The Brilliant Fighting Master
1415 The Strongest God
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1415 The Strongest God

The Supreme Will was something formed when a Sword Spirit and a body reached a certain unfathomable realm.

If a man and a sword fused together, the sword would become a part of the swordsman's life. However, it was a different matter for Sword Spirits, as they would only turn into different Supreme Wills.

Jiang Chen possessed the Immortal and Firmament Wind Sword Spirits, and, now, he had managed to make the Immortal Supreme Will reach the first level.

As Jiang Chen absorbed completely the knowledge about the Sword Doctrine's wills that was on the wall, his whole being emanated great power. As he held the Heavenly Fault Sword and the Red Cloud Sword in his hands, two excited sword cries echoed out, and it was obvious that the swords detected their owner's changes.

"I really want to reach the ninth layer and take a look around there," Jiang Chen said to himself. He wasn't like Duan Yun. He had great ambition. He wanted to get an extreme martial technique!

Jiang Chen knew that he currently didn't satisfy the requirements for learning an extreme martial technique and that more strict tests would be waiting for him on the next few floors.

When Jiang Chen reached the fourth floor, he found himself in a sea of lightning, and berserk lightning bolts struck his body.


Jiang Chen was bewildered since this floor's difficulty was lower than the first and second floors, and, as he bore much intense pain, he managed to smoothly reach the fifth floor.

"It must be because my lightning techniques had already reached the Bright Realm long ago."

There were only a few people in the whole world who possessed lightning techniques, and those who had managed to reach the Bright Realm could be counted on the fingers of one hand.

Jiang Chen got to see Ao Yue on the fifth floor, and her current state wasn't as he had expected. Ao Yue was dispirited, and her gaze was vacant.

When Ao Yue saw Jiang Chen, she unexpectedly threw herself into his embrace.

Jiang Chen was startled by this, and, at first, he assumed that this was an illusion. But after he ascertained that this was real, he was confused.

Even though the Ascending Heaven Tower was challenging, it still shouldn't be capable of making a person collapse.

The reaction of Duan Yun and the others had already piqued Jiang Chen's curiosity, and now it was the same with Ao Yue. Were there more secrets hidden in the Ascending Heaven Tower?

Why wasn't he affected by it?

Jiang Chen had many doubts and couldn't understand this matter. But he patted Ao Yue's back gently and strove to appease her mind.

In another region, Duan Yun and Miss Bai, who were trying to cross the fourth floor, had failed, and they went back outside.

But strangely enough, their dejection and confusion while within the tower disappeared completely, and they went back to their normal selves, while still having a perplexed look.

After they ascertained that this was also the case for the others, they couldn't help but question Yue'e about this matter.

"Why did our minds became so frail within the tower?"

When Yue'e heard them raise such a question, she wasn't surprised, and she smiled gently. She said in a soft voice, "The Divine Palace belongs to a Heavenly God, and even the Ascending Heaven Tower was prepared for Heavenly Gods. This is why mortals aren't able to cross it."

Duan Yun and the others immediately understood everything. But then they quickly recalled Jiang Chen's performance there.

"Why isn't Jiang Chen affected?"

Upon hearing this, Yue'e revealed a brighter smile. "It's because he isn't a mortal."

"He's the strongest Heavenly God," Yue'e shouted to herself, while her pretty eyes became ardent.

Ao Yue and Jiang Chen, who were still in the Ascending Heaven Tower, separated and started the fifth floor's trial.

At this moment, Jiang Chen's strongest forces were wind, fire, and lightning. They were already improved, and he was quite curious about the fifth floor's content. However, it didn't have anything, and he couldn't see the sky or the earth.

The universe was in chaos, and everything was just a boundless void.

Jiang Chen got flustered. What he was afraid of the most was a trial's beginning that didn't provide him with any clues.

When Jiang Chen tried to fly toward another region, he found out that the whole dimension was moving along with him. There weren't any reference objects here so that Jiang Chen could figure out where he was. Yet, Jiang Chen still felt the dimension clearly.

Jiang Chen felt like he was in the middle of a transparent box, and, if he moved forward, the box would move along with him. Regardless of how hard he tried, he would still remain in the same place.

"Is this once again a speed test?" Jiang Chen couldn't help but have such a thought.

So Jiang Chen held the Heavenly Fault Sword in his hand and thrust forward at his highest speed, and he flew forward 10,000 miles along with his sword. However, he still didn't manage to break free of the transparent box, and he was still at its center.

"Why...?" Jiang Chen was sure that the trial wasn't related to speed, because, if this was just the starting point's difficulty, it would be impossible for him to exit unless he became a Martial Saint.

However, Jiang Chen couldn't discover anything crucial other than speed.

"I shouldn't get anxious. I must take it easy," Jiang Chen tried to calm down and used his senses to perceive his surroundings.

Jiang Chen gradually discovered that even though there wasn't anything in the dimension, there was still a faintly discernible air current here, and he realized that the important point of this floor was the air current.

However, even after Jiang Chen studied the air current for a while, he didn't get any clues. He finally ascertained that the fifth floor's trial was really about speed. However, it wasn't the type of speed he had assumed.

The most important aspect for a swordsman was speed, and it was only through waving one's sword quickly that it could release a great power.

However, what factors determined his speed? Was it realm level power, his own body's power, the wind's assistance, or the lightning's explosive power? They all added to it and yet what determined it was swiftness.

Jiang Chen's whole body shivered, and, even though his eyes were closed, he felt as if he got to see a great gate, which he had never seen before. Once he opened the gate, a whole new world would be revealed in front of his eyes.

It was the Swiftness Concept!

A rumbling sound echoed, while Jiang Chen's mind was left reeling, and many mysterious principles ran across his brain. A concept was a demonstration of one's mastery over the world's myriad matters, and it wasn't just related to objects that had tangible shapes. The highest realm possible was achieved by mastering the void forces such as Swiftness.

Such a single word had many meanings to it, and he felt like a great scroll was opened before him.

"Is this the disparity between me and those Sword Venerables or even Sword Gods?"

Jiang Chen had once seen many great battles, and the powerful swordsmen's elegant manner was still vivid in his memory

After Jiang Chen started learning how to use a sword, he assumed that as long as his realm level and Sword Doctrine overtook other swordsmen, he could reach such a high level.

However, since Jiang Chen became a martial-grade expert, sword techniques became just auxiliary techniques, and even though he often used a sword to fight enemies, he always felt that he wasn't as strong as he wanted to be.

It was only on this day that Jiang Chen understood that the world still had formless concepts, and, as he detected the Swiftness Concept's power that was contained in the air currents, Jiang Chen felt like he was breaking through his limits constantly.

After a long while, Jiang Chen stood once again, and his demeanor went through a great transformation.

"Electric Dragon Instantaneous Murder!"

As Jiang Chen used a sword move once again, a light blue electric arc streaked across the air, and, as the dimension moved along with Jiang Chen, both Jiang Chen and his sword quickly went outside and entered the sixth floor.

The confident Jiang Chen didn't ponder about many matters, and he continued proceeding forward. The sixth floor was about a sword technique, and, if Jiang Chen wanted to cross this floor, he must learn the sword technique.

Jiang Chen had assumed that it was an extreme martial technique. But, after he had spent much effort on it, Jiang Chen discovered that it was just a beginner move. However, its might was still greater than the Startling Heavenly Sword Move and the Heaven Destruction Sword Move, which had been created by Jiang Chen.

The seventh floor was a mountain of treasure, and it seemed as if it was a reward for Jiang Chen. But there were also two second-grade demonic beasts in the mountain.

It was only after Jiang Chen spent much effort and exerted himself wholly that he managed to kill the demonic beasts. He then got a large number of spiritual crystals that were in the mountain, as well as many other dazzling precious treasures.

Jiang Chen collected all of them and went to the eighth floor.

Before Jiang Chen started this floor's trial, his gaze fell upon the painting on the ceiling. It wasn't any longer a painting of an auspicious scenery. Instead, it was a painting of a battle, a great chaotic battle between Heavenly Gods.

Jiang Chen felt as if he had finally gotten a glimpse of a part of the ancient era's secrets.


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