The Brilliant Fighting Master
1418 Leave It to Me
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1418 Leave It to Me

Heavy rain was pouring down, while black clouds covered the sky and thunder rolls echoed ceaselessly. It was daytime, yet it seemed like night.

The rain didn't affect the people on the sea, as their Protective Dipper Energy was like an umbrella that kept the rain ten yards off their heads.

But the great rain still brought a stifling ambience, especially for Jiang Chen and his group that were encircled by spectators.

"What do you want to do?" Jiang Chen swept the new arrivals with his gaze that was as calm as usual.

"Don't act stupid, what appeared a while ago was the divine palace," Chang Wei dared to shout at Jiang Chen once again because of the large number of people by his side.

Jiang Chen looked over at Chang Wei with his sword-like gaze, forcing Chang Wei to lower his head.

"Jiang Chen, how did you manage to get the divine palace to appear?" Mo Fan, whose white clothes fluttered in the wind, asked, while his Moon-Canvas Sword shone brightly.

"Did you forget what happened a while ago? What right do you have to raise any questions?" Duan Yun rebuked him.

Upon hearing this, Mo Fan's gaze became grave, while the Moon-Canvas Sword shone brightly. Its majestic sword energy made the rain stagnate, before it started rising upward.

Duan Yun's blood-red eyes had an ominous glint. His power had been constantly rising since his Sovereign Spirit had awakened and he had gone through the Ascending Heaven Tower's trials.

Duan Yun felt like it was time for him to give vent to his anger and pay back the arrogant Mo Fan for his sword strike.


As the crowd of people regarded these two opposing each other, they couldn't help but cough.

"We only wanted to see the divine palace's appearance and know whether it had any extreme martial techniques."

A charming woman opened her beautiful cherry mouth and spoke. They were in the Ancient Ruins, yet she still wore a sexy dress with a large part of her chest's snow-white flesh exposed.

As the woman spoke, many formless ripples emanated from her eyes and spread toward Jiang Chen.

The people who noticed her dirty tricks smiled. This woman practiced a charming technique that could affect people's minds, and it was quite effective against men.

The people started looking forward to seeing Jiang Chen lose his self-control and accept the woman's requests.

Jiang Chen's eyes shone brightly. The charming technique wasn't able to affect him.

When a look of disbelief appeared on the woman's face, Jiang Chen spoke in a deep voice, "The divine palace was gotten by me, and it belongs to me. It's up to me to make any decisions about it. You have come at me aggressively, and this is already an offense to me."

Jiang Chen's attitude was firm and resolute, and he didn't leave any room for discussion. He had rejected everyone!

"Does the divine palace belong to you? What about your companions? Shouldn't you consult the ninth princess or the Slaughter Sword Doctrine's inheritor before making such a decision?"

A grim voice could be heard, no one could see who was speaking. These words were vicious, as he was trying to drive a wedge between the companions.

If it had been Jiang Chen alone here, they wouldn't have argued with him and wasted their breath. They were only afraid of Ao Yue and some of the others.

"Stop talking rubbish. Jiang Chen is representing us, and it's all of our opinions," Duan Yun shouted.

The other people didn't speak, but their expressions were clear and distinct. Even Cao Chong, whose will had been swayed previously, wore a resolute gaze.

"Such a team had been obviously formed at the last moment. So what kind of charisma does Jiang Chen have that allowed him to achieve this?"

Many people couldn't understand this matter.

"So there isn't any room for discussion, is there?"

Someone had limited patience, and he immediately raised a question that made the ambience become grave.

Jiang Chen's group was quite strong, but the people who had come over were the strongest in the Ancient Ruins.

There were at least several dozen people at the same level as Chang Wei, while there were also several people who could rival Mo Fan.

Jiang Chen had a precious treasure and was facing so many people. This was why even his Dragon Punch Technique would be useless now.

"Don't fight!"

What no one had expected was that Jiang Chen would pass down an order and stop the people who had taken out their weapons.

"Leave this matter to me."

While Jiang Chen was facing many confused gazes, he uttered once again words that gave rise to an uproar.

It wasn't Duan Yun and his companions alone who wondered whether they had misheard him, as everyone here felt as if they had just heard something incredulous.

"Does Jiang Chen want to deal alone with the second rank's excellent experts with Mo Fan among them?"

The white-clothed woman who had previously had a grudge against Jiang Chen was also among these people, and she still remembered that Jiang Chen couldn't block even a single sword strike of Mo Fan's.

"Even if you grasped the Dragon Punch Technique, you still shouldn't act so arrogantly," Mo Fan shook his head and said. He didn't like Jiang Chen's statement.

"Ha, ha, ha, ha, I haven't seen such an interesting person for a long time. Come over and let me see what skills you have."

"But before fighting, we must change this horrid weather."

A vigorous voice reverberated now and, before they could get to see who had spoken, two giant hands were stretched toward the sky and penetrated the black clouds. As those hands exerted their power, the black clouds were forcefully separated, while berserk energy emanated from them.

When many people's gazes became filled with shock, the bright and beautiful sun's rays shone down upon them, illuminating the dusky sky.

"It's the Heaven-Rending Hand! It's Mo Tianqiong."

The crowd could discern who it was without even looking at the person.

A sturdy man walked forward. He was wearing battle clothes, and, as he moved around, his body's power flowed madly like the raging waves of the sea beneath his feet.

Mo Tianqiong was an expert who wasn't any weaker than Chang Wei. While he didn't know much about Jiang Chen, he took him only for an ordinary intermediate-stage Martial Emperor.

However, when Mo Tianqiong stepped out, someone immediately used a sound transmission to inform him about past events.

"The Dragon Punch Technique? Killing Meng Chong?"

Mo Tianqiong was taken aback for a moment, before he grinned. He couldn't cower now, because there were many people standing behind him.

"The divine palace isn't something a nobody like you can possess. Hand it over if you don't want to have a miserable end," Mo Tianqiong said.

Jiang Chen took several glances at him and spoke suddenly, "It's you who tried to drive a wedge between us a while ago."

Upon hearing this, Mo Tianqiong's smile disappeared, and a dumbstruck look appeared on his face, as if he had just seen a ghost. He had used his force to transmit his voice, and it should have been difficult to discern who had spoken.

As Mo Tianqiong heard the people next to him whispering to each other, he quickly came back to his senses and spoke with mockery, "This affair has come to a head. Yet you start once again trying to mislead the public?"

Mo Tianqiong's usual image was that of a wild and unruly man, not a treacherous and nasty person.

Jiang Chen shook his head and didn't speak further.

"So, let's fight," as Jiang Chen spoke, the Heavenly Fault Sword appeared in his hand.


An odd look appeared on many people's faces, and even Mo Fan's. The reason behind this was that the Dragon Punch couldn't be used with a weapon.

They had assumed that the Dragon Punch was Jiang Chen's strongest asset, and that was why they were surprised by this matter.

How could Jiang Chen face one of the second rank's strongest experts without using an extreme martial technique?

"I have a feeling of déjà vu," Chang Wei muttered to himself. Last time, Jiang Chen had also been like this, mocked by many people.

But in the end, he had pulled strongly against a crazy tide and amazed the world with a single brilliant feat.

Chang Wei couldn't help but wonder whether it would also be the case this time.

In contrast to Chang Wei, Mo Fan, who didn't personally see Jiang Chen kill Meng Chong with the Dragon Punch, didn't have such profound feelings, and, once he saw Jiang Chen using a sword, a feeling of superiority welled up in his heart.

"You are courting death!"

Mo Tianqiong charged forward suddenly. His attack was much stronger than the one he had used to split open the black clouds, and it closed in on Jiang Chen, who seemed like a fallen leaf in a strong wind.

As the crowd thought about the might of the previous Heaven-Rending Hand and looked at this attack, they couldn't help but sympathize with this intermediate-stage Martial Emperor.

It was at this moment that Jiang Chen drew his sword, and, at such a moment, the expressions of many of the people here with sharp senses changed drastically.


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