The Brilliant Fighting Master
1417 Blue Lotus Sword Canon
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1417 Blue Lotus Sword Canon

Jiang Chen had managed to guess the trial's content before he had even entered the ninth floor.

As he walked into the ninth floor, he found himself beneath a blue sky. The weather was sunny and fine, while white clouds were churning.

Jiang Chen's gaze was immediately attracted by a man clad in divine armor who wasn't far from him. He didn't try to identify him, as he could tell right away that he was the strongest War God in memory. He was also Jiang Chen himself!

"Are you the divine will left behind by me?" Jiang Chen spoke with ease.

"You still aren't me. Did the reincarnation into myriad lives obliterate my mind?" The man also replied with ease.

If someone else had been here, he surely wouldn't have managed to understand what they were talking about. What you, and what me? They would surely have been confused!

"Since my mind is mine, it's obviously not yours," Jiang Chen gave a clear reply.

"It's fine then." The War God was satisfied with this reply, and his eyes shone brightly.

Jiang Chen surveyed the surroundings and said, "I can cross the last trial through defeating you, is that it?"

"That is right."

A spear that Jiang Chen found familiar-looking appeared in the War God's hand.

As for Jiang Chen, he drew the Heavenly Fault Sword. There wasn't any need to use the Immeasurable Ruler in this situation.

"A sword? It's also reasonable."

When the War God saw Jiang Chen's weapon, he was slightly surprised, but he quickly figured out everything.

Just after this, the long spear turned into a long blue sword, while the divine armor turned into blue clothes. The War God's image and aura changed greatly, and he turned into a Sword Venerable.

"Take my sword!" The War God thrust his sword, and his sword energy streaked across 30,000 miles, while his body flickered, as he moved as fast as a shooting star.

Jiang Chen became solemn because he was facing a great enemy. If he hadn't gotten a promotion from the previous floors, he wouldn't have been able to block this strike, as he wouldn't have even managed to see it. The reason behind this was that it was an extreme martial technique!

It was the Blue Lotus Sword Canon, and this was the first move, a Blue Lotus Appearance.

The Wind Rule's Penetrative Will was used along with the Divine Wind, before it was fused with the Fire Rule. Both fire and wind were fused together and turned into a blue lotus.

The blue lotus streaked across the air and blossomed, as it revolved around, while a pure sword beam that possessed great power shot out of it. It was unavoidable and unstoppable!

Jiang Chen was aware that the only way he could deal with his opponent was to use the same sword move. Jiang Chen quickly thought about the promotion he had gotten previously, as well as his promotion to Sword Doctrine's Spirit, and his gaze became grave, while he thrust his sword decisively.

"Blue Lotus Appearance!"

Jiang Chen's blue lotus was more berserk and was running amok crazily. This was probably due to the Du Tian Divine Lightning!

As the two lotuses collided, myriad swords erupted out of them uncontrollably.

Both Jiang Chen and the War God moved back. No one had managed to get the upper hand.

It seemed as if Jiang Chen had satisfied the requirements for now, and many waves of energy appeared in the world and flowed into his body.

Jiang Chen discovered in surprise that the power of his Void Divine Wind, Solar Golden Flame, and Du Tian Divine Lighting had reached their pinnacles. They had all reached the tenth level.

His realm level power also rose quickly, and it reached a Martial Saint level without crossing any tribulations, and then still continued until it approached a Sovereign level.

As for the Supreme Wills and Worldly Rules grasped by him, they had also reached their apexes.

"Those are all temporary."

While Jiang Chen still didn't believe that this was true, the War God had spoken.

Jiang Chen was startled, and he realized that the next test would examine whether he could grasp the next moves of the Sword Canon. If he didn't have a good foundation on realm level and Worldly Rules, it wouldn't even be possible to give this a try.

"If I can remember what I'm feeling now, won't I manage to reach the apex in a single step later?" Jiang Chen couldn't help but have such a thought. Worldly Rules weren't like realm level power. They came from one's comprehension. He would remember this!

"You will just remember your peak state and won't remember what was behind it. This is why this is quite useless."

The War God unexpectedly saw through Jiang Chen's thoughts, and he put a stop to his delusions.

"The Second Move: A Blue Lotus Turns into a Sword!"

A sword with an aura that was a lot more intense than before appeared. The sword was at first a blue lotus, but it turned later into a sword that possessed a destructive power that could destroy everything.

At this moment, Jiang Chen's great perception was revealed, and he thrust his sword decisively without the least bit of hesitation.

A confrontation between swords occurred again. The outcome wasn't important, what was important was whether Jiang Chen could learn anything.

Afterward, it was the third move, the fourth move... It continued until the last, the 13th move.

Jiang Chen had managed to learn them all, and even though the process was quite strenuous, he still managed to succeed.

"My mind is eternal!"

In the end, the War God started disappearing from the world.

"My mind is eternal!" Jiang Chen uttered the same words along with the War God, while mixed feelings welled up in his heart as he looked at the disappearing War God.

After a short while, Jiang Chen was sent outside of the Ascending Heaven Tower, while he received a special connection to the divine palace.

"Did you understand it now?" Yue'e asked Jiang Chen.

"I understood it." Jiang Chen nodded.

The people next to them were confused, but they were still excited.

The War God's Divine Will wasn't left especially on this divine palace, and there was a connection between him and every divine palace.

The main reason why the War God appeared at the end was that Jiang Chen's Divine Soul had awakened on the eighth floor.

The Blue Lotus Sword Canon was created by the divine palace's owner, and it was a person called Li Bai. This meant that other people had also probably been able to reach the ninth floor.

Jiang Chen took out the treasures he had gotten on the seventh floor and divided them with the others.

"What I have gotten in the tower was my trip's objective."

Ao Yue, Duan Yun, and Miss Bai didn't take anything. These three people didn't come to the ancient ruins because they lacked resources.

As for Yan Yu and her companions, they hesitated for a moment, and, in the end, they couldn't bear not taking them. But they still didn't forget to thank Jiang Chen.

"The person you are waiting for isn't wholly me," Jiang Chen said to Yue'e.

"But the current you will look at me." Yue'e didn't care about this matter, and she smiled at Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen stroked his chin. He was left speechless!

"Let's get out." Jiang Chen looked at the others and expressed his intentions.

Just after this, a great disturbance emanated from the whole divine palace, and the currents outside started gushing, while many bubbles appeared.

As a loud rumbling sound echoed out, the divine palace rose from the ground, as if it was being propelled by a strong force. It swiftly went toward the sea's surface.

The people in the divine palace couldn't stand, and they were forced to crouch on the ground.

And it was fortunate that this process didn't last for long. As a splashing sound was heard, the divine palace got to see the light once again.

The group of people inside the palace discovered that it was already daytime outside, while torrential rain was pouring upon the sea.

"Awful! Some people are coming over."

Before they could rejoice, Duan Yun discovered that people were rushing over from all directions.

The divine palace was enormous, and, as it erupted out of the sea, it gave rise to giant waves that were still apparent. It wasn't strange that people would notice it.

Jiang Chen got a bright idea, and, as he raised his right hand, the great divine palace started shrinking, and he managed to hold it in a single hand.

The disappearance of such a great building had obviously attracted the attention of the people who were on their way over.

After a short while, their group ended up surrounded.

"What was that a moment ago? Was that the divine palace?"

"Where is the divine palace? What happened?"

"Why didn't you inform us first?

Those people were all excited, and they all talked at once. They didn't care whether they were acquainted with Jiang Chen, and they all spoke with him, while shouting loudly.

"Shut up!"

It was only after people able to represent everyone emerged that the area descended into silence.

It could be seen that people at the apex of the second rank walked forward, and they were composed of Chang Wei, Mo Fan, as well as several other experts.

Not everyone was aware that the divine palace was in this area, but since the disturbance caused by the divine palace's appearance had been so great, even people oblivious to this matter were attracted over.

If someone counted them cursorily, one would discover that the number of experts had already reached double digits.

The expressions of Duan Yun and his companions changed drastically, while the only exception was Jiang Chen.


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