before. His sharp senses detected the change of airflow, and he thrust his Heavenly Fault Sword suddenly.

It was the Speed Pinnacle Sword Move, and it was made through using the Swiftness Concept along with the Lightning Rule's Penetrative Will.


The sword penetrated its target, and a crisp sound echoed out. Jiang Chen followed the sword's blade with his gaze, and he got to see the Mutant Ghost's appearance at close range.

The ghost was pitch-black as if it didn't have a physical form, but it still had facial features, even though they were twisted and distorted. This was especially the case for the ghost's eyes, as they seemed like a child's graffiti that was made with black ink.


The Mutant Ghost, whose body had been penetrated, swayed several times, before it exploded and turned into black ink that emitted a foul smell.

Jiang Chen heaved a sigh of relief. The Mutant Ghost's defensive power was weaker than he had imagined by much. But if his sword had been late by only a little, the Mutant Ghost's attack would have fallen on his body.

At that time, the outcome would have been completely different. But this was also the reason that training here would be effective. He had to focus seriously, and such a matter would help him to get used to the power promotion he had gotten in the Ascending Heaven Tower.


After a Mutant Ghost died, more Mutant Ghosts immediately appeared, and they all attacked at the same time.

"It's good that you have come!" Jiang Chen's eyes shone brightly, while his sword moved like a dragon and was thrust at the void at a high speed that rivaled lightning's speed.


Jiang Chen made quick progress, and the number of Mutant Ghosts he could kill with his sword at the same time was only becoming higher, and the highest number he had reached was 16.

However, the Mutant Ghosts would obviously not work as targets obediently, and, sometimes, more than 30 would attack him at the same time.

At such a time, Jiang Chen had to stop his training and use the Blue Lotus Appearance to solve his crisis.

After several days, his Swiftness Concept made great progress, and it became able to fuse with both the lightning and wind rules.

"Speed Pinnacle Sword Move!"

Moreover, he still managed to improve the sword move he had created previously, and it possessed the power of both the Lightning's Penetrative Will and the Wind's Murderous Will.

Once the sword was thrust, more than ten Mutant Ghosts that attacked from different locations would be killed.

"It's pretty good." Jiang Chen was satisfied with his results.

The effect of the training in the forest had reached its peak. Staying here any longer would be meaningless.

When Jiang Chen was about to leave, he suddenly came to a stop because the bronze cauldron in his Storage Spirit Artifact had started to make a great disturbance.

According to his experience, this meant that a fragment of the bronze cauldron was in the vicinity.

This was an important object for the Xuanhuan Realm's recovery, and Jiang Chen didn't want to miss it.

After Jiang Chen looked around for a while, he reached a cliff, and the fragment's response pointed to a location below the cliff.

Jiang Chen didn't give this matter much thought, and he landed on the ground under the cliff. He managed to find the bronze cauldron's fragment tens yards underground.


The results were better than he had imagined. He didn't just find a simple fragment, but the cauldron's handle, which meant that he already had both cauldron's handles.

He was only short of the cauldron's two other feet, as well as its main part, and once he gathered them all, he would be able to make the Xuanhuan Realm recover into a complete Great Realm.


Jiang Chen was both surprised and delighted, and then he suddenly discovered something that made him so scared that his scalp became numb. Innumerable Mutant Ghosts had gathered below the cliff near him, and there were more than 1,000.

Jiang Chen was stranded at the center of all these Mutant Ghosts, and he suffered fierce attacks.

"Great Magical Ability: Heavenly Fire Extermination!"

Jiang Chen was left without a chance, and he could only use the sole magical ability he had learned to escape.

"It was a close call, a close call."

Jiang Chen still felt a lingering fear. There had been so many Mutant Ghosts, and if even one had succeeded in touching him, he would have died there.

However, as Jiang Chen looked at the cauldron's handle, he still revealed a satisfied smile. The bronze cauldron was the Realm Spirit, and, if the Great Realm was damaged, the Realm Spirit would also be affected and harmed.

Moreover, once the damages surpassed the Sword Spirit's upper bearing limit, it would disintegrate, and the Realm would end up in the same state as the current Xuanhuan Realm.

The fragments of the Realm Spirit would become like dead objects for a long time, and they would end up scattered in all regions. The Realm Spirit's fragments would need a long time to recover and turn into the same state as the one seen by Jiang Chen currently.

However, even if the Realm Spirit recovered, its fragments wouldn't gather and assemble together by themselves, and someone must collect and gather them.

In ancient times, Jiang Chen had taken an oath that he would make the Xuanhuan Realm recover, and he would shortly finish fulfilling this objective.

"Well?" Jiang Chen detected something suddenly, and he raised his head.

Everyone in the Ancient Ruins that was still alive detected something. The exit passage would appear shortly, which meant that the training trip that had lasted for a whole month would shortly come to an end, and they all must leave regardless of whether they made some gains or not.

When it came to whoever had made the greatest gains, then it would be probably none other than Jiang Chen.

The passage wouldn't appear in all corners of the Ancient Ruins, and this was why they must gather in three different locations just like when they entered.

Meanwhile, in another region, a team escaped into the air, and it cut a sorry figure. There were two second-grade magical beasts behind them, and they chased them relentlessly. It was only after the group flew into the air that the magical beasts gave up.


This group had both women and men, and their power was lower than the three ranks level. If this hadn't been the case, they wouldn't have ended up in such a sorry state just because they were hunted down by magical beasts.

"Xia Houjie, it's all due to you. You have harmed us, and all our efforts were wasted due to you."

All of a sudden, a woman clad in scarlet clothes reproached one of her teammates.

"Why is it me? It's obviously you..."

Xia Houjie retorted without giving this matter a single thought. When they were taking action a while ago, it was the woman who had tried to show off and ended up alerting the enemy inadvertently.

"Brother Xia Houjie."

The people next to Xia Houjie obstructed him and didn't let him argue.

"You should cool your temper, she isn't someone to be trifled with," someone spoke through using a sound transmission.

Xia Houjie sneered. He could only bear this in silence.

"You are at a loss for words, aren't you? Your power is the weakest among us, and we can't blame anyone other than you," the red-clothed woman spoke complacently, as if she had just gotten a victory.

"That is right, that is right," Xia Houjie said resentfully.

"Humph, you aren't willing to accept it, are you? But I will forgive you since you don't dare to do anything. But now, listen to me. After a while, you should act as bait, while we set up a trap," the red-clothed woman acted assertively once again.

"Even though demonic beasts aren't monsters, they still have high intelligence," Xia Houjie spoke angrily.


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