The Brilliant Fighting Master
1416 Divine Soul
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1416 Divine Soul

After Jiang Chen had spent a great deal of effort to decipher the painting on the wall, his expression changed drastically, while indescribable feelings welled up in his heart.

It seemed as if his eyes were able to penetrate the painting and watch scenes as they were really occurring.

The Ascending Heaven Tower broke apart, and he could now see far and wide. He was floating among the clouds, overlooking the world.

As Jiang Chen raised his head, he discovered in surprise that he was wearing a formidable divine armor, and a heavy spear had appeared in his hand.

The spear's shiny head reflected his appearance like a mirror. He was glowing with spirit and possessed an heroic look.

All of a sudden, Jiang Chen detected something and turned his head. There were 100,000 divine soldiers and divine generals floating among the boundless clouds behind him also holding spears. They all wore solemn expressions.

When Jiang Chen's gaze met their gazes, he could feel great zealotry from them.

"Great General!"

Two deputy generals dressed in splendid uniforms were standing on both his right and left sides, and they addressed him loudly.

Jiang Chen was startled, and it was then that everything around him disappeared as quickly as an outgoing tide. In the twinkling of an eye, Jiang Chen was back in the Ascending Heaven Tower, as if nothing had occurred at all.

A bewildered look appeared on his face, and he couldn't even describe his current feelings.

"An illusion? But why did it feel so real?" Jiang Chen shook his head, confused. He felt as if he had lost a part of his memory, which was trying to reassert itself.

"Does my body also have a Sovereign Soul?" Jiang Chen couldn't help but think. However, he quickly squashed the thought.

It was he who had set the great plan for himself 500 years ago, and he hadn't arranged to give himself any Sovereign Souls. He could admit that he was tempted to do so and wanted to defend reincarnation as a chance to become stronger.

But he knew he must stay in the Sacred Zone, or else he would let down the Sacred Zone's people who had been kept in the dark. Jiang Chen had sacrificed them, but he had also sacrificed himself.

However, it was a pity that everything had diverged from the former path due to Xiao Ruo's little ruler.

Jiang Chen let out a long breath and concentrated completely. He wanted to start the eighth floor's test. Bu then he discovered that there wasn't anything on the eighth floor. It seemed as though there weren't any tests here.

"Isn't that fishy?" Jiang Chen immediately raised his head and looked at the mural with his face filled with shock. "Is this floor about finding one's true self?"

"But, I'm not just me?"

"Who I am? Where am I? And where should I go?"

Jiang Chen got more and more bewildered, and he felt as if the mural's content was moving. The previous incident occurred again, and this time he felt as if he was flying in a shiny galaxy that contained a starry river formed by countless stars.

Eight beautiful white-clothed women were moving along with the starry river, and their fair hands were carefully taking something from space. They were collecting starlight, and it was the main material required to make Heavenly Clothes.

The Heavenly Clothes were the Heavenly Gods' splendid outfits, and it was only starlight that could get the Heavenly Clothes to emit such a beautiful radiance.

However, collecting starlight was a strenuous and difficult task, and, if one made just a slight mistake, all the previous efforts would be wasted.

The eight fairies had been gathering starlight prudently for more than several hundred years, and only a little while was left until they would succeed.


It was at this moment that a squadron of Heavenly Gods who possessed imposing auras streaked across space.


The eight fairies became restless, and they wanted to ask the squadron of Heavenly Gods to stop. But it was already too late.

Those divine soldiers and divine generals looked down upon low-level fairies like them, and, as the troops flew over, they forcefully severed the starry river, and they scattered the starlight collected with great difficulty by the fairies.

"Waah! Waah! Waah!"

The eight fairies were aggrieved, and they shed tears.

"Those divine soldiers and divine generals are all b*stards. Isn't there anyone who can restrain them?" One of the fairies cursed angrily.

"Yue, Yue'e."

Fright appeared on the faces of the woman's companions, and their eyes widened, as they pointed at what was behind the woman's back.

There was a peerless man with an outstanding air behind the woman, and he strode over. He was the commander of the troops that had just passed by here, and he was the Heavenly Palace's strongest Heavenly God.

"War God, I will atone for my crime! War God, I will atone for my crime!" The fairy, whose name was Yue'e, became restless, and she shivered with fear. She immediately knelt down and begged for forgiveness.

Yue'e hid her head between her arms. But she could still feel that the War God was walking over, and, as she thought about the rumors about this War God, she shivered intensely and felt she would collapse.

However, what was strange was that even after a minute had elapsed in silence, nothing had happened to her.

"Stand up!" When Yue'e had just started to become confused, an unquestionable voice ordered her to stand up.

"Take it!"

Just as Yue'e saw the War God's waist and spear, a big hand was stretched toward her, and a bright radiance was evident from between its five fingers. It was starlight!

The man didn't just help them finish the collection mission, he even provided them more than what the mission required by much.

After Yue'e received the starlight, she didn't even have enough time to thank the War God, as he had already disappeared from her sight.

Yue'e stood in a daze for a few minutes and didn't feel much even as she faced her excited companions who ran to her side wearing envious looks.


"The eighth floor!"

Duan Yun and the others who were outside the Ascending Heaven Tower became excited. They all could determine Jiang Chen's position by the light emanating from the eighth floor's window.

Ao Yue was also among them, as she had failed when she tried to cross the seventh floor.

"The eighth floor? His divine soul must have awakened."

As Yue'e stood among those people, she seemed like a crane in a flock of chickens, and the disparity between them was as great as the disparity between an immortal and a mortal.

The scene witnessed by Jiang Chen on the eighth floor changed once again, and this time it was even more shocking. The sky was dusky with no daylight, while all the lands were engulfed by the flames of war. All lands before his eyes were ravaged, and many irreversible cracks appeared on walls.

Jiang Chen was standing atop a mountain's peak, and many corpses were lying at his feet. They had died long before, and their bodies still emitted a terrifying aura. One didn't need to ponder much over this matter to discern that they had been people of great power when they were still alive.

Blood was flowing ceaselessly from his spear, and it was also the case for his divine armor. Some of the blood belonged to him, while some of it belonged to other people.

At this moment, Jiang Chen found an answer to all his questions. He had gotten the Invincible God of War's title in the Three Middle Realms, and, in the ancient era, he was also the strongest War God, who had never suffered a defeat.

His mother was a Heavenly Goddess, while his father was the reincarnation of the Golden-Pupils Wielder, which meant that he was just a mortal. He was the fruit of the bonding of a god and a mortal, meaning he was half-human and half-god.

He hadn't been recognized by anyone since he was born, while his mother had been imprisoned by the divine king, and he had only been able to rely upon his father to survive.

Growing up, he had managed to possess peerless martial prowess because he was half-human and half-god, and he practiced many marvelous techniques. He had entered the Heavenly Palace and run amok in it. He had fought until both Gods and Buddhas alike shivered with fear, and he had saved his mother.

At that time, Heavenly Gods were divided into Doctrine and Buddhist Camps. But they cooperated with each other and lived in harmony.

However, after a long time elapsed, conflicts broke out between them. As people with hidden agendas variously instigated them, a great war broke out between the Heavenly Gods, and the outcome of the war was the Xuanhuan Realm's destruction.

The Gods and Buddhas ran away in a panic, but he wasn't willing to abandon the world's living beings, and he strove hard to save the Xuanhuan Realm. This was why he had escaped into the Reincarnation Cycle.

Jiang Chen let out a long breath and closed his eyes. By the time he opened them once again, he was back in the Ascending Heaven Tower.

"I'm just me."

As these words echoed, the stairs leading upstairs appeared for the first time, and Jiang Chen proceeded toward them calmly. His gaze was so profound that it seemed as if it encompassed the whole galaxy.

Jiang Chen didn't have a Sovereign Spirit, but he had a divine soul, and he had finally gotten to experience what the Sovereign Spirit's reincarnators felt upon awakening.

Three lives' memory wouldn't turn him into someone else. It would just help him find his true self.

There wasn't any distinction between them, and it didn't matter whether they were good or bad lives, or whether the previous selves were good or vile people.

"I'm just me! "

However, people would in most cases resemble their last life's self, and Jiang Chen, whose divine soul had awakened, got to understand many matters. But he still wasn't affected greatly.


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