The Brilliant Fighting Master
1420 It“s Because We Are Brothers
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1420 It“s Because We Are Brothers

"This is a swordsman!"

"He doesn't need to build up power for a long time, and he also doesn't cause a great disturbance. Just casual sword strikes are enough for him to remain undefeated."

"His sword's power contains the forces of lightning, fire, wind, and even metal. This is unimaginable!"

The other people who were only spectators because their fighting abilities were mediocre had been subdued by Jiang Chen's performance. They all understood why he dared to act so arrogantly. It was because he was qualified to act arrogantly.

"Lesser Magical Technique: The Universe's Heaven and Earth!"

The people who were fighting were aware that continuing wouldn't be of any use because Jiang Chen's power was too great, and they would sooner or later be defeated.

One of those people had built up power and cast a restriction magical technique. As he pointed his finger at his target, a finger beam shot out and released its power around Jiang Chen. It formed a small and narrow Domain that stranded Jiang Chen.

"Ha, ha, ha, ha, you have done well."

"Let's charge at him."

"I really want to see whether your defense is also so abnormal."

The other people were overjoyed. Once a swordsman like Jiang Chen couldn't depend on his agility, the situation would be obviously advantageous to them.

"Lesser Magical Technique: Eight Desolate Lands' Tyrant!"

"Heavenly Murder Chaotic Blade: A Blade Splits Apart the World."

"Great Magical Technique: Golden Spear Solar Radiance!"


Around 30 experts of the second rank used their trump cards.

The expressions of the crowd observing this battle changed drastically, and they quickly moved back.

As for Duan Yun and his companions, they hesitated. They wondered whether they should fight and help Jiang Chen.

Even though Jiang Chen was powerful, he was still just an intermediate-stage Martial Emperor, and, if he was bombarded by so many attacks, he probably wouldn't manage to keep his life.


While they were still trying to figure this out, Jiang Chen's unquestionable voice reached their ears. They were all startled, and they quickly moved back.

Jiang Chen didn't ask them to refrain from fighting. He just asked them to move back. It was obvious that the next attacks' scope would be great.

"Blue Lotus First Move: Blue Lotus Appearance!"

Jiang Chen officially used an extreme martial technique, and his sword's energy rose in intensity.

As Jiang Chen waved the Heavenly Fault Sword, three energies of various colors started gathering, and they followed the sword's blade, while a blue lotus appeared out of thin air.


Once the blue lotus appeared, the Domain stranding Jiang Chen was forcefully broken, and he regained his freedom. But the crowd's attacks had already started to reach him. They included both greater and lesser magical techniques, as well as ultimate techniques, and they all attacked Jiang Chen mercilessly.

All of a sudden, the blue lotus blossomed. Myriad swords shot out of it and started running amok.

The attacks were first disintegrated into pure energy, before the energy was pulverized and extinguished. In the twinkling of an eye, the crowd's attacks disappeared completely.

But what was most scary was that Jiang Chen's sword technique was an offensive technique, not a defensive one, which meant that this affair still hadn't come to an end.

As the blue lotus opened up completely, it was possible to think that a world had been created in the lotus. All living beings were formed and created there, while chaos turned into order.

The people who had attacked Jiang Chen and closed in on him were the first to bear the brunt of the attack. They couldn't evade it.

As the blue lotus revolved, all their Protective Dipper Energy disappeared. Then when it revolved once again, all Doctrine Artifact-grade defensive instruments were shattered.

In the end, all the experts of the second-rank group were pulverized, while many miserable screams could be heard echoing all around.

Those 30-plus experts suffered disastrous casualties, and most of them couldn't keep flying. This was why they all ended up falling into the great sea.

The only ones who managed to keep their lives were the ones who had focused mainly on defense.

However, at this moment, those people didn't dare to take any rash actions, and they stared at Jiang Chen with gazes that were filled with fright. Jiang Chen was in control of their fates, and, if he wanted to, he could kill them all.

However, it was fortunate that they soon were able to see Jiang Chen sheathing the Heavenly Fault Sword.

They heaved a sigh of relief, while they all felt frustrated. They were only ants in Jiang Chen's eyes, and he could kill them or spare them as he wanted.

"Is this how it feels to be a weakling?"

Many people who were accustomed to running amok fearlessly couldn't get used to such a large contrast, and they all left indignantly.

Jiang Chen didn't pay any heed to them, and he faced Mo Fan, who still hadn't left.

Mo Fan, who was still treating his injuries, became nervous. He wasn't sure whether Jiang Chen would kill him.

But just after this, Jiang Chen averted his gaze from him and looked at the white-clothed woman who had previously provoked him verbally.

The white-clothed woman was startled, and she almost fell from the air due to fright. A hideous expression was plastered on his face. She wanted to weep, but couldn't shed any tears.

"Get lost!" Jiang Chen shouted suddenly.

This group of people had never been treated like this, but they still left with their tails between their legs, and didn't dare to utter even a single word.

After a short while, the sky became clear once again as if it had been purged, and even the people only watching didn't dare to stay for long. They all left one after the other.

"It's a sword technique that has reached perfection, and it's unrivaled," Yan Yu spoke out of admiration, while she cast flirtatious glances with her charming eyes.

She had been conquered by Jiang Chen thoroughly, and, as long as Jiang Chen asked for her, she would throw herself into his embrace without giving regard to anything. The reason behind this was that she was aware that this was a rare chance.

Once Jiang Chen became a Sovereign, or even a Divine King, he would surely rise above the whole Xuanhuan Great Realm.

There was still some time left until the end of the Ancient Ruins trip, and, after the teammates consulted with one another, they decided to separate from Jiang Chen. The reason behind this was that they wouldn't get to train through hardships if they traveled with Jiang Chen.

The divine palace affair was sorted out, and there wasn't any need to keep a team.

Yan Yu wore a regretful expression as she left along with her four companions.

Jiang Chen followed them with his eyes as they left

"The Ascending Heaven Tower helped me get many insights, and I must look for a place where I can digest them," Ao Yue said, while Miss Bai also had the same idea.

"Okay, so we'll meet again outside the Ancient Ruins."

In the end, only the two brothers, Jiang Chen and Duan Yun, were left here, and since there wasn't anyone else, Duan Yun took advantage of such a chance. He said, "Hey, teach me the previous sword technique that you used."

"I haven't understood it completely, but, if you aren't afraid of mishaps, I can still teach it to you," Jiang Chen said.

"I'm not afraid of anything," Duan Yun was quite careless, and he scoffed at Jiang Chen's statement.


Jiang Chen wouldn't hide anything from his brother, and he used the Blue Lotus Appearance in front of him.

Duan Yun was the Slaughter Sword Doctrine's inheritor, while he also had a reincarnated Sovereign Spirit and great talent. This was why after he had observed the technique for a while, he really managed to make some gains.

Duan Yun tried to use a sword technique and form the blue lotus. He really managed to carry out the beginning process in the same way, and he condensed the sword's energy in front of Jiang Chen's gaze.

"Ha, ha, ha, ha!"

All of a sudden, Jiang Chen held his belly and started laughing heartily without any regard for how silly he looked.

Duan Yun's attempt couldn't be considered a failure, and he had managed to form something successfully. But what he formed wasn't a blue lotus, but something like a mutant chrysanthemum.

"What the h*ll!" Duan Yun felt quite disgraced by this, and he quickly scattered the sword's flower, while he looked angrily at Jiang Chen who was laughing.

"You have a nerve to laugh. It's surely because your teaching method wasn't any good. But let's forget about it," Duan Yun grumbled for a while, and he was about to leave to sharpen his Sword Doctrine power.

"Jiang Chen, I'm aware that I don't know many things about you. But you must keep in mind that I will stand by your side in any affairs."

When Duan Yun was about to leave, he patted Jiang Chen's shoulder and spoke seriously, "It's because we are brothers."

Jiang Chen nodded. Duan Yun's appearance had made his path more interesting than before.

Just after this, Duan Yun left, and only Jiang Chen remained, who was pondering something, and who had just recalled a certain place.


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